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Dragnet – The Big Office. 540831

Posted by Keith on August 31, 2012

Another true case, straight from official police files. Only the names have been change to protect the innocent. Joe Friday is on detail to work in the police office, handling what ever emergencies that come through the door. Besides Friday’s amazing customer service skills, he gets to deal with administration procedures, routing crime details to available officers and departments. Thefts, murder, missing persons, and the like.

All the life blood of the police department runs through Room 21, and at least for tonight, Joe Friday. A break in the daily drudgery of policework comes when there’s a reportedf murder. Friday interviews witnesses, and filters through the stack of clues and lies. The parade of characters, from serious to comical, keep the cops jumping.

Lights Out – Immortal Gentleman. ep48, 430831

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If you frighten easily, be warned. Turn off your radio now. Don’t even think about downloading this episode. A man discusses his lifelong fear of death with a woman. He recounts how he has been set free of his fears.

While attending a lecture, strange things happen. The speaker seems to have change, as does the theater, and the female companion sitting next to him. What is the meaning of this curious meeting? The man is a stranger, but is somehow included. Can that be a good thing? Are these people madf? What is this strange ritual, and commitment he has gotten himself into? Is this a religious cult? Witches? Political anarchists?

Things are about to change, this group wants to make their place in the world, but to do it means that murder needs to be committedAnd our narrator is the one chosen to do it.

What does all this have to with overcoming his fears? Just listen in as you try to put the clues of this bizzarre story together for yourself.

Lum and Abner – Mousey Fights Iron Ike. 420102

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Today is the day that Mousey is to fight Iron Ike, but he’s at home, and is sick with the mumps. As Lum pouts over it, Cedric enters to show off his bird whistle. Lum decides to go through with an idea he got from Squire a while back. He’s going to put prizes in his loaves of bread. If what Cedric told him about what folks are buying at the carnival, he thinks it ought to be a good way to get back at Squire for his troubles that he caused.

Cedric has a last minute word for Lum about Mousey. What might it be?

Note: A few hints at story changes are made in the episode. The bakery seems to have some promise, but will it go anywhere? Cedric’s bird whistle has a tie in to the upcoming movie that is about to be released.s

Command Performance – Frank Sinatra, Victor Borge, Bogie And Bacall. 450830

Posted by Keith on August 30, 2012

Host is Frank Sinatra. He sings, Is it the Sun or You.

Victor Borge talks with Frank about his dog, and his childhood. He plays the Warsaw Concerrto.

Humphrey Bogart comes out to chat with Franki, and wants to hire Frank as a bodyguard. It seems that Bogie is getting threats that someone wants to kidnap his wife. Though reluctant at first, with the right kind of arm twisting, Frankie takes the job.

The Pied Pipers sing, Gotta Be This or That.

Lauren Bacall arrives to chat with Frank about the bodyguard job. Frank admits he’s the one who wrote the letters, and wants to take Lauren for his own. Will Bogie stand for it?

After the drama, Frank sings, My Nancy.

Superman – Professor Thorpes Bathysphere Part 3. 400830

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Superman. August 30, 1940. Program #87. Mutual net. Commercials added locally. A radio message is received from Pete Escobar, the criminal mastermind! Escobar reveals his plan to get $2 million dollars in sunken gold. Professor Thorpe confesses that he too is after the gold at the bottom of Octopus Bay! . 12:03. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Otherwise complete.

J. David Golden

Lum and Abner – A Lynch Mob For Abner. 350830.

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Horlicks: The leading infant food for the past 50 years, made from only the highest quality, and wholesome products. Insist on the original.

Actually this title ought to be, “A Lynch Mob for Lum.” But I’m not changing it.

Now let’s see what’s happening down in Pine Ridge. Over the recent weeks the rage of the silver mine stock has swept the town, but yesterday it was learned that the main buyer, Mr Worthington has been exposed as a fraud. With Lum as president, he has made Abner his junior partner.

Another stockholder meeting has been called and Abner heads off to attend. Dick Huttleston has heard rumors in the air that word about the fake Mr Worthington is out. Lum is outraged that he has yet to be invited to a meeting, but his rants are cut short when Cedric stops by.

The conversation turns towards Lums new trailer that he’s having built for his office, it ought to be finished tomorrow. Dick leaves, and Lum wonders with Cedric about the meeting, and decides to have his own stockholder meeting. Cedric gets a little confused over the procedures of a meeting.

It’s all cut short when Abner rushes in with a warning to Lum to leve quick. The stockholders are out for blood, and won’t listen to reason. They intend on running Squire and Lum out of town.

Horlicks: A woman tells how her energy level was lifted by being on the Horlicks plan. A man tells of his success on the Horlicks weight control plan, and it even helped make him more alert in the office in the afternoons.

PS: Wow, that’s some miracle product. One of these days, I’m going to have to find some of that stuff.

Let George Do It – End Of Summer. 490829.

Posted by Keith on August 29, 2012

George responds to a letter from Roseann, a woman who claims her sister and husband are missing. But is there something else that’s bothering Roseann? Marsha and Richard are the sister and husband, but they really aren’t missing. What creepy things are going on?

A wierd use of voiceover is used to let the listener into Richards guilty thoughts as George steps through his investigations. Personally, I found it confusing and distracting. If you like your detective stories chock full of emotional drama, and disfunctional, mentally unstable characters, you might like this one.

Before George flees from the looney characters, who probably would be better off under the direct care of professional help, he manages to uncover a plot of murder. Can George stop it, or will the voices in Richards head win out? Definitely a matter for the men in white suits, and life in a rubber room if you ask me. Whether a murder is committed or not

Great Gildersleeves – Vacation At Grass Lake. 430829

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Two months have passed since the season closed, and Gildersleeves was left at the altar by Leila Ransom. For this first show of the season, we find him trying to relax at a resort. With wartime rationing and shortages, he is a rare, single male who gets the attention of all the old biddies in the hotel. Gildy is so dejected that he pulls the plug on LeRoy and Marjories fun.

With bickering kids added to the mix, Gildersleeves seeks solitude at the lake where he meets a very nice lady. Is she the woman of his dreams? The one who might help him to stay longer and relax? A courtship seems to be building, but some tender moments just can’t last. In the end Judge Hooker calms down Gildersleeves with a promise of a relaxing round of golf. Relaxation flies out the window when Gildersleeves finds out who the rest of the golf partners are to be.

Lum and Abner – Squire Cheats Lum. 420101

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Mousey has signed on to fight, but with Squire as his manager. Lum laments over his loss, then Abner gets confused at a figure of speech. He can’t understand Lum refering to the business a man is in as his game.

Squire enters, and Abner doesn’t quite grasp the idea of giving him the cold shoulder. Squire wants to sign over Mousey’s contract. Lum ought to smell a rat, but he goes through with the deal. A phone call reveals Squire’s real motivation.

Lum and Abner – Sell The Mine. 350829.

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Horlicks: A word to travelling friends. Don’t forget to take Horlicks along to provide fast, light, sustaining nourishment on your travels and vacation.

Lum has solved his problem of how to keep up work on both the store, and his duties with the silver mine. Today Abner suggests that Lum just sell the mine and get their money that has been invested back. However, Lum is looking forward to the ongoing profit of a silver mine, and the things he might manufacture out of silver.

The new business will be a boom to the town, and Abner begins to see the benefits. Abner goes to share an idea, but Lum’s figure of speech gets him temporarily side tracked.

Lum begins to look for more investors for the silver mine, namely Mr Worthington, the man who offered to buy the mine previously. A knock comes at the door, and it’s Cedric. He has word about the new trailer that his dad is building for Lum. While he tries to remember, Dick Huttleston visits. He has news about the mysterious Mr Worthington, and tells what he has learned about him.

The man is a known con man among the police. I guess that shoots down any investments, or sell outs.

Horlicks: A proven food for infants and nursing mothers. Highly digestible, rich in nourishment, and a fine food drink for nursing mothers.

Note: Just a reminder for any listeners who actually live where Horlicks is sold today, According to the Products page on the Horlicks web site, it’s no longer recommend as a food for infants. Only if the infant is old enough to be on solid food, roughly a year old.