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Mr Keen – The Case Of Murder& The Strange Woman. 510720.

Posted by Keith on July 20, 2014

A special opening with a word from Bing Crosby, and his sponsor. Hey, I suppose the unhealthy affects of smoking those Chesterfields might be expected to be counteracted if you also used Mr Keen’s healthy products of Anacin. Too bad it doesn’t work that way.

Speaking of healthy, a young gal is the envy of all the other young girls in her neighborhood as she meets a heartthrob crooner and gets his autograph. Moments later, the starry eyed girl is talking on the phone when gunshots break in. Her crooner has been murdered. Amy, the young wife of the famous crooner arrives in Mr Keen’s office the next day, just as he is reading about the case. The weeping bride assures Mr Keen that she may seem to be the likely suspect over jealousy of all his teeny bopper fans, but she didn’t have anything to do with the killing. Who did it then? She fills in details to Mr Keen about who found the body, and other working relationships and situations that might boil over into murder.

It’s off to the Grande Theater to talk with show biz ttypes involved with Don Taylor, the dead singer. Mr Keen has reason to doubt that Amy was entirely truthful in her assurances of being free of jealousy. Who can be believed? Shouts and threats ar heard, and though the drama is broken up by Mr Keen and Mike Clancey, the list of suspects and motives keep growing.

Commercial time for Anacin, you know, to keep the balance of those cigarettes that were pitched at the start of the show. Or something. (cough, cough.)

Mildred Sellers is a deranged fan, but are there still more secrets to dig up? Questioning continues as Mr Keen tries to figure whether Amy was telling lies, or if Janice the young woman at the start of the story, and the one who found the body might be the guilty party. What about the studio producer, and father of Janice?

Dig up the dirt and learn all the plot twists as you listen in and get the facts firsthand. Mr Keen holds the key to the murder, and is about to expose the truth as he gathers the suspects together, and blows the lid off the case.

Amazing Mr Malone – Haste Maketh Waste. 510713.

Posted by Keith on July 13, 2014

A nightclub owner named Dutch is having problems with a protection racket. Dutch Snyder’s lawyer seems nervous as he prepares to leave town. Has he double crossed Dutch?

Gangsters are unhappy, and somebody just might be getting murdered soon. The lawyers wife, Peggy Hall, approaches Mr Malone to see if he’ll help her get a divorce, but when the cops barge in, they bring news that she won’t need it afterall. Now it’s up to the amazing Mr Malone to defend her from a murder charge.

Fortunately Peggy knows enough about her husbands business to point Malone on the track of the gangsters he was involved with. Here comes the part where the wisecracking, cliche spouting Mr Malone comes head to head with danger, and the cool, calculated mobsters.

How will Malone handle the criminals? How will he pinpoint which of the shady characters killed Arthur Hall? It won’t be without taking some hard knocks of his own.

Philip Marlowe – The King In Yellow. 470708.

Posted by Keith on July 8, 2014

It’s after midnight, and during the wee hours of the morning. The hotel clerk where Philip is the house dick needs him to deal with a guy called “the King.” The musician is putting on his own late night concerts and disturbing the guests. Philip patrols the hallways when he encounters a woman with a gun pointed his direction.

Back at the night desk, Philip tries to figure out the odd clients, but checking up on his pistol packing mama, he finds her strangled body. When Philip tries to talk to the King about his dead female fan club, all he gets is resistance. The King has a new hanger on, and claims to be a former singer in his band. What does she know about the strange note, the dead girl, and who might want the King dead? A desperate phone call from Delorres has Philip on the scene to investigate the Kin’gs dead body.

Philip retraces his steps in the nightclub to look for clues that might explain things. Was it Delorres? Who is Agatha? Philip calls the cops to tell them all he knows, especially when he finds Agatha’s strangled body. There’s a mountain of clues that Philip has to put together.

What was meant to look like a suicide clearly isn’t. By now, Philip has the clues figured out and confronts the killer, and his plan revolving around jealousy, and revenge.

Amazing Mr Malone – Never Judge A Book By Its Cover. 500706.

Posted by Keith on July 6, 2014

A man who is a private detective gets a case to find a girl. Before he has the chance, his wife finds her photo and thinks he’s having an affair. Mrs Private Detective finds her before he can, but what is her intent?

When the detective eventually finds her, falls in love, and when she ends up dead his wife is suspect. But this is a story of twists, and the obvious story, with the obvious suspect isn’t the guilty party in the case.

When approached, the man seems to take offense, but seems more concerned with the dead gal. The two who hired him are mobsters from back east. They want her because she ran out on the mob with money. Did they kill her? Or is there still a twist?

The mobsters could only get their money back if the girl was found alive. Definitely sounds like a case for the Amazing Mr Malone to figure out.

Box 13 – Speed To Burn. ep45, 490626

Posted by Keith on June 26, 2014

A high speed adventure. Dan’s next mystery starts with meeting his client while speeding down a stretch of highway. A woman needs help for her brother. Shifting into low gears, Dan starts his investigation. He goes under cover to try to follow the footsteps of the missing brother as he dives into the world of cars, and auto mechanics. Once trusted, he is offered a special job. Dan discovers a racket that is way bigger than he expected. Has he bitten off more than he can chew with this ring of hot car marketing? How will Dan get out of this one? What ever happened to the missing brother? Ride along with Dan Holiday and find out.

Mr Keen – The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 2. 540623.

Posted by Keith on June 23, 2014

The second installment of the ongoing crime mystery. Mr Keen has learned that aunt Amy is the shrieking prisoner, and that aunt Martha is responsible for keping her locked away, but why?

A list of suspects are all identified including the mysterious man outside. Motives and opportunity are layed out for each person, and for the moment it could be any of them. Keep listening as Mr Keen finds the clues he needs to narrow down the list and find the killer.

Boston Blackie – Hypnotic Murder. 450806

Posted by Keith on June 22, 2014

At the scene of a murder, Faraday finds evidence to indicate that his favorite target, Boston Blackie, was on the scene. Though Blackie doesn’t deny the connection that was uncovered, he’s far from concerned over the circumstantial evidence. Not letting the accusations get him down, Blackie takes Mary to a nightclub where a hypnotist is doing his act. Is the mentalistfor real?

What do the pieces of this puzzle mean? It’s about time for Blackie to start putting a few together. Joan is a cigarette girl, and friend of Mary, but why does she insist that she is the killer? Might she be covering up for someone else?

Blackie is impressed that Faraday is actually doing some investigating in the matter, but he also does some poking around of his own. Is it possible a drug was used to influence the confession out of Joan? Does Blackie have all the clues he needs to solve the case? Now it’s time to dig up the hard evidence that the cops need, and tie up the package to lay at Faraday’s feet. It’s not quite over, at least not without some danger, and Blackie facing down the business end of a pistol.

Richard Diamond – Monsieur Beauchand ep89, 510316 (retro466)

Posted by Keith on June 21, 2014

A simple job lands in the lap of Richard Diamond. All he has to do is go to a ship, pick up a package of cosmetic samples, and he walks away with an easy $200 when it’s delivered safe and sound, Things get complicated when a thug crosses paths, also looking for that package of cold cream. No thumps on the head yet, but the quirky characters and situations keep coming.

The package is picked up, but obstacles fill Richards path. Will it be head thumping time? How about an explosion, and murder enters the picture.

What else is there to do but visit the sultry dame who the exploding cold cream was to be delivered. Will Richard learn anything significant from here? Will a return trip to Monsieur Beauchand reveal anything new?

Using his head, Richard discovers the real importance the cold cream is covering up, but the dangers aren’t over for him yet.
The guns come out, and Richard finds himself with only his sweet talking manner to get him out of the jam. Sweet talkm, and waiting for his buddy Walt to show up with the cops.

Bonus Track:
Keith shares a letter from a listener, and a request for a topic on a uture Retro OTR Diary.

The Music Goes Round And Round – vocals by BobAllen – the hal kemp orchestra

The Amazing Mr Malone – Early To Bed Early To Rise. 510615.

Posted by admin on June 15, 2014

A musician is having trouble with his jealous wife. As a friend of Malone, he shares his plan to teach his wife a lesson. He plans to set her up in a compromising position by having her seen having a fling with his band leaders wife.

His plan blows up on him when the woman really does have a thing for the band member, and the husband finds himself with new found freedom.

When a murder results, it’s up to the amazing Mr malone to discover who did it. The cops suspect the jealous wife. Malone pursues the situation of the bandleader, also known for being the jealous type. Plot twists abound, but with persistent tracking of clues, Malone has the answer.

Bulldog Drummond – Axis Submarine. 430916

Posted by Keith on June 12, 2014

On the waterfront, there’s something crooked afoot. A body is found, and Bulldog Drummond is on the case. What will the detective learn on the foggy docks? Shady characters offer false witness as he asks questions. What makes Bulldog know he’s being lied to? Who can he trust?

With more questions asked, a fuller image of the gang activity on the waterfront shapes up. Bulldog is captured, and the listener soon joins the gangsters as they meet up with an enemy submarine. What can he do to get away? Is there anything he can do to stop the activity?

We learn about the code messages, and communication the enemy uses with the gang. Is this the biggest game that Bulldog has been involved with? It’s looking dire as the killers come closer, but Bulldog has a few tricks up his sleeve in fighting back. What about the murder that first drew his attention? Will Bulldog solve that mystery as well?

Standby for the thrilling conclusion to tonight’s mystery. Don’t miss out on the secret of how Bulldog Drummond thwarts the spies, escapes from certain death, and brings criminals to their knees.