The report of a shooting gets the police into motion at the 21st Precinct. Captain Frank Canelli is in charge, and on hand to tells us the flow of events. Calling in the detectives, Captain Canelli uncovers more details for us surrounding the background of the case. The plan is to give the gangsters a little slack, and catch them red handed. It’ll be the hard evidence the detective Lieutenant wants to put them away for good.

Will their sneaking around to trail the bad guys pay off? Won’t Captain Canelli’s uniform be a give away to the crooks? Will the cops get some help- from a dame? In voiceover, Captain Canelli shares the details of setting up the trap, and how the escape avenues for the bad guys were cut off.

The suspense builds, the noose tightens, and the cops close in to spring their trap. Suddenly, gunshots explode, bugt will the trapped, desperate gunmen go down easily?