Cynthia Muldoon, daughter of one of the city's finest families, has disappeared. Has she been kidnapped, as her family fears? Or run off with some young man, as the police suspect? And what, if anything, does any of this have to do with a chocolate shop that Kit Baxter seems preoccupied with? If the Red Panda is to find the answers, first he'll need to pull The Sweet Tooth

Old Time Rock n Roll presents a spotlight on the boys from Brooklyn. One of the hot beds of rock in the 1950's and '60's Brooklyn and the Bronx could boast the likes of Neil Sedaka, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Tokens, Jay and the Americans and many more. And across the bridge Dion DeMucci and the Belmonts and so many other singers .Lee Douglas also plays requests from his e mail request line.

In the margins of every adventure story there are stories untold and heroes unsung. This episode we step into the spaces between the comic-book panels for a very special story. If you've ever wondered about The Red Panda's oft-mentioned, never-seen "agents"... or if you've ever simply stared out over the rooftops of your city and dreamed of being a hero; you won't want to miss a moment of When Darkness Falls!

The spotlight for this week's show is one of Rock n Roll's original Bad Boys, Larry Williams. The man groomed as the successor to Little Richard, juggled his music career with a career of drug dealing, and prostitution. Despite this his music lives on this week on Old Time Rock n Roll. Also Lee plays some of the other big hits of the 50's and 60's.

What could be finer than a peaceful Sunday morning? Just about anything if your name happens to be Kit Baxter and your hobbies include fighting injustice, protecting the innocent and gliding over the city as The Flying Squirrel. But getting the city's mighty champion out of the garden and away from the newspaper is another matter entirely. If there's to be any excitement, The Red Panda will have to find it in The Sunday Supplement!

A mysterious stranger dies in the street in front of the fashionable Club Macaw. Were his claims of membership simply the sad ravings of yet another victim of hard times, or is there something far more sinister at work? Could he truly have been the son a wealthy house, long thought dead? Can even The Red Panda and The Flying Squirrel succeed in a struggle with The Hand of Fate?