In a far flung year well beyond the year 2000, troops have been battling it out on Mars. The war has been declared over, and the troops are now returning. A young mom and her boy are eager as they await their returning vet. The family just want their soldier back, but struggles on the home front await once dad tries to leave his torturous behind him. To Billy, war is a glorious game, to mom it meant 5 years of loneliness,, and to dad, unspeakable horrors. Is there hope to return to normal?

The family of strangers need time in being accepted, and understanding each other. Each needs to learn lessons in understanding, opening up to each other, and showing restraint in reactions. Each has their own flavor of emotional needs.

The show tries its best to dramatized portrayals of battlefields on Mars, and family situations. Just as its hard to paint that picture accurately on a radio drama, it’s hard for any returning vet to tell what they went through. Michael’s harshness seems to have driven a wedge between his son, and Mary. How will the upward battle at recovery turn out? Give it plenty of patience, and letting each family member carry their share of the load.