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X Minus One – field study 570220

Posted by tom on July 29, 2014

Episode 087. An unorthodox healer selling placebos seems to be achieving a phenomenal number of cures.

Note: This episode is provided by a contributor. If you find any trouble in the download, or playback of the show, let me know so I can do all I can to fix the trouble.

X Minus One – Discovery of Morneal Matheway 570417

Posted by tom on

Episode 097. A worthless artist receives a visitor from the future who tells him his art will come to be known as the work of a genius.

PS: This episode is from a contributor feed. If you find any trouble with the playback, or download of the file, let me know so I can do all I can to fix the trouble.

X Minus One – The Embassy. ep11, 550728.

Posted by Keith on July 28, 2014

In all the universe, there could be other worlds and civilazations. One day we may contact them, but what if they contact us first?

On the streets of New York, a strange man inquires about the Martian embassy. What is he, some kind of nut case? Is he just being practical in gathering intelligence on a potential enemy?A couple of detectives are hired to locate the embassy, and think it’s going to be a free ride.

They only casually serch, but when one of the detectives turns up dead, could it be a warning sign? Was his deth just a freak accident, or is there something more sinister going on? How could there be anything evil when it deals with a little old lady and her son who still lives at home?

Whether detective Broderick expected to ever find that Martian Embassy or not, I think he just did. They live among us, and the invasion is planned. With the secret out, it’s curtains for our detective. Will he be rescued from the evil clutches of the Martians? Will it even matter once Broderick discovers who his oddball client really is?

2000 Plus – The Men from Mars. ep3, 500329

Posted by Keith on July 13, 2014

Schoolboys in a futuristic year talk about the possibilities of a mission to Mars, and such historical events as the first space ship to the moon in 1980, the Christopher Columbus. Hey, you all remember that… right? They pitch in their money to buy an old crate, an old 1989 space rocket, and try to build their own spaceship for the journey to Mars.

The boys don’t have a license to fly, and things could fall apart if the space patrol should catch them. Fortunately one of the boys has a dad who works as a cop, and a few tidbits of intelligence is gleaned to give them a break at their flight. There’s just one matter they didn’t count on, getting caught in a tractor beam and being taken captive on a Martian ship.

Have the boys bitten off more than they could chew? Will they face certain disintegration at the hands of the Martians? The small fries are tossed back into the poool, but now they know something important. Will they be in trouble if they come clean about sneaking away? Will anybody believe their story of a pending Martian invasion? Desperate to be believed, and to save the world, they blast off for space to face the aliens one more time. Will it work?

2000 Plus – The Robot Killer. 500830

Posted by Keith on July 10, 2014

A radio show sponsor is to give away as a contest prize, a mechanical man, a robot. XR23 is 6 feet tall, made of metal, yet with human like features. The robot responds to voice requests, even in doing the most petty of tasks. The radio DJ tries to show how gentle the robot can be the robot still needs some tweaks in that department.

Happy Sam, the happy man goes into his on air spiel. Hey, how about those Krylon suits. I wonder if that’s where Krylon paint got its name? Michael the Mechanical Man takes center stage. Don’t you just love the way that computator made the selection for the winner? Two way TV sets? I wonder if that is supposed to be the Internet?

The story shifts to the couple who won. The wife has some mental insability, and too much excitement might upset the apple cart of her mind. As she gets braced to recieve the prizes her husband goes to get Michael the Mechanical Man. I think her neighbor lady friend is a tiny bit jealous of her winnings. John, the husband is skeptical that the robot will be little more than a child’s toy.

Though John is somewhat afraid of the strength and potential of the robot, XR23, Mary seems to take comfort in the robot. She gives him commands and teaches the robot to love. But can a robot truly love? Or is it just responding to commands?

If a robot can love, it might just as easily learn to hate and kill. That lady neighbor better watch out. The worried husband tries to intervene, but should he be worrying? The experts say there’s nothing to worry about. What could happen? Robots can’t kill. They’re just not programmed to do that… right?

Note: To hear this episode, with some comments by Keith, check out 2000 Plus 500830 The Robot Killer. (retro281)

PS: This episode is Retrobot approved.

2000 Plus – Flying Saucers. 1950

Posted by Keith on July 7, 2014

A secret, experimental installation has been bothered by several sightings of flying saucers. As a letter is dictated to national headQuarters, we learn the sensitive details. Will the test project being conducted cause the flying saucers to return? How dangerous might it be? Dr Bronson sends his devoted secretary Eilene away to safety.

Those pesky UFO’s, they keep coming back to interfere with the plans of us human beings. Don’t they know that we’re self important, and must not be stopped in conducting our high tech experiments? Has a lucky break sprung up when a UFO is captured? What secrets might be learned from the alien ship?

Bronson and Eilene soon find themselves captive, and viewing the earth from outer space. An explanation is demanded. This whole abduction thing is not part of the plan. Where are you taking us? The psychologist alien tries to get the mechanical engineer to see things from the alien perspective. Will there be an enlightening and meeting of the minds? Have the aliens under estimated the power of human emotion?

Future Tense – The Seventh Victim. 740506

Posted by Keith on June 28, 2014

A series from after the era of radio’s golden days. This is a re-production of a script from X Minus One. From the included radio announcements, its a local production from a station in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

In future times, war has been abolished, but a system of government controlled killing has been put in its place. As the story develops, we learn that anybody can enroll in the hunter program. Registered hunters are assined victims that they are free to kill. They have a 6 month window of time, and have rigid rules about weapons to use, not shooting or injuring non victims, and so forth. After successfully reaching their 10th victim, they can retire on a pension.

Victims are also registered, and can hire spotters to help them. They also have rules to follow in evading their certain demise.

In the game of cat and mouse, our hunter discovers he is to kill a woman. What? Woman trying to horn in on a man’s game? Why don’t they just stay home where they belong? Somehow it just isn’t challenging, and the hitman takes a chance and makes personal contact with his prey. Would it be wrong to let this one go? Would it be wrong to show some mercy to the emotionally distraught woman? What would be so wrong in running away together, and getting married? Let’s just say the hunter finds out the hard way about his womanizing and patronizing ways.

X Minus One – hostess 561212

Posted by tom on June 25, 2014

Episode 079. A housewife offers lodging to an alien psychologist who finds humans both strange and fascinating, and wishes to observe life in an average home. Her husband, however, seems to be convinced the alien has a more sinister purpose in mind.

Note: This show is from a contributor. If you find trouble with the download, or playing the episode, please contact me, and I’ll work on fixing it right away.

Dimension X – The Green Hills Of Earth. 500610

Posted by Keith on June 21, 2014

A space travelling trubadore makes his living going to space bars, singing for his living. He falls in with a space crew, but the happy go lucky singer has trouble with the regimented ways on board the ship.

More concerned with strumming his guitar and writing songs, , Reesling becomes the victim of an accident, and is left blinded. The ship’s captain puts him off the ship after he is healed at a distant planet. Subsequent trips through the area finds Reesling still strumming, and still making a meager living. His goal is to one day return to the green hills of Earth.

He may have lost his eye sight, but the songs Reesling sings these days are full of colorful, picturesque imagery. Will he ever return to Earth? Reesling manages to do some space hopping, entertaining ship crews, or in ports until time turns him into an old man. After over 20 years he may finally get his wish, as long as the aging singer doesn’t run up against rigid codes of discipline on the space ships. That, and more space accidents.

Space Patrol – Watchman Of Wormic. 541106

Posted by Keith on June 19, 2014

Commander Buz Correy had recently discovered a distant colony of aliens, and is returning with aid, and one of the natives, Mono. The space-o-phones ought to help settle an uprising, but our heros hesitate in accompanying their friend, since their appeaance might cause too much of a stir.

Elsewhere, we find that Mono’s girlfriend is being put on the spot for his political attitudes, and escape from the grip of the reigning robots. Will Mono be facing danger when he returns? Meanwhile, Captain Correy and Cadet Happy explore a ruined city. Suddenly they find themselves on the run from robots that try to block them from returning to their space ship. Will they only be running from one trap to another?

Mono needs the help of his friends, but Cadet Happy and Captain Correy need help of their own. How will they ever escape from their own plights? Will Buzz and Correy be able to reunite with Mono, and help his girlfriend?

Our heros manage to use the resources of their captors to their favor, and soon Mono has all he needs to arm himself against the robots, and fight his own battles.