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Escape – Habit. ep47, 480718

Posted by Keith on July 18, 2014

Tired of the Summer heat? Want to get away from it all? You are in a longboat in the raging North Atlantic sea, driven on by a man out for revenge.

The story begins with a sea captain spending 7 days in jail, over a dispute about the appearance of his vessel. The embarrassment he endured drives him for revenge. Back at sea, the ship and crew face raging storms. The captain sees his chance to prove himself, and get an apology from the town that shamed him. All he has to do is rescue an endangered ship from a North Sea hurricane. Can he do it? Is he placing his ship and crew in mortal peril?

It’s more than the classic situation of man against nature. An emergency medical procedure creates a bond of mutual respect that goes beyond revenge. But pride is a funny and fragile thing.

Ride along on this high sea adventure, full of excitement, danger, and suspense.

(Audio enhanced for better listening enjoyment.)

Escape – Eye Of Evil. ep218, 540717

Posted by Keith on July 17, 2014

You are in a moonlit clearing somewhere in a Burmese jungle. An exotic girl must now take your life.

A couple of world travellers are to meet in Mandolay, but one is late for the appointment. There are plenty of reasons for a delay, so the level of concern is low. The remaining traveller sets out, with language barriers, and native guides to find his missing friend. Enjoy the mysterious adventure and suspense as you travel through the exotic lands of the Far East, and Indochina, where danger lurks in the local customs, and in the jungles.

(Audio enhanced for better listening enjoyment.)

Academy Award Theater – Jezebel, Bette Davis. 460330

Posted by Keith on July 15, 2014

Featuring Ann Reviere, and Bette Davis, who tells about some of the awards this film recieved. Produced for radio, it’s a story set in New Orleans in the dangerous days of the Civil War. Unmarried girls were expected to sit around in white at parties. Unruly women were soundly whipped, then lavished with gifts to make it all right again. That’s the problem with this generation, they don’t know how to properly treat women… huh? Wow, glad society outgrew that one.

Fortunately, Miss Julie Marsden’s ward isn’t so harsh on her, but she’s still a handful in her rebellious ways. High society parties, ball gowns, and a beau who is called out to fulfill other obligations all complicate her life.

The near by sounds of war, and a year later find Julie in a melanchollie mood, and hating the circumstances of her life. Will her beau return to her the same man? All except for the fact he got married in his absence. Is it too late to try to win his heart? Julie is determined to make him forget all others but her.

Plague sweeps through the city, and Julie manipulates anyone she can to cause her own brand of trouble. Menfolk satisfy their pride with duals with pistols. Despite her efforts, it only drives the wedge deeper in her relationship, and puts more distance between her and the man she loves. Amy faces Julie to get to the bottom of who Presley actually loves. Will there be any resolution?

Mama Bloom’s Brood – Sidney Goes To Work For Jake. ep14, 1934

Posted by Keith on July 12, 2014

With the announcement of Sara and Sidney’s wedding, mama is on the phone to spread the word. Yeta is a little jealous, and embarrassed at mama’s bragging, and hinting for wedding presents.

Is Jake doing any spreading of happy news? After taking Sidney into the business of making boys knee pants, he’s already driving Jake nuts.

What changes does he want to make? Changing the line up and variety of the products for one thing. Sidney is an enthusiastic salesman, but his sales of products that Jake doesn’t make is pushing him to the edge. Where will the improvements end?

On Stage – Man of Independent Mind. ep27, 530709. I

Posted by Keith on July 8, 2014

A character named George narates the action between Elliot and Cathy. Elliot plays Wally, a wallpaper hanger. Cathy plays the wife of the disgruntled man as he gripes over his job, and being pushed around by life in general. Wally wants to do something with his life, and rise above being an average man. I guess he’s never heard of the concept that if you can’t be happy with what you already have, you won’t be happy with what you get.

Cathy seems to be content with her life, but Wally decides to become more independant, and break loose of the average life. What’s Wally cooking up? Will he share his idea with his buddy George? Stepping out on faith can be a risky thing, and Wally has the outrageous idea of becoming the strongest man in the world.

Some hard lessons are learned about becoming a spectical in trying to be special. Failures come before successes. How will Wally handle his ordeal?

Down Our Way – Bens New Organ. ep20

Posted by Keith on July 5, 2014

When Ben Potts asks to hold the choir practice at his place, Ely is upset. He’s the leader of the group, and doesn’t take it well when he percieves others trying to take over. Patience takes to the phone lines to gossip over the change in practice locations. Ben has a surprise to share. What could it be? The choir meet to sing, Massa Don’t You Cry.

The choir members are thrilled at Ben’s new organ, and the sound it gives them when they practice… Everybody except for Ely. In throwing a fit, Ely gets hurt, but he doesn’t want to take the medicine his friends offer to make him feel better. Cliff and Marian sing, My Heart is Thine Alone.

After more friendly, petty bickering among the choir members, Cliff sings, Take Thou My Heart. Ely frets that he won’t be leader much longer, since Ben has his organ. Can Ben say anything to assure him of their friendship?

The choir sings, Jesus Sweetest Name I Know.

Moral of the story: Being thankful for friends.

Note: Didn’t Ely already get a new piano delivered to his house a few episodes back? What’s the worry over the new organ? What’s he going to do with a new organ, even if Ben is niuce enough to give it to him?

PS: This isn’t the last of the shows in this series, but it’s all I have for the moment. At a future time, I can post the remaining half dozen or so installments. You have been warned. Or if you like the shows, call it a promise.

Down Our Way – Brownie Is Missing. ep19, 1932

Posted by Keith on July 3, 2014

Ely Jenkins waits on a customer in his store who is having trouble reading her shopping list. Jenny runs up to report that her dog Brownie is missing. The dog is in the family way, and due to have pups any day now. The ladies of the choir have gathered to comfort Jenny, as the men all search the town. The search party returns without news, but the gang sing, When the Busy Day if Over.

The gang jokes about marriage versus the single life, and Cliff brings up matters of career choices. Whatever life brings, Marian believes it’s about doing what you enjoy that matters. The search party heads out, and Marian sings a solo, Steal Your Heart Away. Should Ely get the sheriff in on the search? Has Brownie been dognapped? Tarnation and thunderation! Such language from Ely!

Cliff sings, Willing and Singing. A knock at the door is Mrs Hobbs, the woman in the store in the opening scene, and despite her poor eyesight, she has found Brownie. How did the nearsighted woman manage to find the dog, when the men folk couldn’t? What about the pups? The gang gather to sing a hymn, Standing on the Promises.

Moral of the story: Strong ones can look out for themselves, look out for the sivckly.

On Stage – The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. ep26, 530702.

Posted by Keith on July 2, 2014

Elliot and Cathy ewis get patriotic as they dramatize the events surrounding Paul Revere’s famous ride. Everyone has heard the famous poem by Longfellow, or at least knows about it. It is notoriously filled with errors at the sake of artistic license, but in today’s radio play the most that artistic liberty can claim is most of the dialog. The events are mostly correct. Listen and enjoy tense moments from the birth of our nation, traitors in the midst of the patriots, the plan to warn of the Brittish troop movement, and the dangers that Paul Revere, and other riders faced. Even their families endured their own style of danger as the men left for the battlefield.

Down Our Way – Patience Plans On Leaving. ep18, 1932

Posted by Keith on July 1, 2014

Feeling snubbed at her aspirations at taking the lead soprano part in the choir, Patience is ready to move on to other choirs in other towns. It might not seem that it would matter much, but Ely tries to convince Patience that she is tops in so many other areas, that it would be a shame to lose her. Will she listen to reason? What do the rest of the choir members think about her hurt feelings? As they discuss the matter, the choir sings, On a Sunday Afternoon. As details emerge, Ben gets to the real motive behind the search for greener pastures. Will she be moved by all the compliments and nice things the gang say about her? And without her even being dead!

Ben sgteps up to the organ and puts his deep bass voice to work with, Old Black Joe. The phone rings, and it’s Mr Wilkins, the director from that rival choir. Will his sweet talk pay off and win Patience over? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the man is unmarried, would it? Cliff Tyler sings, I Look into Your Garden.

Mr Wilkins visits to meet the gang. Will the choirs meet on friendly terms, and share sheet music? Will this be the beginning of a whole new life, and find Patience finally singing soprano? Wilkins shares news that bursts Patience bubble of love, and more is shared to knock Patience of her cloud of joy. The choir sing the hymn, There’s a Land Beyond the River.

Moral of the story: The grass on the other side isn’t as green as it appears, appreciate what you’ve got.

Down Our Way – Stopping A Farm Auction. ep17, 1932

Posted by Keith on June 28, 2014

Marian, the new school teacher has a problem to tell the gang in the choir. A student was in tears at the prospect of her family losing their farm. The place is to be put on auction to cover debts, then the family will be destitute, homeless, and in search of new employment and housing. Ely has a plan that he hopes might stop the auction, but will it really help? First a song, Green Braids.

At the farm, the gang have rolled an organ on the back of a truck, and a mini concert is begun. The choir sings, Camptown Races. Marian sings, Coming Through the Rye. Cliff sings, Where the River Shadow Grows. People are lured away from the auction block, and bidding is affectively stopped.

Little Becky Ingalls, the girl who got Marian’s attention sings a solo, So Pure and Fair. The farm may still be in the possession of the family, but how will that save them from their debtors? Will they be able to make a fresh start with a second chance? Ely gives a speech to convince the crowd to contribute to a fund to help the family get back on their feet. Sol Ingalls is recovering from his illness, and won’t need much more time before he can work again. The choir sings a hymn, When Love Shines In.

Moral of the story: Help your neighbor, and give thanks where thanks belongs.