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Lone Ranger – The Blue Star Mine. 381121

Posted by Keith on July 26, 2014

Agents from a large mining interest from back East make plans to sabotage the Blue Star Mine. Their attempts at devaluing the mine should let them buy the mine for a steal. Will the new, and wealthy vein of gold be kept a secret for long? Hank has heard the men talking about the mine, and races off for help. He encounters a masked man who he spills all the beans to. How can the man, and Tonto take a hand in the matter to help?

Back in town Hank and the former owner of the mine try to get the sheriff involved. Will the lawman believe the story?

With Tonto’s help, Lone Ranger needs to make a plan to save the mine. Can he identify the shady agents who want the mine for themselves? Why is it important to intercept the stage coach?

There’s plenty of hard riding, fast paced action as Silver and Scout whisk our heros through the countryside. Can they reach the bad guys in time, and stop them at their every move? Will there be some doublecrossing betrayal going on among the crooks? Lone Ranger finally hands all the loose ends to the sheriff to win the day, and return the mine to it’s rightful owners.

PS: The term “Spavin Legged” is normally heard on the Lum and Abner show. A phrase, or exclamation given by Grandpappy Spears. What does it mean? Listen up as you listen to this episode to learn what it might mean. As Hank rides away for help, he uses in relation to his horse.

Lone Ranger – Campaign Of Unrest. 381118

Posted by Keith on July 20, 2014

Ezra, a homesteader spots cow punchers as they drive their cattle through his wheat field. Before the gunshots get out of hand, a masked man breaks onto the scene. Is he an outlaw? Ezra’s tale is drawn out, and we learn how the cattle men are trying to drive the farmers out, so they can graze their critters, As the masked man calls to his indian friend, and rides away on his great horse, Silver, Ezra suddenly relizes who his new friend really is.

It’s all a scheme from the banker in town to own all the lands in the area. Gruber won’t loan them money to live on unless they sell to him, and he’s only offering bottom dollar on their crops. Will a confrontation by the lone ranger strike fear into the banker? Will the bankewr recognize as easily as old Ezra who he’s dealing with? Hotheads among the cattlemen are whipped into a frenzy.

The range war has been set ablaze, and unless the Lone Ranger can diffuse the situation, the only one who stands to come out as winner is the greedy banker. Intercepting the racing cattlemen, Lone Ranger gets the leader to see how they’ve been manipulated. Will they cooperate and take part in a new plan?

The cattlemen seem to be playing into the hands of Gruber to collect a pay off. Will a herd of cattle run rampant through the wheat fields in the land? Are these rogue cowboys, or will it all fit into Lone Ranger’s plan somehow?

Gunsmoke – The Queue. 540719

Posted by Keith on July 19, 2014

A hot Summer day in Dodge City, and Chester brings word to Matt about a Chinaman who is being abused. Matt takes a stand for racial equality, and equal civil rights. The Chinaman proves to be a good cook, and is gainfully employed at the local eatery. Chin Wan turns out to be more industrious and intelligent than certain folks give him credit for. He just wants to save enough money to return to China.

Trouble keeps rearing up when certain townsfolk keep harrassing the chinaman. Matt needs to intervene before somebody ends up being murdered.

(Audio enhanced for better listening enjoyment.)

Gunsmoke – Twenty-Twenty. 550716.

Posted by Keith on July 16, 2014

Matt Dillon is the first man they look for, and the last they want to meet. It’s a job that’s a little bit chancey, and a little bit lonely.

Today, Matt and Chester walk the street, and pause to watch the stage coach pull in. An old friend of Matt’s arrives, Troy. He’s a lawman who is on the track of an outlaw. Troy also seems to have a chip on his shoulder when Matt offers a little help.

Matt and Kitty talk in the salloon, and after she complains about needing a vacation after the last mob of trail riding cowboys, attention turns to Troy. Troy has had a little fight, and seems paranoid. Though he leaves to cool down, Mat is afraid his friend has other problems under the surface. In a confrontation, we learn what Troys problem is. His eyesight is failing.

After a reluctant exam by doc, it is revealed that Troy is at least at a point of severe vision loss that shouldn’t get any worse.

The wanted man makes his appearance in town, and though Matt promised to let Troy run the showdown, Matt makes sure he is present for the face off. Will Troy get his man? When the gunsmoke clears, there’s two men on the ground. Has any lessons been learned? Maybe: Never take a knife, or a blind gunslinger to a gunfight. Or something like that.

Lone Ranger – A Spaniard’s Pride. 381116

Posted by Keith on July 12, 2014

Rancho Sanchez has had animals disappearing for months, and Don Diego gives orders to his men to tighten security to shut down the horse thieves. His son has returned from law school back East, but has he developed a love for the gringos that irritates his dad? Is there anything to fear? Does a secret about the son betray Don Diego? Besides the rustling, we learn about a blackmail scheme that has the hands of the younger Sanchez tied.

The watchful eyes of Lone Ranger and Tonto take in the happenings. Does he have a plan in mind to help out? Will Don Diego’s pride and temper flare if he learns about a love interest, and the blackmail? Will Don Diego show his anger at his son, or at the rustlers?

Posing as a member of the rustling gang, Lone Ranger gives a warning intended to manipulate Tony Sanchez. Will he stay away from the rustlers, or take matters into his own hands? Lone Ranger gets the room he needs to develop his plan to clear up the hard feelings, and reconcile the prideful father and son. Besides that, can the hold of the rustlers be broken? It’ll be a delicate balance of reverse psychology and manipulation to bring this plan together.

Lone Ranger – Deputy To Be. 381114

Posted by Keith on July 8, 2014

A thin teen ager, Bob Bryant, approaches the sheriff with news on where to find the notorious outlaw, Nick Gage. All he asks is to claim the reward, but the sheriff thinks the scrawny lad isn’t credible. Fortunately Tonto believes the teen, and offers him both food and a meeting with his masked friend.

Does the sheriff believe Bob or not? Lone Ranger seems to think the sheriff might try nabbing the outlaw without giving credit to Bob for the capture. This kind of thing has happened before, and the Lone Ranger just might have a plan.

Would it be counterproductive to warn the gang that the sheriff is on the way? The angry sheriff is now certain that Bob tipped the bandits out of spite. Will Bob and his destitute mom be in danger of wrath from the lawman?

Lone Ranger springs into action to create a stir with the outlaws, while Tonto turns the sheriff in the right direction. Forces from both sides of the law clash, and thanks to the Lone Ranger, Bob wins the reward he deserves.

Lone Ranger – Two For Fuzzy. 450704.

Posted by Keith on July 4, 2014

The pools in the canyon contained only stagnant water, and wasn’t a desireable place to set up camp. Dan, Tonto, and the Lone Ranger observe the pioneer group, and recognize the Wilkins brothers, well known outlaws. What are they doing here, planning an attack of some kind?

Lone Ranger goes to report to the sheriff, but the only person on hand is a disagreeable deputy. The acting sheriff gets told off by the Lone Ranger, and is upset over the recent killing of a man in town named Fuzzy Wilcox. After teaching the cocky lawman a lesson, Lone Ranger rides away.

The plan changes, the Lone Ranger has Dan and Tonto carry out their own little dragnet to find the killer of Fuzzy. Each of our heros gathers part of the story, and facts of the killing. When things are progressing nicely, the uppity sheriff catches up with the Lone Ranger, and threatens to haul him back to jail with the rest of the mob that he has collected as suspects.

In the confrontation, Lone Ranger makes the sheriff listen, and tells about the Wilkins brothers, and the danger they present to the Wells Fargo stage coach line. Will the sheriff listen to reason? The sheriff has a chest of money that needs transported, and goes to escort the stage to ensure it stays safe. With the sheriff gone, Lone Ranger trusts that they won’t have trouble with the outlaws, so now he digs into the curious facts surrounding the death of Fuzzy.

Suddenly it clicks with him, and the Lone Ranger and his little gang set out for the killer, complete with a posse from town. The secrets come out, just before the big dramatic shoot out as the bad guys are thwarted.

Hashknife Hartley – Range War. 1950

Posted by Keith on June 30, 2014

Hashknife and his sidekick, Cedar, ride into town expecting to get a little rest. Instead, they find themselves in the middle of a dispute between a rancher and a homesteader.

Taggert and Callison are too ethical to act on their ill feelings, but a few of their men develop a plan to rustle some cattle, set the blame on their bosses, and ride away with the cows.

Tempers flare as the two men renew their hatred for each other. Will it lead to finally acting on their dislike? With the help of Hashknife and Cedar, Callison keeps a cool head, and they close in on the rustlers.

What kind of settlement can Hashknife arrive at? Will there be a show down in the street?

Gunsmoke – What the Whisky Drummer Heard, James Nusser, ReusedScript. 580629

Posted by Keith on June 29, 2014

Riding in from the trail, Matt and Chester stop in at the Long Branch. Matt is confronted by the whiskey drummer with an important message. Hit men are gunning for Matt. Should Matt be worried? Will every little sound cause him to be jumpy, or see gunmen in every shadow?

Going to talk to Doc, Matt talks about the quirky drummer who brought the news. Should Matt just hunker down and play it safe?Will this be the chance his enemies in town have to go gunning for him? Kitty brings in her own intelligence about a possible gunman. Matt wants more than just the hit man. He also wants the man who hired him.

Matt has to cut through the wanna be braggers, out to increase their reputation by killing the well known lawman. Chester complains about the new fangled contraptions these days, when a telegram arrives. A friend of Matt’s arrives, and tells about his run in with the drummer. What’s the meaning of telling Tom the same story he told Matt? Why does the whiskey drummer want the two men dead? More importantly, what’s Matt going to do about it?

Lone Ranger – Mad Murdock. 450627.

Posted by Keith on June 27, 2014

Jim Murdock was a strange man, and his number of friends were rapidly in decline. His entire life was for his general store, and his daughter Jessie. He was unconcerned that people in town thought he was a madman. When Jessie reveals that her happy look today is due to her marriage, Murdock goes nuts with rage at the thought of losing his daughter, and she acted without his foreknowledge.

He starts smashing things in his store. Will Jessie be forced to choose between her new husband and her dad?

Meanwhile, Dan Reed rides into town, and sees the mess in the store. He helps Murdock, who has decided to go out of business, and move along. For the help, he pays Dan by offering to take anything he wants. The story is related to Lone Ranger and Tonto when Dan returns to camp.

Back in the store, Lone Ranger finds a note, then Jessie rides up with her husband, Ben. The note is for Ben, and says that the old man has gone to mine for gold on Ben’s property as payment for taking his daughter, the only thing he still loved. Lone Ranger sends a note of his own to the county seat, then he rides out to find Murdock.

Murdock has booby traps set to keep people away. When Jessie, and Ben arrive, and encounter resistance, they back off and go to meet Dan, who has just arrived with the sheriff. The sheriff turns out to be an old friend of Murdock’s. Can he talk him out safely?

Nobody wants to see the old man killed, but they prepare to have to handle him rough, including gunplay if necessary. Suddenly, from above Murdock on the mountain, the Lone Ranger rushes in in a stream of water, and literally washes the man out of his hold. A happy reunion with Jessie is at hand, now it’s just a matter of talking sense to Murdock. If he’ll go for it.