A pair of kids dream of having the hands of their uncle healed. Grown ups aren’t so prone to such wishful dreaming, but the kids insist on taking their uncle to see the Master. Is it too much to hope for? Even the uncle has his pride and doubts, and has accepted the life he has with the withered hand. Why bother with vain hopes?

The doting uncle isn’t bitter in the least as he brings gifts to the kids. Or at least until the matter of his disfigurement comes up. It’s not the kids, as much as his general feelings over his loss. Are the adults being realistic? They don’t know yet what the kids have learned about the Master.

When the kids good wishes are shut down by the adults in the family, they go to the Master where more adults try to keep them at a distance. Of course, he calls the children to him. Will he also grant healing at their request?