This site, and forum is dedicated to sharing old time radio with today’s audience. It’s still a relevant, clean source of family friendly entertainment for people of all ages. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Why Register?

To avoid the use of captcha images, all that is asked is that those who want to comment and participate on the site register with a valid email address. This is just one method of preventing automated spammers from filling the site with unwanted ads and spam. Being logged in as a registered member allows people to make comments, and to gain other priveledges that I may add as time goes by.

The site is always being tweaked, and members may be granted more priveledges as features are added, or removed from the site.


Your personal information will never be shared with anyone else. If you feel you have received junk mail, any other unwanted emails, or harrassing messages due to an email sent to you, please let me know by using my Contact page. Appropriate action within the limits of what I can control on my site, will be taken.

By registering, you agree to be on the site admin list for internal use and announcements. The webmaster reserves the right to send an occasional email ut to members. This is almost never done, but may happen to share important news about the web site or podcast.

If you feel you’ve receive any emails from Retro Radio Podcast in error, or that you didn’t specifically sign up for, Contact me to either removed as a member, or be added to my “No Contact List.” I’ll be glad to do it for you.

Comment permission:

To avoid going through the need for the first comment posted to require approval, the Disqus plugin and service has been installed. This allows third party authentication, and your comments can appear quicker.

Permission to Post:

Guests who are not signed in can read and download any of the shows. If private areas are added, those guests will not be allowed access without becoming a member, and being signed in.

Allowed Forum topics:

The forum has been taken down. I’ve set up a blog page on wordpress.com, and placed RSS links to the articles in my sidebar. Please feel free to visit that page, and leave me comments on anything you find there. Comments are handled by a similar social network log in system, and I require that you have at least one approved comment to post freely. Your feedback and comments are valuable to me, so please participate.

Alternately, a Facebook page has been created, and is open to the public for viewing and commenting within the regulations of Facebook.

What isn’t allowed:

Foul language and flaming. This site is all about clean entertainment, please respect the opinions of others, and stay clear of language that wouldn’t pass the censorship of what you might hear in the shows that are represented in the podcast.

Also, no blatant sales, or nonsense posting designed to promote a web site where suspected malicious activity is present.

If you want to make money through my site, contact me and i’d Be willing to post legitimate affiliate links that will benefit both of us.


If the sole content of your post is to sell a product or service, the administrator will remove it. If you don’t have anything to say about one of the shows, or about old time radio in general, don’t post it here. If you have a web site, you can place the url in the appropriate field, or include it in a signature. As long as your remark is on topic, I might be lenient.


If you have a business, web page, something to sell, or any self promotion the signature is the place to put it. Add the link to your site, catch phrase, or whatever promotional slogans you want to use to sell your product or service here. Just don’t make it the only thing you post. If people want to visit, or buy it, they can click through. Keep the main point of your remarks on the topic of the episode that you’re posting on.

Actions for breaking the rules:

As soon as an infraction comes to the notice of the site admin, the offending post will be edited or removed, at the discretion of the administrator. If the problem persists, the member may be banned, or have their account blocked.

Matter to Post:

With a few rare exceptions, shows from the era of old time radio are in the public domain. All information written in the site is the creation of the site owner, unless attributed to the actual author, or if it came from a contributor. Articles, or mentions of articles from other sources may appear as long as proper authorship is attributed, and the author grants permission for it to appear here.

If you share information that you didn’t think up and write yourself, please give a link, or other reference to the person, or source you got your information from.

Copyrighted Information:

No information will be posted without proper permissions. If something does appear, and the original author wants it removed, it will be taken down as soon as possible. It is not my intention to steal the intellectual property of others, just to share ideas about things related to old time radio.


I reserve the right to modify and update the terms of use for the site at any time. Watch this space for added conditions as the need arises. Also corrections and clarifications to any part of this set of terms.

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