In the radio production offices, Arch Oboler tries to meet his deadline in writing the script for the season finale. Will he get the plot worked out in between phone interruptions? Demons, monsters, frightening situations, does his secretary ever get scared at the stuff he churns out? How does he think up all this stuff? A threat of writers block looms for Arch.

Noises in the office, and pressure of the deadline keep Arch busy tossing ideas around. Why is he so jittery though? He’s not afraid of anything himself, is he?

Inspiration takes on morm than just words on the page. A monster materializes, and though Arch tries to warn off visitors to his office, he can’t stop the monster from devouring his staff members. One by one, his staff is eaten up, until… well… time is up, and there’s no show left. What about Arch? Will he be eaten as well?