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Show 647: Rock n Roll Wannabees


Starting in 1954 the emergence of Rock n Roll scared the record companies so much that they decided to take their own stars and cover the new songs, stealing the thunder and the money away from black and teen artists on upstart record labels..

Gunsmoke – Blood Money. ep99, 540327

Gunsmoke. March 27, 1954. CBS net. “Blood Money”. Sustaining. Joe Harp
is a likeable fellow who turns out to have a price on his head. Harry
Speener has been helped by Joe, but isn’t very grateful.  William Conrad, Harry
Bartell, James Nusser, John Dehner, Parley Baer, Norman Macdonnell
(director), John Meston (writer), Rex Koury (composer, conductor),
George Walsh (announcer), Georgia Ellis, Howard McNear.

Show 643: DJ Challenge


For the first time in five years Lee opens up his show to his listeners. The Challenge is for listeners to find obscure songs that Lee does not have and can’t play. Winners receive a prize from the vaults of old time rock n roll.

Gunsmoke Big Broad. ep90, 540206

Gunsmoke. February 6, 1954. CBS net. “Big Broad”. Sustaining. Two hundred pound Lena Wave swaggers into Dodge and throws her weight around. She’s good with a six-gun too! The script was used on the Gunsmoke television series on April 21, 1956. William Conrad, John Meston (writer), Virginia Gregg, Vic Perrin, John Dehner, Georgia Ellis, Howard McNear, Norman Macdonnell (director), Rex Koury (composer, conductor), George Walsh (announcer)