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Science Fiction

Dimension X – A Logic Named Joe. ep13, 500701

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 29:23 — 26.9MB) Joe is a 1974 model logic, and this is the story of how Frank Caldwell saved civilization as we know it. Frank is a salesman who deals in logics. It’s a machine like an old fashioned TV. Just ask it a question, press a […]

Space Patrol – Shipment To Tiranna. ep100, 540828 (retro473)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 31:50 — 14.6MB) Cruising through space, Commander Correy and his sidekick, Cadet Happy, are on the case to locate missing industrial documents. In headquarters of Space Patrol, Correy gathers the details of the missing papers, and electronic parts, then is on his way. But is this a […]

X Minus One – Lifeboat Mutiny 560911

Episode 067. Two men planning an expedition across the sea of an alien planet buy a lifeboat from a junk dealer, unaware that said boat is a relic of an ancient alien war. The boat’s computer is programmed to protect its occupants at all costs, which is fine if you happen to be a Drome instead of a human being.

X Minus One – mans best friend 570424

Episode 098. In the 28th century, a reclusive man is chosen by a central computer to assassinate the Overlord and take his place. All of society is egging him on, including the Overlord himself, but the computer has ulterior motives.

X Minus One – honeymoon in hell 571226

Episode 081. Under the dual threat of a nuclear war and a serious drop in male birth, civilization seems doomed. Until a supercomputer concocts a plan to send a man for our side and a woman from theirs on a mission to the Moon to hopefully conceive a son.

X Minus One – The Embassy. ep11, 550728.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 23:39 — 10.8MB) In all the universe, there could be other worlds and civilazations. One day we may contact them, but what if they contact us first? On the streets of New York, a strange man inquires about the Martian embassy. What is he, some kind of […]