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Vic and Sade – Picking Up Vic In Freds Car. 430820.

Posted by Keith on August 21, 2014

Vic is coming into town on the train and Fred and Ruthie Stembottom have volunteered to drop by, get Sade and then go get Vic and his luggage.

Russell is roaring like a panther to go but space in the car is scarce. The story then gets really complicated as Mis’ Harris calls for her roomer, Mr. Sludge, who needs a ride to the train depot to pick up his arriving mother and two sisters who are coming to visit him. Uncle Fletcher then shows up but Sade shuts him down before he tries to think about asking if he can go.

Then we find out that the Stembottom’s neighbors, the Yapps, are going too. Finally, Sade just gives in to the Stembottom mantra of, “the more the merrier” and invites Russell and her uncle along.

A typical Vic and Sade plot in which Paul Rhymer takes something simple like picking up Vic at the train depot and makes it ridiculous by putting anywhere from 7 to 12 people in a single car!


  • Vic’s been gone for two weeks.

  • For the first time, we hear Russell call Sade, “Mom” and she calls him, “Willie.” Not Rush but Rush-like.
  • This is the 3rd time we have heard Fred’s car horn.
  • Mr. and Mis’ Horner are mentioned as being neighbors to the Stembottoms.
  • Mr. and Mis’ Yapp are mentioned as being next door neighbors to the Stembottoms.
  • The map has been updated to reflect the Stembottoms, Jordles, Yapps and Horners. We haven’t yet been told where the Stembottoms live but a look at the map provided by the show details where they live.
  • Isabel Gilmer was mentioned by Sade as an old chum of hers from Wisconsin.

–Another top notch post by Jimbo, as found at: The Crazy World of Vic and Sade.

Visit now and have a look at the map of where the Gooks live, and find more details of all things related to Vic and Sade. You can even follow Jimbo on Twitter so you won’t miss a single update.

Lum and Abner – Imposter Didn’t Get Formula. 470821

Posted by Keith on

Grandpap talks to Abner to figure out how the fake agent from the chemical company got word of the formula to come and steal it. The bickering old gents keep tempers in control long enough to figure Squire Skimp had his hand in the situation.

Ben Withers pops in with some advice on a better recipe for root beer. What new word will Lum have when he enters? Any new evidence?

Of course, Squire denies any knowledge, or involvement in swiping the formula. Lum needs to get it back in 24 hours, and he has a desperate plan to get the document back. Should Lum break into Squire’s office to get it back? It’s not stealing if the document is Lum’s… right? Ben discovers a mistake that Abner made that saves the day.

Jack Benny – The Crowd Roars 381106 (RV23 retro472)

Posted by Keith on August 20, 2014

After being announced, Jack tries to tell about the big party he just threw. Phil and Mary complain about having bad dreams after eating Jack’s party hot dogs. Listen in for more party mishaps. The cast may poke fun at Jack’s new house, but he gets in a jab at Mary’s crazy hat style. Kenny Baker gets in a few jokes on the topic of Jack’s house, and party, then he sings, If I Loved You More.

The play is a bit long, so Jack gets it started. It’s a spoof of a movie that featured Robert Taylor and Maurene Sullivan. Jack plays a prize fighter who battles his way to the top. Don is the fight announcer, and Phil is Jack’s manager. Of course, Mary is his girlfriend. Phil plays, FDR Jones.

Rolling the clock back, we find 6 year old Jack practicing his violin. Can he convince his dad to let him become a prizefighter? Time marches on, but will Jack make his dad proud? Tossing aside his violin, Killer Benny starts his training with Curly Harris. Fights are lined up, but Mary only wants Jack to quit before he gets hurt.

The big fight comes with Kenny Assassin Baker. Don provides the color commentary as Jack does his best to roll with the punches. Will he retire after the fight? Will Jack return to the farm?

Note: Maxie Rosenbloom aka Slapsie Maxie, mentioned in Kenny’s dream was a heavy weight boxer at the time. In later years he made a somewhat successful career as an entertainer.

Bonus Track:
No music, just Keith with a brief discussion about Jack Benny he had with his son, Chris.

PS: Listen to this episode without the added comments here: Jack Benny – The Crowd Roars. 381106.

Lum and Abner – Impostor in Squire’s Office. 470820

Posted by Keith on

After giving their formula to a stranger, Lum has verified with the chemical company that it was indeed not a real representative. Now what can they do? They gave away the only copy of the formula they had.

Dick Huddleston phones in, and Abner gets himself a little confused. Whyn is Dick in Mexico… or is he? Langley, the real agent from the chemical company is at Dick’s, but rather than coming over, Lum stalls the man. Can they save face with the chemical company over losing the formula? Lum ponders over how the crossed wires led to giving the formula to a crook, while Abner thinks of places for Lum to hide.

Ben Withers enters with news that Miss Evaline isn’t coming back to teach the kids in the Fall. It leads to a mini showcase of the needs the education system has for more teachers. Then the light goes on, and Lum figures the crook was in cahoots with Squire Skimp. Is there a chance the formula can be regained, and the day saved for Lum and Abner?

Burns and Allen – George Late for Show. 400819.

Posted by Keith on August 19, 2014

We open to a scene of George racing to the studio in a cab, and with a cute girl next to him who isn’t Gracie. Elsewhere, the show is on the air, but Gracie isn’t as worried as the cast. George makes excuses about his late appearance, but Gracie suspects he was actually with a girl, but she isn’t even concerned at that, as much as George’s lie about being sick. Mr Lee, the precocious Spanish guitarist, as well as the over educated sound man have some advice for George’s imagined ailment.

The Smoothies sing, Have You Ever Been Embarrassed. Elsie Tralafaz phones in to ruin George’s story about being sick, and the cast decide to hold it over his head. They all have fun raking George over the coals with the doctor when he arrives. Not to mention the medical jokes break out in force. Artie plays a swinging dance tune, King for a Day.

Elsie arrives, and teamed up with Gracie and the cast, they make George squirm. Since Gracie is upset that George is looking for a new partner for radio, jokes about radio and performers emerge, and Gracie does a short spoof of their show with Elsie in the lead.

Note: Artie Shaw makes a crack about George being a wolf, and wishing it could happen to him. Artie had a reputation with the ladies, and had several marriages to famous starlets and celebrities. The part of Elsie is played by Mary Kelley, a long time friend of Gracie and former girlfriend of Jack Benny.

Lum and Abner – Give the Formula to the Wrong Man. 470819

Posted by Keith on

A representative from a chemical company is due to pop in, and could show up any time now. Wanting to make a good impression, Lum and Abner want to be at their best. Rumors of the sell out to the big chemical company have reached the ears of Ben Withers.

Ben Withers suggests new business ideas. Royalties on the product for example, but when Lum doesn’t see the point in it, Ben changes direction. What if he sells Lum and Abner a root beer recipe? Not for a bad price, but for a royalty on each bottledsold.

A stranger enters who talks about the kind of deals he can make regarding the formula. A copy of the formula is given on good faith, but what’s the latest word to come across Lum’s path? Only a note that the chemical rep isn’t due to come to town until tomorrow.

Lum and Abner – Chemical Company Buying the Formula. 470818

Posted by Keith on August 18, 2014

The cotton crop has been saved, and Lum and Abner are heros… right? Abner relizes that with all the weevils killed off, they have also just exterminated their market for their business. The idea of sabotage enters Abners mind. Will they be forced to resort to kidnapping bowl weevils from other areas to introduce back into Pine Ridge?

When Lum tells how much money they made in the sales of their formula, Abner changes his mind. Just how rich are they? Expenses are itemized. The cost of chemicals, labor, barrels, and their profits are reduced from thousands to only $400.

Squire Skimp enters, and as Lum tries to make a partnership deal, Abner reads through the mail and bills. Will they have a new partner? Or will a new business opportunity change the whole scene?

Jack Paar – With Jack Benny. ep12, 470817

Posted by Keith on August 17, 2014

Hollywood celebrities are unter attack, as Jack opens with his monolog. To tease Brittain about a tax on movies, a movie goer from the UK is interviewed. Trudy Irwin is accompanied by the Jerry Fielding orchestra to sing, It Was Just One of Those Things.

The focus is on little known people who mean absolutely nothing. People like your meter man, or Jack’s guest person he interviews, a woman who seems to have trouble in keeping her husbands. What other mundane things does she have in her life?

Jack talks about what it’s like being a Summer replacement, and what it means for his career when the Summer ends. Who will be Jack’s Winter replacement? An audition of some possibilities begins. A tall midget, who isn’t very attractive wants to sing. A French magician is asked about if French bathing suits are all they say they are. Will his tricks be impressive? Guess who is the final contestant? Did you read the show title? Jack Benny pops in to share jokes with Jack Paar. What’s he been up to this Summer?

To prove how funny his lines on his show are, Jack Benny reads all the lines he has in his script. Maybe a little violin music will win the spot for him? Could there be a “Wait a Minute” moment for Jack Paar? Which of the 3 will win the Winter replacement slot?

Jack Benny – Jacks Violin Is Stolen. 370207

Posted by Keith on August 16, 2014

Last week Jack had a cold, but has come from a week in Palm Springs to get well. Jokes abound about Jacks health, and plans to play the Bee, and the latest round of Fred Allen’s jokes about him. Mary, Kenny and Phil all pitch in with some teasing about Jack’s violin playing. Phil Harris plays, Swing High Swing Low.

Jack steps behind closed doors to take a phone call from Phil’s fake sister, Lucy Belle, while Don delivers a punny commercial. Mary and the cast eavesdrop on the mushy love words, and tease Jack about it. Andy Devine pops in with hopes of doing another Buck Benny installment. Instead, the cast swap jokes at Fred Allen’s expense. The jokes about being anemic strike a little close to home for Jack’s liking. Kenny sings, Good Night My Love.

Kenny’s giggly girlfriend, Lena, annoys everyone as Phil’s ficticious mom and sister arrive. Mary reads a telegram from Fred Allen, and Phil Harris plays, Slumming on Park Avenue.

Planning to play the Bee, Jack recieves more telegrams from around the world. The band tunes up, consessions are sold in the audience. Then it happens. Jack’s violin comes up missing.

Note: Mary makes a joke about the band mooning Jack. Who says old time radio can’t be a little racy at times?

Lum and Abner – Three Hours to Get Rid of Kraut. 470814

Posted by Keith on August 14, 2014

Needing to empty a shipment of 30 gallon barrels of sauer kraut, Abner tries to make a sale to grandpap. The discussion serves to recap how they ended up with all the kraut. Is it going to be worth it to have the use of the barrels for the formula?

Since the job of buying the barrels was left to Abner, Lum holds his feet to the fire to get rid of them. The race is on to produce their formula to battle the Bowl Weevil. Will Abner be able to sell off the sauer kraut, so the barrels can be used for the formula?

A 3 hour deadline puts the pressure on. Abner burns up the phone lines to get all the jars and containers he can lay his hands on. Will the efforts make Lum proud? Will Abner redeem himself from his poor decision?