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Life of Riley – Riley Buys a Car Not Mrs Morris. 481217.

Posted by Keith on December 17, 2013

After 18 years of marriage, Riley still likes to act like a wild, impetuous bachelor, or whatever main character of the latest movie he has just seen. The Riley’s run into Mr and Mrs Morris in a soda shop, and share some small talk. Though Peg is tired of Riley’s antics, Mrs Morris flirts a little with Chester over his ways.

Mr Morris may be buying a new car soon, and Riley may be interested in buying his old one. Later, Chester helps Junior write a love letter for his latest interest, daughter of Mr and Mrs Morris. Riley encourages Junior to deliver the letter, but gets panicky at the last minute and leaves Rileon the doorstep, holding the letter.

At first Mrs Morris thinks the letter is for her, especially after Riley panics and runs away as well. Her daughter recognizes Juniors handwriting, and sets the record straight. However, Riley is afraid that Mrs Morris has fallen for his charms in the misdirected love note.

As he cowers in fear of what he has done, Riley goes for advice to his neighbor, Gillis. In the meantime, Morris phones Riley’s house to ask if he still wants to buy his old car. Riley panics because he still thinks he may still be upset over the love letter.

Digby ODell stops by to share some troubles of his own over his undertaker business. Finally, Morris comes over to sell his car, but Riley still has the idea of Mrs Morris being in love with him in mind, so the talk of the car takes on a new meaning, and to good comic affect.

Life of Riley – The Household Drudge. 480910

Posted by Keith on September 10, 2013

The scene, Riley’s weekly poker game. Conversation turns to the topic of how to handle a woman. Back home, in the reality of the domestic world where Peg deals with a blocked kitchen sink. Riley tries his best to keep Peg happy while he takes it easy, and watches her labor over the housework, or at least that’s how he sees it. I think he’s about to learn a big lesson.

Riley makes a realization on his own, and sets out to make up for the past 18 years of having Peg do housework. He wants to giver a rest and take over the cooking, cleaning,washing, and bear Peg’s children. Hey, that’s what he said.

How long will this last? It doesn’t take long for word to get around, and soon all the wives rope their hubbies into chores. All the ladies love him, but what about his poker buddies? Maybe not so much.

Digger O’Dell is on hand with some words of advice, and graveyard puns. What should Riley do? Do right by his wife, or do right by his buddies? He has good intentions, and a plan that… almost works.

Life of Riley – Babs Elderly Boyfriend. 481126

Posted by Keith on November 26, 2012

It’s Saturday, and in the Riley home it’s father and son day. A time when father and son can go and do something for those special moments of male bonding. What will Chester Riley do when Junior jilts him for a girl? He realizes that he has been neglecting showing attentions to his daughter, so he switches his focus to hang out with Babs, and her friends down at the corner malt shop.

As Riley tries to whip out the teenage lingo and slang, he apparently misses a little on nailing it down. He ends up embarrassing Babs, but her friends get busy on the rumor mill to crank out the word that he’s really Bab’s elderly boyfriend. With such juicy gossip bouncing around the neighborhood, it gets back to Riley. Now he thinks that Babs has a secret, older boyfriend.

Riley gets worried, blames himself for her downfall, and vows to be a better father. He may be mistaken about the actual problem, but he actually is doing the right thing in trying to reaquaint himself with Babs. A classic case of good initiative, poor judgement.

There outing on the lake provides plenty of fuel for the gossips to set the phone lines on fire. After the lake incident, Riley is suffering from a case of sea sickness, wishing he were dead. Hey, what a nice seguay for Digger ODell to enter. He brings more gossip that Babs is still
seeing the mysterious older boyfriend.

Time to interrogate Babs, and get the details out in the open. When some of her friends stop by, the secret is understood, and Riley is even flattered by some of the details of his mistaken identity.

Life of Riley – Riley Installs A Timeclock. 510316. (retro357).

Posted by Keith on November 6, 2011

Riley discovers that after working the night shift, his family is out to all hours of the night. He figures the thing to do is keep tabs on when they leave, and when they come home. His bright idea of installing a timeclock has the family upset. Can you blame them?

Since Riley is notorious for not practicing what he preaches, it doesn’t take long for his double standards in honesty to trickledown, and soon the kids, and mom are bypassing the clock, and covering for each other. Imagine Riley’s shock at such treachery!

It all catches up with him though when Riley is pressured by his friends to sneak out of work early to go to a swanky nightclub. Even good buddy, Digger O’Dell enjoys the night out with the nightclubbers. You know that Peg will find out, and Riley gets a taste of his own medicine before the show is done.

Bonus Track:
Bob Hope. 1943. North African USO Trip.

PS: Time has snuck up on me. I had another show planned but changed plans at the last minute. My mighty Retrobots have taken things over for me. And they better not even be thinking of getting a timeclock for me to punch.

Life of Riley – Rileys Jilted Sister Visits. 481210

Posted by Keith on December 10, 2010

Life of Riley – Rileys Jilted Sister Visits. 481210 Riley’s sister is to arrive for a visit. He and Peg talk about the problem she has. Her long time boyfriend jilted her, and left her at the altar when he left for the Navy.

Chester rants about that low life of a boyfriend. He tries to console his sister, but tact was never one of his strong suitsA running theme is set up when Riley keeps putting his foot in his mouth about the boyfriend, and the Navy.

To help her with self esteem, she looks for a job, and runs a classified ad. Riley talks to his neighbor Gillis about the mysterious classified ad that she ran. Is it really about a job, or about getting a date?

Responses to her ad begin to come in, and Riley gets paranoid, and protective of his sister. Peg thinks that Chester shouldn’t interfere. Digger ODell, the friendly undertaker, offers his special brand of graveyard humor, on the issue of dating advice.

The man who is interested in Riley’s sister comes to the house, and there are plenty of misunderstandings galore as Riley thinks he is after a date from his sister. Digger recognizes him as a fellow undertaker, but of course Riley doesn’t recognize that fact until he has chased the guy away.

Life of Riley – Riley Campaigns. 481015

Posted by Keith on October 15, 2010

Life of Riley – Riley Campaigns. 481015Another show where the title makes little sense, compared to what’s in the show. It’s probably either mis-named, not available, or somebody along the line saved the wrong with the wrong info. The title would make more sense if it were one of these, “Riley goes to the Phsychiatrist,” or “Junior gets in Trouble,” or something along that line.

It all starts when Peg and Babs complain to Riley about Junior’s behavior. Riley is inclined to look the other way. Hey, boys will be boys. His philosophy is put on trial when he encounters the boss’s nephew.

When he schmoozes with the boss, he gets the day off to watch over the troublemaking kid. Though the kid is a handful, and gives bad reports to the boss, Riley is forgiven. It seems the psychiatrist report on the kid explains a lot about his actions. Feeling enlightened, and knowing a secret about how the psychologist arrived at his results, Riley becomes an armchair psychologist.

He tryes to apply those finds to Junior, but all it does is toss fuel on the flames of the relationship between Junior, Peg, and Babs.

Riley shares his kid troubles and his upcoming visit with a psychologist with his friend Digger. All Riley’s troubles come to a head, but it can all be explained in the simple termsof jumping to conclusions. Imagine Riley’s surprise, and embarrassment with the truth is revealed.

Life of Riley 480903 Riley Meets Clem Kadiddlehopper. (retro271)

Posted by Keith on September 8, 2010

Riley is upset when he thinks his daughter is insane. Instead, she is just in love. (Pretty close to the same symtoms isn’t it?) He and a friend eavesdrop on her when her boyfriend comes over. The boy is scared away, so Riley does his best to find her a date for the prom.

Digger O’Dells nephew is handy and turns out to be Clem Kadiddlehopper. Even Riley can’t put that burden on his daughter, but now that Clem has arrived, he can’t get rid of him. Fortunately, the boyfriend comes back to save face between Riley and Babs. Now he just has to get rid of Clem.

Bonus Tracks:
Ray Noble. 1936. In a Little Gypsy Tea Room.
AFRS. 1943. Navy Wave Training.