Dick Tracy – Pat Is Hypnotized. 380221. Calling all adventure fans, calling all Dick Tracey fans! Dick Tracey is on the air! In recent episodes Dick Tracey had thwarted the ring of robbers who stole historic artifacts. He still has the black pearl of Osyrus in his possession. Today across town, Mogo, the criminal who was thought to be dead, then was incarcerated, has escaped and is on the loose again. Dick talks with Pat about the case, and the hope that the blackk pearl case might be closed soon. Dick also gets onto Pat about using slang, and why it’s bad to do. It’s a sign of a lack of education, the mark of a lazy brain. The escort for the black pearl is on hand to see the pearl safely home, now Dick can focus on recapturing Mogo. But before he can, Pat is hypnotized by Mogo who hopes to get the pearl back. Will Pat become an agent for Mogo?