Lone Ranger – Canyon of Danger. 381010

Lone Ranger – Canyon of Danger. 381010

Pete is lucky to have a wife who runs the town’s cafe. Besides being a good cook, and envy of all in town, Pete has money from the success of the cafe, and his wife’s hard labors. The trouble is that rough cases want to rob the cafe. Will the plans for evil come to the ears of the Lone Ranger? Only when fires are set to be a diversion for the break in.

Pete’s son, Dave, is left alive, but is there hope to rescue his mom? Will the sheriff’s posse mistake the masked man, and his indian companion for the killers and robbers? Time is of the essence, and Lone Ranger is hot on the trail of the robbers, following their horses hoof prints. Fast horseback riding, heroic efforts to span a chasm, but will they reach the sounds of the screaming woman in the distance?

Those wiley women critters are tougher, and mmore slippery than the bandits counted on, and Pete’s wife escapes. When the danger runs high, even Silver gets in on the superhero deeds to provide an escape for the good guys. Did the masked man and Tonto get away too? Have they fallen to their deaths? The bandits seem to have the upper hand, but as secrets are revealed, I feel a trap coming on, and a win for justice.

PS: I usually don’t lay much judgement at the feet of the OTR writers. Things like bigotry, racism, and sexism held a different importance in the society at large than some sensitive souls today like to do. The main reason is that you can’t accurately judge the standard of that era by that of today, and vise versa.

However, the lady in the story has to be one of the most unsung heros. I don’t even they give her a name. She’s just Pete’s wife, or Davie’s mom. Yet, she was strong willed enough to step out to open a café, greatly supplementing the family income, and seemed to do it without arguing. She survived the robbery whil her hubby was killed. She survived the kidnapping, and did her own slipping away. No Lone Ranger involved with that one. She certainly didn’t shrink, and wait to be swept away by the big man on the big horse.

Once Silver does his thing to leap over the canyon, she isn’t timid in taking the leap back across. Of course, after that we don’t see her much, and it’s up to our hero to squash the bad guys.

Wow, all that, and she didn’t even get a name to be mentioned by.