A couple of Texas bandits want to stir up trouble between indians and the army to act as a diversion to steal horses. Lightning Jim talks with his deputy, Whitey Larson, and their young friend Johnny, when word comes from the Colonel about a trooper who was shot down and of the indian uprisings. Jim is surprised since he hasn’t had any trouble from Black Bear since the peace treaty.

At the indian camp, Whitey and Jim find a funeral drum playing. Black Bear tells the story of how some of his cattle and supplies were stolen, and the indian agent won’t do anything about it. Also his son was killed, and the evidence points to an Army trooper. Jim sees the evidence as a plant, and has other ideas. The indians are driven to a fever pitch over the recent doings. Can Jim ride to report the uprising to the Colonel in time? There’s no time to waste with the bandits having everything going their way.

Saddle up your ponies and ride along with Jim as he races to warn the Army troop with their supply wagons. There’s plenty of hard riding adventure to race back to the fort for support, and indians to battle with. What ever happened with those bandits? Will they get away with the horses, and leave the indians and Army in a state of turmoil? When young Johnny rides up with word, the army races in to make short work of the bad guys, and the truth comes out to restore peace in the land.

Bonus Track:
Hillbilly Boys. 1939. Smile For Me.