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Command Performance – Katherine Hepburn, Jesters, Ed Gardner, Kathryn Grayson. 430731C.

Posted by Keith on July 31, 2012

Hosted by Katherine Hepburn. Ted Lewis entertains by singing a medley in his mellow, slow singing way to help provide the answer to his signature question, “Is everybody happy?” Sounds from home, a hounddog barking. A novelty song by the Jesters, She Lived Next Door to the Fire House. Followed by, I Had a Hat. Katherine Grason sings and opera aria. Ed “Archie” Gardner talks to Katherine Hepburn about Duffy’s Tavern, and acting. Ted Lewis returns for another medley that includes: Sunnyside of the Street, and Whenb My Baby Smiles At Me. Katherine speaks a few words of closing to the troops.

Blue Beetle – Smashing The Restaurant Racket. Pt 1 and 2, 400731. c

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Police officer, Dan Garret is loved by everyone, but suspected of no one of being the Blue Beetle.

Part 1: Restaurant owners are being forced to pay protection to racketeers. Dan and his professor friend discuss the reasons why protection rackets work. If only businessmen would be more brave, and take a stand for themselves. Dan and his police partner break up a strike picket line when it’s proven to be a false union. Cops convince restaurant owners to spy on the racketeer’s union. Where the law falls short, the Blue Beetle swings into action to take up the slack. As usual, Blue Beetle gets thumped on the head, and the gangsters set the office on fire. What will happen? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.

Part 2: The Blue Beetle manages to come to after his knock on the head, as well as rescuing a grateful woman who has hard evidence against the protection racketeers. . The evidence leads the Blue Beetle to none other than the Mayor himself. Nope, the mayor isn’t corrupt, but the Beetle exposes close advisors, and prominent men who are. The bad guy is chased in his airplane, and the Blue Beetle forces him down by jumping from one plane’s wing to another. Wow! Is that bravery? Or just being stupid! It all ends well, the restaurant owners are relieved of oppression, and even the poor and needy of the city benefit.

Gasoline Alley – A Kicking Around From Kid Cupid. ep3, 480730.

Posted by Keith on July 30, 2012

The work for the day is done, but a secret is brewing for Skeeter. A surprise party is planned, but his friends have a hard time dragging Skeeter away from doing some additional work. When Marjorie is having some love trouble, a mix up arises that makes her dad mad at the guys from Gasoline Alley.

Nina, Skeeter’s wife gets word of the aledged affair, and goes to the gas station where trouble is about to explode. Don’t worry, there’s happy endings, and apologies all around.

Burns and Allen – Kiddie Party. 400729

Posted by Keith on July 29, 2012

Those crazy people are back, George and Gracie. With their new cast wich features announcer Bud Easton, th Smoothies, Artie Shaw, and more, the jokes kick off. George tries to explain to Graicie about tourists. The ever complaining sound man pitches in his comments related to his over educated part in the show. Mr Lee, the bands unruly guitarist gives George grief before Artie Shaw takes the stage to play, Temptation.

Gracie wants George to go to a kiddie party with her. It’s a party where the adults dress up like kids, and play all the typical kiddie games. In showing George that it’s OK to be a kid, the cast all do their thing, there’s even a poem by the overeducated sound man. The Smoothies sing, Meet the Sun Halfway.

Along with Gracie, the cast keeps on teasing George about getting him in the mood for the party. Will he break down and decide to go? He even has his costume ready if he will just try it on.

Lone Ranger – Women Of The Wagon Train. 380729. C

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At the end of the Civil War, Homestead laws found a swarm of pioneers heading west. A situation that required bringing justice to the wild plains. The Lone Ranger and Tonto sit on top of a bluff, lazily watching a wagon train as it slowly snakes across the prairie. They continue to wwatch as a camp is set up, and the evening routine of starting the cooking fires begins. Suddenly a thunderous sound builds. A buffalo herd is stampeding straight for the wagon train. The Lone Ranger springs into action.

Although there isn’t anything he can do to stop the herd, he offers encouragement to go on when many of the pioneers want to turn back. Is the opportunity the Western life offers worth the sacrifice? Threats persist, and dangers have the menfolk unsettled. The women prove to be courageous enough, but the men who will have to do the fighting have doubts. Will it take more than just the Lone Ranger to pull things together?

An indian band is discovered. Are they hostile? What does the future hold for this wagon train?

21st Precinct – The Murdered Twins. 530728.

Posted by Keith on July 28, 2012

When the phone rings in the precinct office, the cops send out a responce. Captain Frank Canelli provides the voiceover narration to describe the behind the scenes action.

There are plenty of cops, and an ambulance on the scene where twins have been murdered. Mom is a single parent who has been doing her best with the 9 week old babies. She hasn’t been able to afford a crib, and has had them sleep in dresser drawers. She tells a little of her meager income, and her activities leading up to the killing. She tells how she left the babies with a friend while she went out for the evening with boyfriend. The cops keep up the interview, and ask questions to see if her friend, Dan, might have something to do with it. A report comes in with a cause of death. Apparently suffocation. The mom is told, and Captain Canelli then interviews the woman who sat up with the babies.

The doting babysitter tells a story that has the mom wanting to marry Dan, but wanting to have a fresh start of it. She tells all she knows from fact to rumor, and implies that mom killed her babies. In the police station, Captain Canelli deals with a few mundane bits of his duties, then is on the phone with the Chief about the twins.

In voiceover, it is told how the investigation is progressing. Dan is called in for an interview with the detectives. He tells how he met mom in a bar, and after dating he implies that he didn’t want to marry with kids in the picture. He was breaking it off with her the night of the murder. Captain Canelli tells in voiceover the summary of the interview, the change of the patrols, and that it’s looking like mom will be having a case brought against her as the killer.

The babysitting lady is persistent in wanting her baby items back since the babies are dead. Some comments she made clicks and the captain has her talk with the detective to retell her story. It seems there’s some missing pillows that could be key to finding out who is responsible. Was it mom? Or was it the doting babysiter?

At any rate, it seems to have been an accident and not malicious, but tragic none the lesss.

Candy Matson – Candys Last Case. 510521.

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Candy and Rembrandt are in the car, tailing Ray Mallard through traffic. Candy fills in Rembrandt, and the listener, about strange behavior, and possible secrets that Ray is keeping from her. Who is Mallards friend in the dark glasses? Why are the cops being so closed mouthed with Candy? Candy applies her shadowing skills to her curiosity to find out.

The body of the man in shades is found. When Candy confronts Mallard back at the station he’s still gruff with her. Could Mallard really have killed the man? Circumstantial evidence points his way. Is there some kind of scandal brewing in police headquarters that involves Candy’s favorite cop friend?

Mallard is acting flippant over the serious suspicions, but He has some facts that he’s not sharing. He gives Candy a free hand to investigate the crime scene, but his own investigation takes a different direction. Candy uncovers information that deals with jewels, but she finds more info that connects Mallard with a jewel theft and murder.

She shares her findings with Ray, but he remains unconcerned. When more bodies pile up, it clears Mallard since he was with Candy at the time of the murder. So what is going on? Who is behind the crimes? Candy takes advantage of her feminine charms to find out. She catches a killer, but she still hasn’t figured it out how Mallard is involved.

Ray has one last secret to share. The final review of the case, and explanations reveal why this is Candy’s last and best case. What could it be that ends Candy’s career as a detective, short of killing her off? Let’s just say that Candy catches her man in more ways than one.

Philip Marlowe – The Glass Donkey. 500728.

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Marlowe gets a phone call to tell him one of his steady girlfriends has been shot. Headed to the funeral parlor to pay his respects, Philip questions friends and other suspicious people hanging around. He finds a clue in a glass statue of a donkey that’s missing a leg.

Who is Mr Massey, and what connection does he have to the murder? Elements of blackmail, love affairs, and business troubles emerge. When Mrs Massey turns up dead, Marlow thinks he has some solid evidence to wrap up this mystery.

Things are escalating as Philip beats the bushes, and his investigating progresses. Danger and gunplay are in store before Marlowe gets to the bottom of the matter, and the gory details are exposed.

Mr Keen – The Photograph Album Murder Case. 510727.

Posted by Keith on July 27, 2012

Returning home from a night on the town, a young woman is teary eyed, but her troubles are soon ended when a shadowy figure attacks her from the bushes and kills her. The next day Mike Clancey talks about the case with Mr Keen when a man claiming to be the girls fiancee comes to the office. He isn’t buying the story of a mugging, gone wrong for the reason for her death. Mr Keen takes up the challenge, and starts asking questions.

The dead gal was a hopeful actress, and a friend of hers has reason to believe the fiancee isn’t as pure as he let on. She and her husband both offer accusations, as they cooperate in the questioning. Still, Mike thinks the Fosters may be holding out on the information about the murder. The strange characters just keep popping up.

Who is Hazel Collins? There is a missing necklace, but does it really play into the murder? Mr Keen has a knack with cutting through the web of lies, and begins to ask the uncomfortable questions that are designed to flush out a killer. A wierd love triangle is exposed. Photographs in an album offer a source for Mr Keen to find an astonishing discovery. Mr Keen calls the suspects together and yanks all the hidden skeletons from their closets. The killer won’t stand a chance.

Gunsmoke – Matt for Murder. 540726.

Posted by Keith on July 26, 2012

A saddle weary Matt returns to Dodge City to learn about the latest happenings. A man who was chased out of town has now turned up dead, and the man’s partner accuses Matt of murder. Red Samples presents a good case that Matt is the killer, and soon the town grows apprehensive about Matt. To make things worse, the government suspends Matt as marshall, and he’s due to appear for a trial in Hayes City.

Red Samples seems way too eager to see Matt go. Wild Bill Hickock comes to town to arrest Matt. As an old friend, he doesn’t believe that Matt would kill an unarmed man, and sets out on his own investigation. The truth is soon revealed, and justice is done.

(Audio enhanced for better listening enjoyment. Including filtsurface noise.)