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Escape – Diamond As Big As The Ritz. 480829.

Posted by Keith on August 29, 2014

Designed to free you from the four walls of today, for a half hour of high adventure. You are prisoner in the mountain retreat of the richest man in the world, but knowing that the only escape from this haunting experience will be death.

Two young men are bragging. One about how rich he is, and the other skeptical of him. The rich guy takes the other home to prove that he does indeed have the biggest diamond in the world. Flaunting wealth in every detail, he leads his friend to his remote, and secluded retreat that comes close to rivaling that of Richie Rich, or Scrooge McDuck. The place is so secret that the family has made sure that even the government doesn’t show it on the maps.

It would border on the comical if it didn’t have one dark secret. The place is one that even the stray person who stumbles upon it is “dealt with” and never heard from again. The stray hiker or hunter is captured. An overflying airplane may land, or even be shot down if necessary, and the piolot never heard from. Though the rich family is polite and smiling, at least on the surface.

The rich man has a daughter who falls in love with this newcomer, and he thinks she’s the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. More dark secrets are revealed. Is our young hero in danger of being the next prisoner on the mountain? Maybe even worse? Can it really be that these overly wealthy and isolated people, are so fearful of outsiders, and losing their wealth? The dad of the family sometimes thinks it might be just as well if he could have remained poor and happy, but he is stilll prepared to defend his possessions. Even to the death. Hey, that isn’t an atom bomb in there is it?

PS: Also aried on March 27, 1949 as a run of weekend specials.

Bold Venture – Opium Smugglers and Young Girl or White Envelope or Six Crates Of Apples. ep3, 510409

Posted by Keith on August 23, 2014

In Shanon’s place, King Moses documents the lack of business in song. Trouble comes in when Slade has to defend the honor of a dame who is being treated rough by her date. We learn about smugglerds, and the invoice that would provide the paper trail cover up they needed. What happened to the invoice? The girl slipped it into Slade’s coat pocket during the scuffle.

As Sailor learns about the girls emotional problems, and the situation of the missing invoice, body counts are sure to rise. On the water front, Slade confronts the smugglers. Will he be able to swing a deal with them?

The guns come out, and in the tense scene, Slade gets more details of the operation. Will he and Sailor meet their end at the hands of the gangsters? It’s Sailor’s distraction that gives Slade the opening he needds to turn the tables.

Notable Quote:

Bacall: What was that you were saying?
Bogey: Why, I said I could kiss you. I lost my head.
Bacall: It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Bold Venture – Kuan Yen Statue or Priceless Shanghai Statue. ep2, 510402

Posted by Keith on August 21, 2014

A young Chinese woman has been brought to Havana by a client of Slade’s, but trouble breaks out on the Bold Venture as it pulls into the dock at night. What is she supposed to be bringing with her? It’s serious enough for a thump on the head for Slade. Back at Shanon’s Place, Sailor and King moses discuss the speculation about the girl, and some of the story is filled in. A statue is the item, the girl is missing, and it’s off to get answers from that client, Sam Chu.

Sam is found dead, but at the Chinese funeral Sailor and Slade manage to find a new trail to investigate. Mr zenda is a collector who wants the valuable piece of artwork. Slade checks in with the lovely and impressive Tamar, who wants the statue for it’s religious significance. Does the idol really have healing powers? King Moses takes time to sing a summary of the story before new twists weave their way into the tale.

It’s off to rescue Sailor from Mr Zenda. Will the tough guys arrive at a bargain to transact the idol? After a fight, and getting his personal revenge forr being toyed with, Slade is content in turning the whole matter over to the police.

Notable quote:

Bogey: Take the wheel Sailor… Hey who has the wheel?
Bacall: Be still slade, what can we run into in the middle of the Gulfstream?

Bold Venture – Deadly Merchandise or Gun Runners. ep1, 510326

Posted by Keith on August 18, 2014

Business hasn’t gone well for Bogey. The cargo in the Florida Keys wasn’t there, and his contact person never showed up. Back on shore in Havana, he looks for a way to catch a Yankee dollar. Who is the stranger on the dock who demands Slade’s merchandise? The guitar playing and crooning, King Moses, has word that a mystery woman is interested in what Slade has to offer as well.

Meeting Bebe in the hotel later, A woman screams, and the culprit is… a bird? What new developments await the sultry team of Bogey and Bacall? As they learn that their merchandise that they missed picking up is a shipment of guns, a gunshot rings out to claim another victim. King pops in to announce yet another player in this dangerous story. Before Slade can tell Bebe’ sister Celeste about the deaths, she tells him about it instead. Mario was the woman’s husband, and we learn more of a revolution in the undercurrebts of Havanna.

Acting to befriend the victims, Slade and Sailor follow a lead to a nightclub. What new dirt will they expose with the revolution? Will the adrenaline pumping danger be what it takes to get a rise out of Sailor? Will the killers be brought to justice? Stand by for the twist ending to see who the mastermind behind the string of killings actually is.

Notable quotes:

Bacall: What do you say behind my back?
Bogey? I don’t know, let me walk behind you. I’ll think of something.

Academy Award Theater – The Life of Louis Pasteur. 460413

Posted by Keith on July 27, 2014

Scientists in France study the affects of disease on farm animals. Is there a germ, or other contaminent that causes the cattle to be sick?

Will humanity be safe? What are the impacts on people?

Each scientist has their own theories and methods. Working fervently, the animals that were under the care of Dr Pasteur survive. Will this be a turning point in the world of medicine? People will cheer for anything, butsoon Pasteur has the chance to prove his medicine will also work on humans. Will his crazy methods go over well? Might they need to be improved on first?

Academy Award Theater – Kitty Foyle. 460406

Posted by Keith on July 24, 2014

Mark drives the hopeful Kitty home after popping the b ig question. Plans for a wedding and honeymoon are made. Is she making the right decision?? Her family and friends think otherwise. Kitty has been let down before.

Kitty and Mark are too busy being dreamily in love as they make their plans. What could there be to worry about? Delicate family situations complicate matters.

Trying to make up, Mark has a hard time. Can Kitty believe him now? Will she melt once again in his arms? After the marriage, Kitty goes to Philadelphia to meet Mark’s uppercrust family. Will she meet up to their standards and expectations? Maybe the young couple should just run away together.

PS: There’s an interesting figure of speech in the show, “Free, white, and 21″ meaning that you’re old enough and responsible to make your own decisions. Does the opposite of those things, or being any less and different from those 3 adjectives mean a person is in some way incompetitant? Or less capable, or deserving?

Escape – Habit. ep47, 480718

Posted by Keith on July 18, 2014

Tired of the Summer heat? Want to get away from it all? You are in a longboat in the raging North Atlantic sea, driven on by a man out for revenge.

The story begins with a sea captain spending 7 days in jail, over a dispute about the appearance of his vessel. The embarrassment he endured drives him for revenge. Back at sea, the ship and crew face raging storms. The captain sees his chance to prove himself, and get an apology from the town that shamed him. All he has to do is rescue an endangered ship from a North Sea hurricane. Can he do it? Is he placing his ship and crew in mortal peril?

It’s more than the classic situation of man against nature. An emergency medical procedure creates a bond of mutual respect that goes beyond revenge. But pride is a funny and fragile thing.

Ride along on this high sea adventure, full of excitement, danger, and suspense.

(Audio enhanced for better listening enjoyment.)

Escape – Eye Of Evil. ep218, 540717

Posted by Keith on July 17, 2014

You are in a moonlit clearing somewhere in a Burmese jungle. An exotic girl must now take your life.

A couple of world travellers are to meet in Mandolay, but one is late for the appointment. There are plenty of reasons for a delay, so the level of concern is low. The remaining traveller sets out, with language barriers, and native guides to find his missing friend. Enjoy the mysterious adventure and suspense as you travel through the exotic lands of the Far East, and Indochina, where danger lurks in the local customs, and in the jungles.

(Audio enhanced for better listening enjoyment.)

Academy Award Theater – Jezebel, Bette Davis. 460330

Posted by Keith on July 15, 2014

Featuring Ann Reviere, and Bette Davis, who tells about some of the awards this film recieved. Produced for radio, it’s a story set in New Orleans in the dangerous days of the Civil War. Unmarried girls were expected to sit around in white at parties. Unruly women were soundly whipped, then lavished with gifts to make it all right again. That’s the problem with this generation, they don’t know how to properly treat women… huh? Wow, glad society outgrew that one.

Fortunately, Miss Julie Marsden’s ward isn’t so harsh on her, but she’s still a handful in her rebellious ways. High society parties, ball gowns, and a beau who is called out to fulfill other obligations all complicate her life.

The near by sounds of war, and a year later find Julie in a melanchollie mood, and hating the circumstances of her life. Will her beau return to her the same man? All except for the fact he got married in his absence. Is it too late to try to win his heart? Julie is determined to make him forget all others but her.

Plague sweeps through the city, and Julie manipulates anyone she can to cause her own brand of trouble. Menfolk satisfy their pride with duals with pistols. Despite her efforts, it only drives the wedge deeper in her relationship, and puts more distance between her and the man she loves. Amy faces Julie to get to the bottom of who Presley actually loves. Will there be any resolution?

Mama Bloom’s Brood – Sidney Goes To Work For Jake. ep14, 1934

Posted by Keith on July 12, 2014

With the announcement of Sara and Sidney’s wedding, mama is on the phone to spread the word. Yeta is a little jealous, and embarrassed at mama’s bragging, and hinting for wedding presents.

Is Jake doing any spreading of happy news? After taking Sidney into the business of making boys knee pants, he’s already driving Jake nuts.

What changes does he want to make? Changing the line up and variety of the products for one thing. Sidney is an enthusiastic salesman, but his sales of products that Jake doesn’t make is pushing him to the edge. Where will the improvements end?