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Dark Fantasy – Dead Hands Reaching. ep27, 420522

Posted by Keith on July 22, 2014

As Alan Blaine works in his office, a disembodied voice speaks to him. The voice instructs Alan on advancing his career.

Following the advice, Alan is now Assistant Manager.
What other advice might the voice have for Alan? Will he steer clear of a girl who doesn’t love him? Alan isn’t so willing to let her go as the voice might like.

Will the enraged, and jealous Alan resort to murder? Since he won’t listen to that helpful voice any more, can Alan seek refuge in an opium den? Just who, or what is the voice anyway? Will he find answers exploring for treasure in graveyards? Alan finds out way too late.

Dark Fantasy – Funeral Arrangements Completed. ep26, 420515

Posted by Keith on July 15, 2014

At a mysterious Inn, a man and his wife could swear they saw a dead man, with a lit cigarette, sitting in the lobby. However, the innkeeper claims nobody was there. Instead, he briefly tells about a legend of a centuries old murder, and reports of hauntings. Why is Richard visiting England? He’s responding to a letter reporting his aunt just died. Convoluted stories about people dieing years earlier, including his aunt are shared. Did the innkeeper just say that zombieswere involved? Can all the supernatural, and creepy things be real?

Exploring the estate he inherited, creepy events keep on coming. Coffins are found, and Emilie is more creeped out. Should they leave before something bad happens? Or is it too late for that?

More strange characters appear to guide Richard through his spooky inheritance. is there a deadly game afootm, with all the supernatural affects powered by purely human causes?

Hey, this is Dark Fantasy, of course there’s supernatural forces at work, but in this case they work for a good purpose for a change.

Dark Fantasy – The Cup Of Gold. ep25, 420508

Posted by Keith on July 8, 2014

In the hushed tones of an announcer of a golf tournament, we listen to the final putt of an exciting match. The gold cup trophy is awarded, but there’s somethingwrong. What has the radio announcer found out about the murder that just went down?

In an office, a confrontation fills in more details. Did the woman have anything against the golf pro? Is her amnesia, claiming to not remember the incident real? A mysterious letter with cryptic instructions may turn up a solution. Why is the name it’s addressed to not exactly her name?

The letter is burned, and the two are transported to another place. What, or where is Vento? Ruth, or Rutha, is a Ventonian but her memory had been blocked. Their guide, the holy One, explains all, but what’s the connection to the dead golf pro?

Dimensions of centuries ago cross into the realm of modern day earth. Ancient games align with those of the golf tournament, and the gold prize. Has an ancient promise been kept? Can our couple escape back to earth as easily as they arrived in this strange dimension?

Note: Interesting, if the order of the contenents the reporter called out as he looked at the Earth through a telescope, the earth must be spinning backwards on its axis.

Creaking Door – Bring Back Her Bones.

Posted by Keith on July 6, 2014

Do you believe in time travel? What about zombies? Join the trip to the jungle village, and the visit to the blind witch doctor. Why does Mr Hayward want to travel into the future to retrieve his wife’s skeleton? The witch doctor seems to have a decent enough grasp on scientific theory to understand that bringing her bones back will interfere with the fabric of space and time, and cause her death.

Later we join Hayward, and learn about his rocky marriage relationship. He figures it would be a nicer end to the marriage if she were dead, but Hayward can’t bring himself to do it. With the bones in his possession, he has to arrange the payment to the witch doctor. Can he afford to pay the high price demanded of him?

It only costs the selling of his soul, but Hayward agrees. Did the bones do their dirty work? Sightings of his wife in town are reported. Has Betty come back? Hayward wonders if someone has destroyed the futuristic bones. Wouldn’t that permanently kill her, or just turn her into a zombie?

The worried Hayward panics. Will he ever be free of his wife, or will Betty haunt him forever? The fear stricken Hayward faces life in a home for the mentally disturbed. But who will care for him in his incapacitated condition?

Creaking Door – Aunt May.

Posted by Keith on July 5, 2014

Oliver paces the floor nervously, it stems from the love he has for Sally. In flashback, we witness the unfortunate accident that brought Sally to her death. His aunt May is on hand to take care of the distraught man. Nightmares plague his dreams, and guilt ridden thoughts.

Who is the man who comes to Oliver to accuse him? Is Sally actually dead? A grasp on reality seems to be slipping from Oliver. Will aunt May be able to shine the truth into the murkiness of Oliver’s mind?

Dawn approaches with the promise to chase away Oliver’s uncertainties. A question begs to be answered, how are the people in Oliver’s room getting in and out of the locked door?

A doctor is on hand with more twists to the story. A sanitorium, long dead relatives, the death of Sally, how much of it is real, and how much is mental illness? Can Oliver be cured? Will reliving Sally’s accident help in the cure? Maybe not, but the listener gets some real answers.

Creaking Door – Alive in the Grave.

Posted by Keith on July 2, 2014

The creaking coffin door opens, and tales of horror come out. This South African series shares some of the creepiest tales to be heard on the airwaves.

The cemetary care taker, and his assistant discuss the pauper’s burial they just completed. Was the body still alive? Is it too late to do something about it? We find out in voiceover and flashback a little about the assistant’s personal life, and trouble in holding his previous job. The man had been in a sanitorium, and we learn a bit of his personal struggles, and about someone he met in the health facility. A friend of his died, could it be the pauper he buried?

Will a search for Dr Miller be the key to finding answers? Might there be a murder afoot? Guilt sets in, but could Jeremy have done anything to have prevented the death?

Jeremy tells his gal about taking money from a corpse. Hey, the body didn’t have a use for it anymore. If the man was actually alive, and with the robbery of his cash,m does that make Jeremy a murderer somehow? Regardless, he’s tormented by the thought.

Officials investigate, but will they find anything amiss with the case? Is there anything to connect Jeremy to a crime? Did he actually commit a crime? Twists in the story keep Jeremy’s mind in turmoil until the answer if found.

Dark Fantasy – The Letter From Yesterday. ep24, 420501

Posted by Keith on July 1, 2014

A man goes to the library to ask for books on advanced sciences. He’s impressed with both the books, and with the cute librarian who knew all about the authors and books he wanted.

Needing more time to study his books, but being a visitor to town, he can’t check the books out. Will the librarian think it’s only a come on, if he asks her to check the books out, so he can study at her house?

Helping with his research, reports and plans are drawn up for the new invention. Will Adam ever come back? Days pass, and the librarian grows worried when no contact comes again from Adam.

Suddenly he appears and a tale of missed letters, and crossed connections is shared. Will the two finally be maried? What’s the mysterious mail bag in the attic, with postmarks from over 50 years ago? Letters to people across the nation. A letter is found with another eery missed connection from decades earlier.

Note: One of the old letters in th mail bag is addressed to Paul Rimer. Coincidence? Or a mention of writer for the Vic and Sade radio show?

Vincent Price Graveyard – The Lavender Evening Dress. ep1

Posted by Keith on June 29, 2014

A short tale of murder, as read by Vincent Price.
The young, teen age girl comes to town, and is a popular favorite with the high school boys. Is she a wild child, and troublemaker? Winter months arrive, and the girl has gone missing. When her body is found, investigations begin, and questions surrounding the lavennder evening dress that she was found in could be key.

In the small town environment though, dead ends put the investigation to a halt. An answer to the mystery seems elusive, and the ccase is closed.

Years pass, and the nearly forgotten case is once again dragged to the surface. What new clues might have emerged? Is there something spooky in the mix? Will the killer be pointed out, and rest to the unsolved mystery come?

CBS Radio Mystery Theater – Spaces On The Wall. 790620

Posted by Keith on June 20, 2014

There are always two sides to any story, especially stories of love. The art world is a wierd world indeed, as a group of high society art lovers are about to find out. After a secret art purchase is completed, the four paintings are discovered to come with conflicts. Are they legitimate originals? Or are they fakes? The art dealer has apparently sold the same paintings to more than one buyer. The artist is long dead, but how did the duplicates manage to show up? Listen to get the clues to solve this mystery. No character is beyond suspicion. Private detective, Tom Mosery, is called upon to unravel the mess.

Questions are raised. Is the artist actually dead? If the paintings are fakes, wouldn’t it have taken a tallented artist to produce them? Is this all some kind of orchestrated event designed to cast doubt on reputations? The players in the story want the investigation to be kept secret, but will that be possible? Put your own detective skills to work as the clues are gathered in this twisted, and strange tale. Kick the lid off the truth, and learn who the crook is.

But wait. Even the criminal has a story behind their motivation. Who is the actual victim in this mystery?

Whistler – Triggerman. 460325

Posted by Keith on June 19, 2014

Martin Lane is a successful defense lawyer, with a reputation for acquitting high profile gangsters. He’s definitely not a favorite in the eyes of judges, or hard working cops. Will his swimming with the sharks of the underworld catch up with him? Finding himself involved at the scene of a gangland shooting, Martin may have to get himself out of trouble.

Is there any way to undo the deed , or make it right again? The crime weighs heavy on Martin’s conscience. As the sole witness, should hetestify? As the defense lawyer for the gangster, should he simply keep his mouth shut, and win the case? Should Martin even take the case? Sleepless nights have the lawyer ready to crack, there’s nobody he can turn to to tell the truth.

Threats of hitmen out for him add to the stress. Will Martin be able to cut the ties with the gangsters? The day in court comes, and Martin has to make a hard decision. Stay tuned to the strange, twist ending that the Whistler has in store to see that justice is served.