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Let’s Pretend – Mellilot. 470823.

Posted by Keith on August 23, 2014

The Pretenders take us to storyland by a fast ride in a convertible sports car.

Three brothers find themselves in trouble with an evil witch. They contemplate the horrible fate that awaits them if they can’t answer her questions. They are all turned into a wierd combination of half frog, half man. Mellilot is a girl who comes to their door, but after her initial shock as the disfigured, man-sized frogs, she sees them as kind neighbors. Will she help break the enchantment?

The brothers have figured out how to break their spell, but they need help. They can’t tell the girl about the spell, or what they are up to, Mellilot has to act on blind faith and agree to the things they ask of her of her own free will.

Special things begin to happen as the frog brothers and Mellilot mutually help each other out. Fairies put their special touch on the work that Mellilot does as she helps her new friends. Even more, a special ending awaits as love has a way of not only restoring the brothers, but concquering the evil witch.

Let’s Pretend – Why The Sea Is Salty. 420822.

Posted by Keith on August 22, 2014

First up, the Pretenders answer a few fan letters, and respond to some criticism, before getting started with today’s requested story.

To travel to storyland today is on a flock of elephants. A young man would go to the depths of the ocean to prove his love, and convince his girlfriend’s father to let him marry her. Particularly, he sets out to go to Davy Jones Locker, and return.

He returns with treasures that he trades, and with advice from a strange old man he ends up with a magical handmill. Will it be the thing to convince dear old dad?

Jack decides to have some fun with his brother, who thinks he’s getting a bargain. Over time, Jack grows famous and wealthy, then one day he’s. visited by a sea captain who makes his living with cargoes of salt. Jack shows him the secrets of the mill, and sells it to him.

So what does a magic handmill have to do with a salty sea? Listen in for the details, but the captain doesn’t have the same mastery over it as Jack did, and things go wrong.

Archie Andrews – Taking A Bath. 470809.

Posted by Keith on August 9, 2014

Archie gets ready for a big date. Jughead stops by early in anticipation of the dance. Even mom and dad plan a night out. First a body needs to get cleaned up and dressed. Dad gets bath water ran, but when the phone rings, he has to answer it. By the time dad takes down Betty’s quick message, Archie has taken control of the bathroom. Hey, it shouldn’t take too long, should it?

Jughead is helping wash Archie’s back. When Veronica phones for Archie, is this dad’s big chance to lure Archie out of the tub? All it does is make dad’s wait longer, and Archie has to run more hot water. Poor old dad, his problems are compounded when the hot water is out, and suddenly there’s a knocking sound in the pipes. Now his bath will have to wait until after he can fix the plumbing. Hmm… this sounds very familiar. Dad is in the basement, turning knobs on pipes. I’m no expert, but knocking water pipes are typically caused because of a vent problem. It’s actually a job that should take him to the roof.

While mom helps out with the commercial, dad is stranded in the basement. Dad is set free, but now Archie is locked in the bathroom. What else can possibly go wrong? After a few moments of chaos, dad finally regains control. As dad relaxes in his tub, he discovers one last tragedy. No soap.

In the end, dad has given up on his bath Later, when Archie comes home he’s a little upset over his door prize at the big dance. All he won was a crummy bottle of bubble bath.

Archie Andrews – Drugstore Mixup. 460727.

Posted by Keith on July 27, 2014

Relax! Right out of the pages of the comic books, it’s Archie and all his gang!

It’s Friday and Archie needs to buy Veronica a gift for her big debut party. Dad forks over the cash so Archie gets right on the phone to order the bottle of bubble bath that he had his eye on. Archie is a little depressed and anxious over the party, but mom thinks it’s because her baby is feeling sick. She orders him to take some of that nasty tasting medicine, but the bottle is empty. Of course, mom orders more from the drugstore.

Meanwhile, Veronica’s mom phones to tell Mary Andrews about the party for the grown ups. Dad gets ready for the party, but he’s out of hair tonic, and orders a bottle from the drugstore. I feel a big mix up coming on.

Wouldn’t it be bad if all three of those store brand bottles are labeled the same way, and looked the same? The bottles arrive one by one. Mom makes Archie take a dose of medicine, and finds it isn’t as bad as he remembers. Archie takes the next delivery and thinks it’s his gift for the party. Veronica stops in and he gives her the aledged bubble bath early. She leaves, and Betty pops in, and gets jealous over lipstick left on Archie’s face. But wait, it is soon to get wors. While Betty visits, she tells how she ordered a bottle of glue, and it will be delivered at Archies house. Who knows why, but she did, and you can bet it’ll put the final kink in the mix ups. .

Later at the party, Archie and the family arrive. Veronica has bathed in her bubble bath, and now smells bad. Archie begins to hiccup soap bubbles, and dad’s hair tonic has somehow gotten mixed up with glue, and his hat is stuck on his head. As everyone deals with their own personal disasters, the mystery is yet unsolved.

How will they untangle their messes? Jughead helps Archie pick up more medicine from the drugstore. Mom helps to dissolve the glue on dad’s head, and the hat pops off. Archie, dad, and mom all tell what they ordered. They are a little slow in putting the pieces together, but the mystery is in the open. Everyone has learned their lessons, right? It just wouldn’t be fun unless there was at least one more mix up.

Gasoline Alley – The Adventure Of The Rat Race With Rice. 481022

Posted by Keith on June 15, 2014

The guys from the garage try their hand at cooking some good ol’ American food for an important client who is of Chinese descent.

Actually it’s Wilmer who wants to cook, since all their wives are playing bridge, and aren’t available to cook. How difficult can it be? You can guess how that’s going to turn out. Messes in the kitchen, burned food, and general mishaps in the kitchen.

But wait, there’s more. In trying to make their Asian guest feel comfortable, Wilmer is determined to speak to him in pigeon English. Fortunately, the good natured, and Ivy league educated man is willing to play along. How will the cooking disaster play out? Has their guest been impressed? Will the guys get a good meal in them? Things have a way of working out for the best.

Gasoline Alley – The Adventure Of The Hypnotized Hero. ep14, 481015.

Posted by Keith on June 12, 2014

Lately, a rash of auto thefts has plagued the town, attriburted to Hotcar Harry. We find Wilmer and Skeezix talking about trying a new skill, hypnotism. Will their helper, Rufus, fall under the mind control of Wilmer? Knowing about the plan, Rufus plays along, and pretends to be hypnotized.

A customer with a flat tire breaks up the fun, but who is the stranger driving the mayors car? Hotcar harry is identified, and holds our friends at gun point. Will he be forced to hide out in the garage? Will the notorious car thief make a get away?

What else can they do? The guys get busy fixing the flat tire. Feeling brave, Wilmer decides to practice his hypnotic powers on the desperate riminal. Will the mind control work? Or will the car thief be forced to shoot a crazy guy? Let’s just say that people fall asleep in a trance, and the criminal is subdued, but hypnosis has little to do with the outcome.

Buster Brown Gang – Billy Stanley.441014.

Posted by Keith on October 14, 2013

Join Smiling Ed for more fun than a barrel of monkeys, it’s Buster Brown and his gang. The crazy characters, mousie and froggie pitch in for some joking around. Ed and the gang sing, You Gotta Get Up This Morning. After more jokes, the story about Billy Stanley is dramatized.

Billy is the son of an Army officer in the middle of the Indeian Territories of the old West. It’s a story that just about tells itself involving a crooked Indian Agent, indians on the warpath, Pony Express riders, and resolving an injustice. Billy saves the day for the indians, and the indians save the day for Billy. A rousing, good story full of action.

The show wraps up with a dip into the mailbag, birthday greetings, a song about Noah and the Ark. Finally an encouragement to go to Sunday School tomorrow.

Let’s Pretend – Cinderella. 470927.

Posted by Keith on September 27, 2013

It’s radio’s outstanding children’s theater of the air, and it’s about to present one of the best loved stories of all times. Before we can start, we have to get to storyland. Run along with a pack of blood hounds to storyland and let the fairy tale begin.

This is a classic tale that needs no introduction, or show notes. But I’m going to do it anyway. Cinderella lives with her stepmother, They get ready for the ball, but make Cinderella do their dirty work in helping them get ready, and forbid her from going. How will poor little Cinderella get her chance to attend? with a little magical help, she becomes the most beautiful belle of the ball. The clock strikes 12 and she flees when her magical clothes return to her daily rags.

Cinderella’s fairy godmother has done her job well though, and the prince has become enchanted with her and seeks her out. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the prince uses the glass slipper and finds his bride, the ugly step sister…. just kidding! He and cinderella are married, and live happily everafter.

I know that you already knew that, but listen in to see how the Pretenders present this story, and grab your favorite little ones to share it with.

Let’s Pretend – The Twelve Months. 470906.

Posted by Keith on September 6, 2013

To take us to storyland today, let’s take an exciting ride on a roller coaster.

Marooshka is a lazy girl who hasn’t done her chores. Her laziness is an embarrassment to her mother and family, and they hide her away when the prince comes around to scout out a potential bride. Despite being sent out to a snow covered mountainside to gather violets, Marooshka finds some brothers who use magical powers to help her.

Mom wants to keep the girl from meeting the prince, and keeps sending her out on impossible chores. The twelve brothers represent the twelve months of the year, and they use their powers to meet each challenge. Will Marooshka get the things she wants? The brothers advise her to let time do the telling, and take care of her problems. for her.

Lets Pretend – The Youth Who Learned To Shiver And Shake. 470816.

Posted by Keith on August 16, 2013

Take a train ride to storyland to learn about the brave boy who had to learn to shiver and shake.

A fearless boy was never afraid at spooky stories, although his bigger brothers were. No matter what the prank, or the story, the boy was never afraid. He even tried to be afraid, but just couldn’t do it.

A challenge is put to him to visit a haunted castle, and he will win the hand of the king’s daughter. Though he finds success with his bravery, he fails at his attempt to know what fear is like. Now that he’s married though, his smart little bride has a trick up her sleeve to make her new husband shiver and shake.