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Richard Diamond – The Eddie Garrett Case. ep19, 490827

Posted by Keith on August 27, 2014

A picture of Summertime fun on the streets is recounted by Richard, kids playing with a fire hydrant to keep cool. Fun can be carried too far, and cross the lines of being harmful, as we find when a couple juvenile delinquents rough up a shop keeper for their gangster boss. Richard is asked to talk to a condemned man aned Garret. His request is to ask for help in putting his kid brother off the fasttrack of life in a jail cell. It’s just the admirable cause to have Richard Diamond doing the crook, and society a favor.

Eddie Garret is the leader of his gang of boys, the Panthers, and under the influence of a gangster, Mr Parrish, they look at moving from petty crime to bigger rackets. Can Richard offer the guidance that Eddie needs? Will he be able to prove that there’s tough guys on the good side of the law to be role models? Maybe his attempts will only win him a thump on the head? Young Eddie might be facing his big time crime sooner than he thinks if that shop keeper he beat up dies from his injuries.

Taking another track, Richard tries to get to Eddie through his girlfriend. It’s looking like an uphill battle to convince Eddie what kind of help is actually good help for his young life. What’s the tender spot in Eddie’s life that might be his breaking point? Is he too far gone, and too hardened to be swayed to do what’s right?

His gangster bodss, Mr Parrish kidnaps Eddies’ girlfriend in hopes to use her as levrage to bury Edddie deeper into his life of crime. Instead, Richard tries to use the situation as a wake up call to show Eddie how ruthless his mentors really are. Will it work? Will Eddie reform? Bullets fly and more than one person is on the ground with holes in them. Listen for Richard’s voiceover as he presents the outcome of Eddie’s future. He even gets the chance for a little romantic crooning.

Meet Miss Sherlock – Wilmer And The Widow. 460912

Posted by Keith on August 25, 2014

Jane Sherlock is a perky young woman, and on the way to meet up with her friend Peter. Though she comes across as a little flighty, getting side tracked with doing some shopping for Wilmer, she is charming enough to keep her men folk wrapped around her finger. .

Peter is a civil lawyer, and Wilmer’s widow is accused of murder. Huh? How cann Wilmer still be alive, and have a widow? It’s complicated, and of course the case is intriguing enough to intrest Peter. what can Wilmer tell Peter about his widow, Yvonne? Can Peter even do anything to help?

Miss Sherlock won’t take no for an answer, and drags Peter along the traill of the investigation. Though she seems to have no logic at all, Jane’s subjective look on the matter digs up the dirt on suspicious characters. Swindlers, racketeers, and tough guys might be hard to crack when taking the direct, hard boiled approach, but Jane takes a more subtle, sly, and softer route to the problem.

Can you match up the clues, lies, and loose ends to put this picture together? This is more than a logic puzzle. The danger increases when the body count rises, and thumps on the head are in stor. The big question may not be in who the killer is, but exactly how did Jane get mixed up with Wilmer? Listen in as she explains her convoluted thought process to the cops, and Peter.

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar – Out of the Fire Into the Frying Pan. ep16, 490821.

Posted by Keith on August 20, 2014

He’s suave, he’s sophisticated, he’s Johnny Dollare, and he’s going to the Iowa state fair to be a body guard for a prize pig. The first question that comes to mind is, “Why?”

The owner of the prize pig, Rollo, wants a little publicity, so he took out the $25000 policy, and the insurance company sent Johnny along to keep their investment safe. Johnny hangs out with the hicks, and meets Rollo. Such a cute and funny story, but wait. This is a detective story, where’s the action, mystery and violence? Don’t worry, Rollo turns up missing, and Johny springs into action. He dodges the local lawman, gets into fights, and rescues the prloined pig.

Who would want to swipe the prized swine? Stay tuned, Johnny has all the answers and he wraps up with his usual expense report items.

Philip Marlowe – The Dark Tunnel. 500815.

Posted by Keith on August 15, 2014

Philip Marlowe takes a case of a young man who has trouble with a serious car crash. All he has is a phone number to go on. Working with a reporter friend, Marlowe gets fuel for his investigation. The action heats up, guns come out, but Marlowe won’t let off the pressure.

Philip pokes around until a nerve is touched, secrets come out, but it gets Marlowe in a tight spot with a big thug. Can Philip get free and rescue the missing Julia? Even if he does, will she be free from the dark tunnel that fate has placed her in?

Box 13 – 113.5 490320

Posted by tom on August 10, 2014

Episode 31. Murder and a wealthy recluse with a clue on a book.

This episode is provided by a contributor. If you encounter any trouble listening to it, or downloading it, let me know. I’ll do all I can to fix it.

Sam Spade – Convertible Caper. 470615

Posted by Keith on

Audio is a bit staticky. Effie Perine gets the word of Sam’s latest brush with death when he barrels through the office door. As the loyal secretary takes notes for the report, Sam goes into voiceover to fill in the details. A dame, Mrs Estrada, tells how she has fled for her life from her husband.

Sam follows the trail of cars, and an auto body shop. Car theft, shady car salesman, and a chain of clues that lead to a murderer. now he’s in deep in a million dollar caper with high powered racketeers.

What’s so special about the convertible that Sam now has in his possession? It’s just the hottest car in San Francisco. Fighting his way to the top dog in the crime ring, Sam gets a surprise when he comes face to face with the boss. Will he find the key to get out of the iron fisted grasp of the gangsters?

Tidbits of the twisted story emerge, and Sam sees who his real nemesis is. Ride along on a murderous car ride on the twisting, turning highway as it runs beside the edges of the steep cliffds.

Sam Spade – Calcutta Trunk Caper. 470608

Posted by Keith on August 9, 2014

After hinting at being Shanghaied to his secretary, Effie, Sam Spade tells about his dangerous adventure at sea. In voiceover, we find it starts with a dame.

Marsha Hopkins shares a tale about Major Brodnick, who is known as a womanizer on par with Bluebeard. Bodies of women pile up at his feet including a friend of Marsha, Constance Pendleton. Should Sam doubt Marsha’s story? Is there an ulterior motive for Maarsha wanting a marriage stopped?

It takes confronting the Bulgarian ambassador to get yet another twist to the story. What does Brodnick have to say in defense of his marriages? Sam makes haste to warn Constance… and gets a thump on the head. What will Sam find when he crawls out of a steamer trumnk?

Stuck on the slow boat to India, Sam keeps poking his nose into trouble. Bodies in trunks that disappear. Lies that come to light. Damsels in distress. It’s a race to nab a killer, and bring him to justice. Will Sam save the day for Constance?

Featuring Howard Duff as Same Spade, Lurene Tuttle as Effie Perine.

Let George Do It – One Chance At The World. 490808.

Posted by Keith on August 8, 2014

A returning man, after several years away comes home to find his wife murdered. The police are handling the case, but the husband is holding a grudge against Mr Paulson, the employer of the dead woman. There’s also a rift between Evans, the husband, and with the cops. He’s a released convict and feels the cops are automatically against him.

Is the whole world really conspiring against him? It may feel that way, but he still has George Valentine in his corner. Plot twists, and dirty characters abound. Not to mention another body.

Was the accident that killed Mrs Evans really murder? Who killed Mr Paulson? Is the released convict, Mr Evans so desperte for revenge to have committed murder? The cops are doing what they can, but they have to operate within certain boundaries. Meanwhile, George and Brooksie fill the gap, they hit the streets and ask all the right questions. The pressure is on, the threat of a rising body count is in the air. Things are looking bleak for Evans, but can George talk him out of his hideing place, or prove him innocent somehow?

In epilog George shares all the details of the mystery with Brooksie.

Sam Spade – Sam & Psychiatrist Dr Denhoff. 460802

Posted by Keith on July 31, 2014

A psycho-anylist comes to Sam Spade’s office with a load of troubles about a blackmailer. Not particularly interested in the doctor’s trouble, it takes a nice price to sway him. Look out, once Sam takes the job, it doesn’t take long for the bodies to pile up.

At the scene of the murder, the cast of suspects begin to make their way before Sam. The weeping widow, a partner who only wants the patient records and take over the business. Is this a suicide, as the police claim?
The doctor was involved with an actress on the stage. What about her, or her manager? Meet the shady blackmailer, Nicholaitus. Is there a motive for him to kill his mark?

Get ready for some gun blasting moments as Sam Spade wisecracks his way through the loose endds. Have you got the mystery figured out? Who’s motive for murder was the real one? Who was the one person that could be at the right place at the right time?

S: I love Howard Duff as he portrays the hard boiled, wise cracking detective. Though I love the work of Lurene Tuttle as Effie Perine, or any role she’s in, I really hate the character in the show. OK, I hate the way the writers wrote the character, and changed her from a smart gal who knew what she wanted, and knew how to pave the way to get it.

In the books, Effie could be vulnerable, but she was strong and multi-faceted. In the radio show, she does little more than read a few lines at the beginning and end, and is such a dumb and clueless person.

Of course, the 30 minute format of each mystery makes it hard to cram her part into the mix. It’s also one big reason I’m less keen on mysteries. It can take much longer than 30 or even a 60 minute show to develop characters, and clues. More red herrings can enter the story, and make things less cut and dried. Or more character development can make it more clear why a person acts the way they do. In the short format, you get 2 dimensional people, with stereotypical personalities.

Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy a mystery. Especially when they’re well written and acted. Despite my criticism of Sam Spade, and Dashel Hammet was only involved in name only, the shows are action packed, with clear cut morals, and justice intact. Good guys win, bad guys lose.

Mr Keen – The Case Of Murder& The Strange Woman. 510720.

Posted by Keith on July 20, 2014

A special opening with a word from Bing Crosby, and his sponsor. Hey, I suppose the unhealthy affects of smoking those Chesterfields might be expected to be counteracted if you also used Mr Keen’s healthy products of Anacin. Too bad it doesn’t work that way.

Speaking of healthy, a young gal is the envy of all the other young girls in her neighborhood as she meets a heartthrob crooner and gets his autograph. Moments later, the starry eyed girl is talking on the phone when gunshots break in. Her crooner has been murdered. Amy, the young wife of the famous crooner arrives in Mr Keen’s office the next day, just as he is reading about the case. The weeping bride assures Mr Keen that she may seem to be the likely suspect over jealousy of all his teeny bopper fans, but she didn’t have anything to do with the killing. Who did it then? She fills in details to Mr Keen about who found the body, and other working relationships and situations that might boil over into murder.

It’s off to the Grande Theater to talk with show biz ttypes involved with Don Taylor, the dead singer. Mr Keen has reason to doubt that Amy was entirely truthful in her assurances of being free of jealousy. Who can be believed? Shouts and threats ar heard, and though the drama is broken up by Mr Keen and Mike Clancey, the list of suspects and motives keep growing.

Commercial time for Anacin, you know, to keep the balance of those cigarettes that were pitched at the start of the show. Or something. (cough, cough.)

Mildred Sellers is a deranged fan, but are there still more secrets to dig up? Questioning continues as Mr Keen tries to figure whether Amy was telling lies, or if Janice the young woman at the start of the story, and the one who found the body might be the guilty party. What about the studio producer, and father of Janice?

Dig up the dirt and learn all the plot twists as you listen in and get the facts firsthand. Mr Keen holds the key to the murder, and is about to expose the truth as he gathers the suspects together, and blows the lid off the case.