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Jack Benny – A Love Letter To Jack Benny. (Audio Track) 810205

Posted by Keith on September 8, 2013

Over 90 minutes of classic fun. The audio track of a television special, featuring some of Jack’s best television moments, and presented by George Burns, Bob Hope, and Johnny Carson. It’s funny all by itself, and could do without the cheesy laughtrack the producers put in. It seems that it was taped without a live audience. The laughs from the clips are real.

George Burns revisits a few of Jack’s most noted signature gags. The vault, the Maxwell, and his one word reactions. Classic clips from Jack’s TV show are shared. Bob Hope joins George with a Smothers Brothers appearance where they guess his age, and comment on his walk. Johnny Carson pitches in a clip and a memory on Jacks pantomime reactions. Even in video, the routine with Sy still works with just the audio track. Si! Jack rosins up his bow for some classic bits of his violin playing that’s so bad, its good.

Johnny, George, and Bob comment that it wasn’t how funny Jack was, but how funny the show was. Clips are shared that showcase Lawrence Welkand , Gregory Peck, Interuptions were also a feature of Jack’s shows. Sometimes it was an unannounced cameo appearance of a celebrity, and sometimes he was cut off in mid joke. Even outbursts from the audience might happen. After showing clips from a farewell special of Jack’s, Johnny shares memories, and more clips from it. Clips include appearances by Don Rickles, and Lucille Ball,

Bob Hope is back to share a few of his favorite moments in sharing the stage with Jack. On a clip, Frank Sinatra proves he can be funny too, when he interupts Jack, then sings, I Get a Kick Out of You. Jack and Bob help to spoof each others theme songs. George returns with some of his favorite clips, driving Jack nuts on his TV specials. Including what was apparently an ad lib song during their statues sketch, and more song and dance fun.

Johnny, Bob, and George even play a few of Jack’s classic moments from the radio. Listen in to some moments with the old gang, Mary Livingston, Don Wilson, and Phil Harris. Frank Nelson, Ed in the vault, the two telephone operators, the train announcer, , and other characters. Jack talks about the transition from radio to TV, and some of his worries. Joined by Dinah Shore, she and Jack talk about his poor reviews of his early TV shows.
George shows some featured clips of Rochester, and Dennis Day. Even on TV, most of his cast of characters followed him. Though Mary never made the move to TV, she made a telephone appearance. Phil wasn’t a regular, but he made a special appearance, where Jack made fun of his signature song, That’s What I Like About the South.

The guys discuss Jack’s violin playing, and his concerts in his later years. Join Jack, doing some serious playing during one of his television specials. It’s a serious piece, with just a touch of bad for comic affect. Imagine Jack Benny and Phillus Diller doing a scene from the Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft film, the Graduate. The lines are the same, but the delivery is hillarious. In a more clear spoof, with Lucille Ball, and Marian Michael Morrison (John Wayne), Jack tells how he met them and got them started in show biz. Even presidents made appearances on the stage with Jack including Harry Truman, and Ronald Reagan, while he was still Governor.

George gives a rapid fire run of clips to highlight the number of stars who appeared on Jack’s show over the years. Then a final word of tribute is shared by the 3 friends of Jack. Jack would do about anything for a laugh, but George shares a few things that Jack loves just as much, his family.

PS: What? You don’t care for the audio track? You can find this on You Tube with this 9 part series. Each segment is roughly 10 minutes.

Lum and Abner – The Premiere Of The Bashful Bachelor. 420410

Posted by Keith on February 4, 2013

The big moment arrives, and Lum’s star power clashes with that of his co-star in the movie, Don Ameche. Mousey makes an appearance to welcome Don, but has to run off to perform his air raid duties. Lum coaches Don Ameche on his acting ability, but somebody has a bit of trouble accepting criticism.

Abner arrives to tell that Don Wilson is on hand to act as announcer. At the live broadcast, Don Wilson paints the verbal picture of the gala event in Pine Ridge. He tells of telegrams from celebrities who send their well wishes, but couldn’t attend in person. Squire Skimp appears on the scene to get in a word or two of self promotion his own.

Cedric walks down the red carpet with his bird whistle to share a few bird impressions. Louise Curry, the femail lead in the film appears to tell about her trip, and reunite with Abner. Gale Patrick, well known actress of the day, tells about her wonderful visit to Pine Ridge. Apparently, she has been taking lessons from Cedric on making bird calls. The two Don’s conspire to cut the event short to keep Lum from giving his long winded speech. Will it work?

In case you missed it on a couple earlier posts, here it is again.

Bonus Video Treat:

ROTR – Dreaming Out Loud (1940)

Posted by Keith on January 11, 2012

Retro Orpheum Theater Revue Presents the first Lum and Abner movie, Dreaming Out Loud (1940). Since this an audio podcast, I offer you the movie through a You Tube embed. If you’re downloading this episode in the usual way, all you’ll get is an audio track.

Dreaming Out Loud (1940)
81 min – Comedy – 30 September 1940 (USA)

Lum and Abner work at a general store in Arkansas. There they get involved in some misadventures with the locals.

Director: Harold Young
Writers: Robert Hardy Andrews, Howard J. Green, and 1 more credit »
Stars:Chester Lauck, Norris Goff and Frances Langford

Complete credited cast:
Chester Lauck … Lum Edwards
Norris Goff … Abner Peabody
Frances Langford … Alice
Frank Craven … Dr. Walter Barnes
Bobs Watson … Jimmy
Irving Bacon … Wes Stillman
Clara Blandick … Jessica Spencer
Robert Wilcox … Dr. Kenneth Barnes
Donald Briggs … Will Danielson
Robert McKenzie … Constable Caleb Weeunt (as Bob McKenzie)
Phil Harris … Peter Atkinson
Sheila Sheldon … Effie Lou Stillman
Troy Brown Sr. … Washington

Lum and Abner’s General Store in Pine Ridge, Arkansas is the center of the town, where everybody hangs around. Also in the store is the town’s post office, where Alice, the niece of the wealthiest person around, is working as post-mistress. She is in love with the local doctor’s son Kenneth, whom she would like to marry, but her aunt, who has a feud with his father does everything to prevent this. Kenneth is working as a doctor in the next town, but does not make enough money to support a wife and their younger brother, so both have to wait. When the town’s drunkard’s daughter is killed by a hit and run driver, they convince the sheriff to make the father a deputy, to give him self assurance…

Written by Stephan Eichenberg

As found at: IMDB