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Tales of the Texas Rangers – Play for Keeps. ep9, 500902

Posted by Keith on September 1, 2014

Walton is a known racketeer, and the sheriff is sure he’s up to no good. The trouble is that there isn’t any evidence the the lawman can haul him in on. A scuffle breaks out, the sheriff is shot, and the deputy shows his colors when he works to help cover up the murder, and look the other way.

The Texas Rangers look into the unsolved crime. Ignoring the ambiguous reports of the deputy, Jase Pierson starts from square one, and investigates the crime scene. He astutely reads the forensic evidence, and such things as tragectories of the bullets that killed the sheriff. It’s easy to piece together how the scuffle led to the killing, and that the body was moved from the scene.

Questioning the widow, Walton is mentioned as having a motive. Jase smells a rat, and does some discrete snooping without the deputy tagging along at every turn. Results from lab work is all it takes for the ranger to make his move.

Has Walton pulled his last crime? There’s a confrontation, and the finks rat each other out. Gunshots, and a chase on horseback are part of the trap to bring down the bad guys.

Dragnet – The Big Office. 540831

Posted by Keith on August 31, 2014

Another true case, straight from official police files. Only the names have been change to protect the innocent. Joe Friday is on detail to work in the police office, handling what ever emergencies that come through the door. Besides Friday’s amazing customer service skills, he gets to deal with administration procedures, routing crime details to available officers and departments. Thefts, murder, missing persons, and the like.

All the life blood of the police department runs through Room 21, and at least for tonight, Joe Friday. A break in the daily drudgery of policework comes when there’s a reportedf murder. Friday interviews witnesses, and filters through the stack of clues and lies. The parade of characters, from serious to comical, keep the cops jumping.

Tales of the Texas Rangers – The Open Range. ep8, 500826

Posted by Keith on August 28, 2014

Stories based on fact, only the names, dates and places have been changed. On the range, a rancher and his son find signs that rustlers could be at work. How old fashioned. They don’t do that any more… do they? A confrontation. Gunshots. and the rancher falls dead. The sheriff immediately calls on the skills of the Texas Rangers.

Clues are found at the crime scene. Though unregistered, the alert goes out to watch for the Butler brand. The search takes a few days, and suspicious cow hands are spotted. What will questioning them find? A paper trail where a check was written for the stolen cattle, but it leads to a forger.

Evidence is thin, and circumstantial, but Jase goes out on that thin ice. Rival rancher, Vic Mauran is the target of the rangers, based on a left handed clue. The hunch pays off, and the clues snowball.

Taking to horseback, and doing some old fashioned tracking, the rangers close in. It turns into a car chase on the road, complete with the blast of machine gun fire.

21st Precinct – The Bookkeeper. 530825.

Posted by Keith on August 25, 2014

A police drama program, similar to Dragnet, but providing a behind the scenes look at the lives of uniformed police officers. Today a patrol car makes it’s rounds on a rainy day. Captain Canelli provides the voiceover as he and Sgt Burns handle calls. A gunman has fled the lobby after leaving an elevator. The story from the witnesses fill in details about the payroll robbery. The cops discuss the clues they’ve uncovered thus far. Somebody seems to be telling lies about the incident.

As a diversion, Captain Canelli also presents life in the occupation of a uniformed police officer, and in reviewing a police officer on his service. The robbery has been turned over to the detectives, who continue questioning the bookkeepr as the police carry out their role call and shift change. The robber is still on the loose, and the cops are alerted to be on the look out for him. With the pressure on, you can bet it won’t be long before someone cracks and the whole scheme behind the crime comes out.

It’s a short lived victory as the next phone call brings in the never ending stream of crime.

Dragnet – The Big Blonde. 550823.

Posted by Keith on August 23, 2014

The story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Joe Friday works the Bunko Detail. A con man has taken a married business man for a large sum, and he wants to keep publicity down. It involves a blonde woman who lured him into the scam. The story of how the scam went down is shared, and the cops get busy when a mugshot photo is identified.

Auction houses are checked out, and a trap is planned. Listen in and see Joe Friday in action as he pulls off the sting, and turns the tables as the lovely spider finds that her fly isn’t what he seems.

PS: For someone like the confirmed bachelor that Joe Friday is, it’s interesting to see him putting the moves on, and warming up to the opposite sex. Even if it is just to catch a crook.

Dragnet – The Big Beer. 550816.

Posted by Keith on August 16, 2014

Assigned to Homacide detail, a nightwatchman has been killed, and it’s up to Joe Friday to bring down the criminal. On the scene, Joe is joined by partner, Frank Smith to see what clues might be gathered. Did the man have any enemies? Trouble with a coworker?

Moving on to the man’s apartment, more information is discovered about the quiet man. Has there been a falling out among friends? Joe gets the crime lab involved to examine evidence found at the scene. How does an apparent excess in alcohol and women play into the picture?

There’s plenty of clues for Joe to track down, and he does his best to find answers to all those questions. One common thread to the mystery is a woman with bright red hair. Friday interrogates the woman to see how things are connected. The story comes out, and the hard evidence Joe needs is soon forthcoming.

Tales of the Texas Rangers – Fool’s Gold. ep7, 500819

Posted by Keith on August 13, 2014

Featuring Joel McCray, and real stories from the files of the Texas Rangers. . The scene is West Texas, and a couple of ex-cons who return to their ways of bank robbing. The crime takes a down turn and leads to a shoot out. Ranger Jase Pierson lends a hand to the highway patrol, and the manhunt that ensues.

Clues are found in the aftermath of the gunplay, as the cops also do their best with the grieving family members of the fallen. Using fingerprints, forensic evidence, and modern technologies identities are made to help locate the bad guys without the traditional chase with a posse. Have the Rangers found their man? All the clues point to Trummel, almost.

Each piece of evidence is picked apart, and Trummel is set free. Still, the gas station attendant manages to offer enough new clues to uncover a new trail to investigate.

Hot on the trail, Jase falls back on the old ways, and rides fast on his horse after the bank robber. Suspenseful voiceover tells the tale as the Ranger creeps up on the desperado, and saves the state the bother of putting the electric chair to use. Will it cost the Ranger a serious wound of his own before it’s done?

Tales of the Texas Rangers – The Broken Spur. ep6, 500812

Posted by Keith on August 2, 2014

After a scuffle in a bunkhouse that results in gunshots, and a fire, The Texas Rangers investigate the crime scene. There isn’t much left to look at in the burned up ruins. Was the killer also trapped inside? A broken spur rowel isn’t much of a clue, but it’ll have to do for a start.

Riding the range, the hope is that hoof prints will lead from the fire scene to the killer. Is this enough evidence to arrest Jack Casey on? The cantankerous coot won’t go along easy, but suppose that Casey can prove he was somewhere else at the time of the murder?

The clue of the broken spur fits Casey’s boots. How can he explain the evidence? Can witnesses verify the man was miles away, watching a high school play as he claims? Yes, and a new suspect is uncovered who had the time and opportunity to do the deed.

Listen in and get all the clues for yourself. Don’t miss the action packed twist ending as the long arm of the law nabs another criminal.

Blair of the Mounties – The Return Of Inspector Blair. ep26, 380725.

Posted by Keith on July 25, 2014

Marshall Blair has just been promoted to Inspector, so let’s join him in his office as he tells about his first case. A murder on a train has him puzzled. It is made to look like a suicide, but the family is pressing to investigate closer. It would be a classic mystery novel crime with the murder taking place in a sealed room, with no way in or out, and alibis all around for the players. The audio gets a little broken up mid way through.

Blair scrutinizes the physical clues and evidence, and the forensics man thinks Blair is a little too old fashioned to appreciate today’s modern 1938 technology. Blair uses his old fashioned ways to fill in a gap or two that the scientific methods can’t explain. Piecing together the new evidence, that was previously overlooked, Blair figures out a motive, and a timeframe that implicates a suspect.

PS: I don’t think it’s so much a battle of old fashoned ways, and the weakness of the forensics. Whoever did the original investigation of the crime scene clearly didn’t gather all the clues, or evidence to be analyzed. It boils down to a matter of having an experienced crime scene investigator, which Blair certainly is.

Retro OTRDiary 12 Dragnet – Homicide ep4, 490624

Posted by Keith on July 21, 2014

Joe Friday is bombarded by matchmaking co-workers, Fred Lindsay and Ben Romero. His voiceover transitions to business. On the homacide scene the victim is Lindsay from auto theft division. The barkeeper tells all he knows in a flashback drama. A bartender does the same, a flashback from his perspective. We learn how the cop at the bar makes his move to make a stand. Voiceover interspersed with action tells the story.

The always dramatic, Chief Backstrand wants the 2 bit punks to not see another sunrise. Meanwhile, Joe has to tell Lindsay’s wife the bad news. Back at homacide, Ed Backstrand has the plan all mapped out, and revieews details in the war room. The chief has his Heavily armed men, going in after these punks, and with not much time until sunset.

Loaded for bear, Joe gives details of the paramilitary operation. Cops are all chomping at the bit to get the cop killers. With the chief leading the way, they evacuate the building. The signal is given that it’s all clear in the building, and even the whole block. It’s Backstrands show from here on.

Action explodes in one of the most dramatic shootouts in Dragnet history. Tommy guns, tear gas, and crooks who fight to the last man before being taken alive.. Did their standoff manage to see another sunrise, as Backstrand wanted? Listen in to get the final word from Joe Friday and Ben Romero.