There are certain folks who are doing everything they can to see that Decoder Ring Theatre will be around for years to come. They are the few, the proud, the monthly donors. I have spoken much about the need to build up a brave and hardy band of listeners to provide us with a stable source of funds if we are to continue to bring you all new audio adventure, mystery and comedy... and lest you thought this was all stick and no carrot, I present the Decoder Ring Theatre Monthly Donor's Page!- - All of the script collections and HQ Downloads that were once for sale in our Lulu store are there for free, together with regular releases of HQ Downloads of this season's shows, last season's shows and the Showcase programs - never before available! We'll also have "lost treasures" like the unproduced scripts for episodes 7-12 of the original "goofball" Red Panda mini-series, an unpublished novel and stage scripts from yours truly, and the regular chance to win great prizes, like autographed "game used" scripts! So swing by today and see what you're missing... and sign up for monthly support of Decoder Ring Theatre to get your download password today!