Vic and Sade – Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes. 440906

  • Keith, you are a genius! You bring up a point here that I had never thought of – which again makes me want to write about it. Just want to say thanks for these podcasts but especially for your writing, which helps bring up points that I hadn’t yet thought of!

  • Hey Jimbo, this is one that didn’t quite make our top 5 list, but it may have made the cut as an honorable mention.

    For sure, it’s one that epitomizes the tender relationship between Vic and Sade. Or lack thereof. What I mean is, that they really do love each other, but their love tanks are filled in different ways, and they don’t always hit the mark in meeting the other’s needs. Vic is a big kidd, who needs his ego stroked to feel loved. Amazingly, Sade never does this well. I have never heard her comment on Vic’s blue eyes, heart shaped face, or his deep sonorous voice. Or pay him hardly any such mushy compliments. She certainly does have a knack for knowing when other women are turning Vic’s head.

    Sade needs security and stability, and Vic does a good job at providing for her. It’s only those times when he lets his inner child out, says silly things, and (gasp) lets his ego respond to strokes that he gets from outside the home. Sade really could go about claiming her marital territory in a better way. One that wouldn’t belittle Vic so badly, and one that would show him that he already has all that, and more right home with her. The situation could lend itself to being both comical, and heartwarming, instead of belittling and nagging.