Johnny responds to the scene of a fire. At police headquarters, the cops allow Johnny to interview the young man who refuses to tell his name, or why he started the blaze. Mr Picket is Johnny’s next target, a man in deep vinancial wwoes. A psychiatrist is called upon to determine whether the young man is actually mentally unstable. Digging through the rubble of the building, Johnny gets an added surprise.

Nursing his tthump on the head, Johnny puts the squeeze on. Was there a mixup in the real motive of the arsonist? Mrs Landry is a surprise witness who might hold a key to uncover blackmail. Johnny now has a name to go on, and a trap designed to lure the con man out of hiding.

How will Johnny connect his man to the crime? Neither the victim, or the blackmailer prove to be very cooperative. Johnny learns the dirty secret that young Brandon, and his dad are trying to hide. Will the blackmailer go down as easily as the victim’s confession? Johnny tells all in the epilog.

Features: Patrick O’Brian, Raymond Burr, hy Evervack