Doctor Sshmedlick has been insured for malpractice, but now the insurance company believes they should have left him alone. Johnny Dollar is given the task to see if he is just a worthless quack, and if he is trying to defraud the company.

Johnny starts his investigation by getting to know the secretary when he takes her out on a date. Not getting too far, Johnny learns first hand what kind of medical practice the bogus doctor runs, but it might be too late. No thups on the head here, the good doctor knows enough about medicine to knock Johnny uut by other means.

When he wakes up, Johnny finds that he has become the newest resident in a mental sanitarium. He might be able to prove his case to the insurance company, if he can only escape first. Of course Johnny does make his get away, but the danger isn’t nearly over yet.

Things get serious when murder is made part of the mix. The situation of danger is where Johnny is at the top of his game. He confronts the doc, and puts him in his place.