Escaping the heat of summer, Marlow slips into the air conditioned office of a visiting Philadelphia lawyer. The attorney is looking for a man named Douglas to award him with an inheritance. Can Marlowe find his man?

With little more than a description of Douglas to go on, Marlowe hits the seedy side of town. Show girls, burlesque theater managers, bums on the street, all unwilling to cooperate with Philip. Who knew it could be so difficult to give someone money. Why don’t they want it, and why be so evasive?

A thump on the head is the price to soften the way for Marlowe, but there’s more resistance to overcome. Connections are made, and truth exposed. Will Marlowe learn the secret behind the search? . Will it matter to him, since his job was only to locate Douglas? There’s murderous intent with the whole ordeal, but Marlowe could have trouble stopping it.