Fred Allen – The Courting Of Jenny Sugs, Roy Rogers, Arthur Godfrey. 421025.

  • I recieved a correction from a favorite fan. A favorite fan is somebody who takes the time to email me, or who makes a comment on the web site.

    Larry says:
    “I like the site. One correction. On the 1942 Fred Allen/ Roy Rogers episode the singer is Jane Pickens (not “Fisher”). Jane Pickens was a radio performer of the ’40s who became well known for her contributions in the ’50s and ’60s to the annual Cerebral Telethon telecasts on WOR-TV, NY.”

    Thanks for the input. I try to practice good spelling, but names are Kryptonite to me. I have to rely on listening to what the actors say, and sometimes they don’t pronounce things well. In this case it was just me not listening very close.

    Keep the comments coming.