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Little Orphan Annie – Watching The Bridge Being Built. ep1020 1936 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:49 — 13.6MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSLeaping lizards! Annie finds a baby as she and Joe go to check out the new bridge project. Annie is ready to give the errant mother a piece of her mind! Until they meet Mrs Rinelli, and discover they know […]

Little Orphan Annie – Mr Flint Tries To Sell Stock To Jake. ep1019, 1936 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:46 — 13.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSEverybody seems to like Mr Flint, the big banker and promoter in town. Annie has her doubts about the slick talking man though. Why is she so suspicious? Two friends, Potato Face and Squinty, fill Joe and Annie in on […]

Little Orphan Annie – M r Flint Is Selling Stock In Toll Bridge. ep1018, 1936 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:43 — 13.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAttention, a secret coded message for members of Annie’s club will be given right after the show. Ford now, Annie and Joe are on the farm, and talk about the barn yard animals. The smell of Ma Silo’s cookies call […]

Little Orphan Annie – Goes To Work. ep919, 351023 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:17 — 13.1MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAfter the announcer reminds the kiddies of 1935 dow to get their special birthstone ring, just like Annie’s, we revisit Mr Kasslin and Jake. Annie and Joe are called upon to run the store while Jake goes away to see […]

Little Orphan Annie – Jake Is Sick. ep918, 351021 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:52 — 13.6MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThe announcer reminds the kiddies how to get their very own birthstone ring, just like Annie got for her birthday last week. Just send in the required labels from the sponsor… oh yeah, and hop into your time machine to […]

Little Orphan Annie – Annie’s Big Surprise Birthday Party. ep917, 351018 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:48 — 13.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAs Joe Corntassle keeps Annie busy, all her friends meet in the home of Ma and Pa Flowers for a surprise birthday party. Leaping lizards, Annie’s disappointment over not seeing a beaver is replaced with surprisewhen her friends fill the […]

Little Orphan Annie – The Tin Box, About Twins Peter And Paul. 1934 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:13 — 3.3MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAnnie anxiously waits for twins Peter and Paul to arrive at the home of Mr and Mrs Flowers. Ma has chores to be done, but allows Annie to go and play. Pa Flowers isn’t so lucky, but is rescued from […]

The Hall of Fame – The Christmas Stocking – Walt Disney and Friends. 341223 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 29:51 — 13.7MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSWalt Disney and most of his cartoon friends are on hand to sing and have some Christmas fun. Playlist: The Three Pigs sings,Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. The Grasshopper sings, The World Owes Me a Living. The Silly […]