Don gives Jack a Columbus Day flavored introduction. Is the cast being to hard on Jack for being stingy? Mary claims she was so nervous last episode because… well, have you ever had a strap break in the middle of a performance? Dennis is late, and Jack complains about his mom interfering. Andy Divine pops in to tell about his visit to the fair. Phil plays, Put that Down in Writing.

Carmichael the polar bear. As the cast read reviews of last week’s show, Dennis and his mom arrive. As Jack and Mrs Day argue over which song he’ll sing, Dennis sings, Stay in My Arms Cinderella.

Jack announces the planned drama for next week. For now, Dennis acts as straight man to set up a punch line for Jack to take a jab at Fred Allen. Rochester phones in to complain about Carmichael the polar bear. A few highlights of the drama, Stanley and Livingstone are given, with an interruption by a knock at the door by a head hunter… make that a hair hunter.