Previously, Lenny sent out a distress call over the radio, but before Jet could respond the calls stopped, and Lenny was exploring the city alone. Today, Jet finds life support gear that Lenny has tossed aside. He is found out cold, but alive.

As Doc and Jet take care of the unconscious Lenny, they notice that Mitch is now gone. Doc and Jet discuss the possibility of more than just plant life that could exist on Mars. Certainly not, can it? If life ever existed, can it still survive?

Lenny comes around and relates the wierd experience he just had. About the voice that beckonedhim to keep coming towards it. Jet is beginning to figure things out, but it’ll require more exploring around though.

Meanwhile, Mitch seems to be having a similar adventure as Lenny had. Only he thinks he’s on the Australian outback, and being taken to the wrong city. What’s the deal with all the crazy voices, and illusions? It’s all Martian activity of course, but to what end? We won’t find out today, so stay tuned.