Do you have a job that’s too big for you to handle? Then it’s a job for George Valentine. Write to him for full details.

A man’s life work is in jeopardy, and his most priceless possessions have been stolen. How hard can it be to find a bunch of prized roses anyway? It’s only New Years Day, and the Rose Bowl parade is only full of them. What makes these roses so valuable? It’s just wierd enough to peak George’s curiosity, and with enough of a trail to go on, it takes a fast path to murder.

There’s a wierd chase and a run for the roses, but George is yet to learn the real secret that is worth smuggling and killing over. A fortune in diamonds has been tuckdd into the roses. Just when it looks impossible to ever find them, George has a trick up his sleeve when he is able to identify the culprit behind the stolen goods.