As the Master speaks the parable of the man with two sons, we join a drama that unfolds. One son demands his inheritance now, with dreams of the city, investing, and making his fortunes. Good intentions of commerce and business are easily side tracked when an unscrupulous con man offers excitement, parties, and women.

Distractions, and loose spending have found the young man penniless. Abandoned and beaten by his so-called friend, the young man is taken in by a traveler. Too ashamed to go home, the lad goes to work on a hog farm. Fed a pack of lies about being down and out, and facing it as the lot in life that can’t be crawled out of, the young man despairs.

Back on the ranch… the older brother gets a report of two ragged men lurking around. Going to investigate, the father hopes it might be his son returning. If it is, will it be to ask for more money, as Simeon suspects? Of course it is, and of course the father greets him to welcome and restore, but the lad is humble and asks for nothing. Though Simeon is resentful of the attention his brother receives, our attention is turned to that other ragged man on the road. A final word from the Master is then heard.