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Retro Original – Springtime Medley. 2012-04-30. (retro392).

Posted by Keith on April 30, 2012

Get ready for a show that’s all music. In honor of Spring time, my Retrobot, Tom, has put together this presentation that he wants to share. Enjoy.


  1. Eddy Duchen – 1935 – Cheek To Cheek, vocals by Lou Sherwood. 3:22

  2. the Hillbilly Boys – The Old Spring Of Love. 2:45
  3. Light Crust Doughboys – When The Moon Shines On the Mississippi Valley. 2:46
  4. Minnie Pearl – 1949 Spring Has Sprung. 3:50
  5. The Arkansas Travelers – When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbing Along, 1923. (i) 2:49
  6. Glenn Miller – The Moon Is A Silver Dollar, Marian Hutton. 3:01
  7. Benny Goodman – Santa Claus Came In The Spring. 3:03
  8. Connie Haines – 440224 Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year. 1:56
  9. Artie Shaw – A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody. (i) 2:45
  10. Ida James with the King Cole Trio – 1943 Knock Me A Kiss. 2:51
  11. Raymona Myers – 1935 – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love. 2:51
  12. Ben Selvin – 1929 – Carolina Moon. 3:18

    Genny Simms – 1943 – Somebody Loves Me. 2:34

PS: Hey, sorry about the wierd start to the show, and it ran a little long, but I thought it was time to try something a little different than usual and get a podcast up before the month was over.

Also, I want to point out the song by Ida James. It’s not a typo. Someone had pointed out to me that her name should be spelled Etta. You would be correct if she were the popular blues singer who recently passed away, but at the time of this recording, Etta James would have only been 5 years old. In the 1940′s, Ida James was a full grown woman, and sang many songs with the King Cole Trio. She was a favorite of those in the military during World War 2, and definitely had an amazing voice that secured her career in jazz.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater – War of Angels. ep975, 790430.

Posted by Keith on

The story of the life of a ruthless business woman is recounted when Lucifer and the Arch-angel Michael argue over who gets to claim her soul.

–Find more at, CBS Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide.

Red Panda Adventures (81) – Thunder Valley

Posted by greg on

A war is made of many battles, some vast in scope, encompassing borders and armies and forces beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. But perhaps the most vital battles are won and lost within, and if that battle cannot be won, Parker's Rangers won't be making it out of... Thunder Valley!

Wild Bill Hickock – The Deadlock At Silver Site. ep72, 520423

Posted by Keith on

A train is out of control, and heading for disaster. After Wild Bill springs into action to save the day for the train, he learns of more troubles brewing. Wrecks and accidents plague the rail line, and it’s hampering getting the construction finished.

What can Bill and Jingles do to help with getting the rails put through? Who is behind the accidents, and why are they doing the damage? Bill asks questions, and learns about the wealthy businessman who stands to make money off the new railroad. Back at the rail camp, our heros have to face bush whackers, keep the work crews safe, and gather solid evidence on the bad guys.

Bill has an idea that could keep construction going, and maybe even get finished by the deadline. It sounds crazy, but it just might work. If he’s able to play his cards right, he could even catch that troublesome bad guy.

PS: Remember kiddies! The cereal boxes for the sponsor have been changed, so make sure you tell mom to get more and enjoy the new look.

Casey, Crime Photographer – Hot New Years Party. 480101.

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Listen as Ethylbert talks with Ann and Casey about the celebrations of the night before, and their New Years bash. The latest story that our heros are in pursuit of, deals with arson and murder. Important evidence falls in Casey’s lap from professer Wendel, a man who is a witness, and was kidnapped to keep the secret of the firebug from getting out. How did he get away? Can Casey get him safely to the cops before the mobsters find out?

Casey calls on some contacts to use the professer as leverage to get to the gangsters behind the fires. It’s a risky proposition, and Casey may find himself taking a long ride to nowhere. Now the professer is in danger, but he left a coded message. Can Ann figure it out in time to save the day? It’s all Greek to the cops, but fortunately Ann has been college educated and knows a thing or two about Greek letters.

Get ready for the tables to once again be turned, then join our friends in the Blue Note where Casey explains the nuances of the case.

Danger Doctor Danfield – Snowbound. 461201.

Posted by Keith on

The show opens right up to a song that Doctor Danfield and Rusty Fairfax are enjoying at a Western dude ranch. Who would have thought that a ranch in Southern Arizona would have snow? Not only that, but enough snow to create white out conditions, and keep the clients locked up indoors? It has lasted for a few days now, and at least a few are getting cabin fever, and tempers flare. An unhappy marriage is revealed, as is a possible affair. Will it be a surprise that a murder is on the agenda?

Doc Danfield examines the crime scene and begins getting to the bottom of the mystery. A strange letter offers clues, and when a second murder is discovered, the number of possible killers is whittled down. It shouldn’t be a surprise to the listener who the killer is. The real mystery is how the cklues play together, and how they lead to solid evidence that Doc Danfield can use.

Will the weather ever clear up? Will Rusty and Dan ever get their fun holiday away from the stress of the big city? Will Dan ever notice Rusty’s true affections? Maybe. Listen and learn for yourself.

Superman – Last Of The Clipper Ships. 18of20, 410414.

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After being locked up by Barnaby in the darkness of the ship’s brig, Clark plays a double role for Jimmy’s sake, and pretends to talk to Superman. Leaving Jimmy and Pug behind, Superman confronts the crew. Making short work of the pirates is the least of worries. Superman has to fly through the fog to rescue other ships in danger. Just because Barnaby is in chains, might not mean he won’t find his own way out of his bondage.

Lum and Abner – Hindu Miracleman Arrives. 411027.

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Audio is good, but cuts out briefly in a spot or two. In the Jot ‘Em Down store today, Grandpap talks with Lum and Abner about the Hindu prince who is coming to town. The town is buzzing with the strange feats he promises to perform, including healing broken bones. How do you greet a prince anyway?

As Abner discuss such things with Lum, Cedric enters to join the discussion, and wonder at the amazing stunts the Hindu prince will do. When Squire enters, he has the Hindu medicineman with him, and wants to be paid up front by Lum. We also are reminded how he’s cheating both Lum, and his Hindu friend.

Gunsmoke – Doc’s Reward. 560429.

Posted by Keith on April 29, 2012

Doc is faced with a dilemma, he’s on the way to save the life of a patient out on the prairie, but he is forced to kill a man who tried to stop him. Isn’t that against his duties as a doctor? Will he be facing jail time?

If anybody can trust Doc’s judgement and decision it’s Matt. The Dodge City lawman is prepared to defend Doc to the utmost. Chester is suspicious of shady characters in town, but Matt isn’t letting scandal shake him from standing by his friend. Kitty is just the person to put the feelers out, and inform Matt if there’s anything brewing in town. What can she learn?

The gunman is the brother of the man doc shot, and though Matt has to deal some six gun justice, the outlaw is alive, and surprised that doc is fixing him up. Have any lessons be learned?

PS: As a topper to doc’s actions, and though a rightful reward is coming to him for catching the outlaw, the reward money goes to a better cause. Is Doc a selfless person or what?

You Are There – Womens Rights, 1853AD. ep89, 500611.

Posted by Keith on

As a delegation of women gather to fight for their right to vote, their male counterparts try to keep them in their place at home, and out of the world of politics and business. CBS reporters take us there to witness this milestone event.

I have to say, the men at the gathering are flat out rude. Shouting and catcalling while the women try to put forth their serious points. Why do these women want equal rights? Why not just stay at home and be content with the joys of being a mom and wife? All they really want is an equal input on who is in government. As a sign of their rebellion, the women at the delegation have shed their dresses for bloomers. A kind of pants, but with loose, billowy leggings. Shedding traditional fashion is just a visual statement that women aren’t content with being lumped together as second class citezens.

Some women would be content to be a housewife, if only they could be educated and own the money and property they have. Especially when their husbands are drunkards, or poor providers for them. Women of this era couldn’t go to school beyond elementary education, which limited their choices of careers, for those who wanted to pursue one.

Will the men in the meeting hall ever settle down? Will these women be heard? A victory is won, but it would take a while for women to have their own colleges, nearly a century before they could vote, and only in recent years where their equality in the workplace equals their male counterparts.

PS: The mudslinging and politics that run rampant in the delegation hall in this drama, seem awfully familiar even in our modern times. Even though we may have different hot button topics (abortion, same sex marriage, religious liberties, etc) it’s all about the need to be treated fairly.