Horlicks, use as part of a safe reducing plan. Nourishing, sustaining, and without all the calories.

After Lum has sent all the ladies of the matrimonial bureau Abner’s photo, one of them has telegrammed back to say that she’s coming to town to marry Abner. It must be a curse for Abner to be so handsome, especially since he’s already married. He had better hope that Lizabeth never finds out. It’s a good thing she has been visiting relatives out of state. Abner gets confused over figures of speech that Lum has used. Still upset over the situation of Hortense coming to town, Abner convinces Lum to take care of it.

Horlicks. Good for helping children develop strong teeth and bones.

PS: Though this wonder food of the ages, Horlicks, may no longer be available in the United States, you can still enjoy it in other forms. It makes it’s appearances in the form of malted milk shakes, and other processed foods that contain malt, or malted milk. The food product is sold to other businesses for inclusion in those products, and not to the public directly.