Audio is good, although it goes from a bit staticky at the beginning, to fading to worse by the end.

Responding to inspector Lastraud, Sherlock Holmes and Watson are on the case. His powers of deduction round out details as he speaks with the lady of the house. A card board box holds the things of the dead master of the house. A piece of string, brown paper, and even the box itself holds some interest to Holmes. Earrings indicate an important clue about who sent the package.

From the items with the box, Holmes is confident he knows the name of who sent it. Now in Liverpool, our sleuths seek more information.

Where’s Mr Browner? What happened on Tuesday? The maid reports on the whereabouts and happenings in the house. Something bad happened. You can tell because of the ominous and dark transition musical transition. OK, the clues help too.
Watson wants to chase after the dangerous criminal. We can’t have him out and about. Holmes on the other hand, has other ideas, and a better solution. Stay tuned as Watson fills us all in during the epilog.