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Lum and Abner – What Is the Formula For. 470731

Posted by Keith on July 31, 2014

After drinking a bottle of the mysterious chemical by mistake, Cecric seems OK. Will he be able to help figure out what the formula does? Grandpap is on hand to talk with Abner about it.

Cedric enters to tell that Lum is at the barber shop, and some mishaps in trying to figure out what the formula does. Hair tonic, hair dye, or an elyxir of health?

Lum enters to tell that some of his resident guinnea pigs down at the barber shop aren’t so thrilled at his experiments. Will grandpap agree to be experimented on as well? What about if Lum and Abner also take a dose? Is there a better way to learn what the chemical formula does?

Lum and Abner – Cedric Drinks a Bottle of the Formula. 470730

Posted by Keith on July 30, 2014

As Abner gtakes an order of groceries over the phone, we find that the store is nearly out of supplies. No worries though, with the chemical formula, the gents ought to be rich in just a few more days. Still, Abner is frustrated with the customers, like arguing with a stump on fire.

Cedric has given up his ideas as a silent partner, and is now washing the windows. Not knowing any better, he has been using the formula to wash the windows. How much of the valuable liquid has he wasted?

Lum and Abner pour the formula into little bottles, and imagine how many dollars per ounce it’s worth. Running out of containers, the purple stuff is poured into some old soda bottles. They still don’t know what the formula makes, it could be poison for all they know. Is something wrong with Cedric? Has he drank a whole bottle of the mystery chemical? Uh-oh.

Lum and Abner – Chemicals to Mix Formula. 470729

Posted by Keith on July 29, 2014

Abner tells grandpap how he and Lum got Cedric to invest his money in the store. Will this be their chance to sit back, and have Cedric do all the leg work in the store?

They still don’t know what their chemical formula will make. Will it be the beginning of a new factory in town? A revolutionary breakthrough to grow hair? Grandpap and Abner speculate on what it could be. Anything from a soap to a paint mixture.

Cedric pops in to tell he doesn’t plan to work in the store. Instead, the silent partner gives orders to Abner to wash the windows. Has he been listening to outside business advice? Lum makes it back, and has all the ingredients he needs to put together that formula. The gents are mystified at the big chemical names. Now it’s a matter of mixing it all up.

Lum and Abner – Hiring Grandpap To Play Piano. 350531 (RV22 retro470)

Posted by Keith on July 28, 2014

Horlicks: It makes a grand Summer drink for kids that makes them big and strong. It’s nourishing and easy to digest.

Down in Pine Ridge, Lum and Abner’s picture show is progressing quite nicely. They have just returned with their second hand movie projector, and plan on renting a player piano from Grandpappy Spears.

Abner is less experienced, so Lum does the wheeling and dealing to negotiate for the rental of the piano. Lum sure talks a slick line, but will Abner’s butting in ruin the deal? Abner just doesn’t get the art of negotiation is in the subtleties and small talk. The direct method just won’t work as well.

Grandpap shows that he’s a good hand at the bargaining process, and rents the piano, and his services at a price that benefits himself. Just how high will Lum be forced to extend himself for the sake of the piano? It looks like the psychology has backfired on Lum.

Horlicks Letter: A fireman writes in to praise the nourishment that a flask of hot Horlicks gives when he needs energy fast.

Bonus Tracks:
Abbott and Costello 1944 Betting on Peanutbutter
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PS: To find this episode without the added comments, try Lum and Abner – Lum And Abner Hire Grandpap. 350531.

Lum and Abner – Sell Interest in the Store. 470728

Posted by Keith on

Talking with Ben Withers, Lum tells him about the financial mess ups in their new chemical company. Instead of a loan from Lizabeth, Abner had to use all their funds to buy her a new dress. Is there any hope to get a loan from someone else?

Abner enters after trying to borrow money from grandpap. No luck. Ben Withers may have some contacts, but Abner isn’t so sure about his sources.

Cedric pops in with a get rich scheme. A man on the street, with a radio give away program, just layed $25 on Cedric. Can Lum use that idea to his advantage in raising money? Maybe Lum can lure Cedric into investing his windfall into the chemical company? As he builds up the appealing reasons to invest in the store, the comments from Abner and Ben seem to be doing the opposite.

Jack Paar – Singing Cowboy Parody. 470727

Posted by Keith on July 27, 2014

The weather, celebrities on the beach, and the latest in swim wear get the attention of Jack’s monolog.
Lifeguard, Gilbert Gurgle is on hand to tell us about water safety, using his watery sounding voice. The Page Cavanaugh Trio sing, I Can’t Give You Anything but Love.

Hit music, namely a chart topper called, Bloop Bleep seem to have no reason for being a hit. Jack has a psychiatrist, actually Hans Conried, on hand to try to analyze how such crazy things happen.

Spoofing kiddie shows again, Jack pokes fun at cereal companies who typically sponsor those kinds of shows. He has a kiddie member of Uncle Jack’s Clubhouse repeat the club oath. Terrance has a problem he needs to tell Jack about, girls. Should the kid think of other hobbies instead? Trudy Irwin sings, That’s My Desire.

The Brittish invasion into pop culture is the motive behind this spoof of what a Western might look like, if it were produced in the UK. Jack is the singing cowboy who returns to his lady love, after riding the range. He is soon faced with the problem of a rival, bad guy, and cattle rustler. With the help of Reginald, the wonder horse, Jack soon makes work of his tennis playing tough guy.

PS: Walter Tetley does a great job as Terrance, the kid in the fictional club house. Also, the horse bit is way too close to the bit that Mel Blanc made famous on a Buck Benny sketch. Though some may argue the cowboy sketch here is also close to a Buck Benny installment, and maybe it is. The characters are different, and Jack Paar uses his own style at poking fun. His comments to the other characters dialog is more of an aside to the audience than actual lines in the drama. Jack Benny would also do this at times, but only once in a while. Benny was more likely to stay in character as a participant.

Martin and Lewis – Francis Langford. 490726.

Posted by Keith on July 26, 2014

Features Francis Langford.

Dean opens with a song, I’ll Get Along Somehow. He has the chance to make a record with Francis Langford, but it has Jerry upset that his friend may abandon him.

Neighbor, Sidney Sheldon, stops in to complain to Jerry, but is all to eager to help Jerry get even.

Meanwhile, Dean gets together with Francis, it’s all a set up to introduce her song, Broadway Rhythm. Afterward, the two get worried about Jerry who is out to make his own record. All he needs is a female singer to partner with. Sidney Sheldon finds him one. Who could it be? Could it be Florence?

It’s off to the recording studio for the battle of the singers. Dean starts off with, From May to December. Nothing much really gets done though since Jerry, Florence, and Sheldon are all in the studio to lend a few moments of spoof and comedy, as Jerry tries to sing the Indian Love Call. Dean and Francis get together for a musical transition.

Later, Jerry tries to prank them, but of course it backfires on him. Francis wants to go dancing, and the guys fight over who will take her out. Jerry goes on the date while Dean is the nightclub singer. Will the guys have a falling out over Francis? Don’t worry, it’s all a set up for Jerry to joke around, and everybody ends up singing together. Sort of.

Jack Benny – Buck Benny In Ensenada Mexico. 370117

Posted by Keith on

The feud with Fred Allen is growing, and the cast keep digging on Jack about his violin playing. Is Jack’s childhood photo proof enough that he can play well? The gag about a new year greeting at the door continues once more, then Kenny sings, The Chapel in the Moonlight.

Playing up a big time golf moment, Jack has a man who was hit in the face with a divot dug up on the winning stroke. What else does the man do besides get hit in the face with grass and dirt? Jack introduces the 11th chapter of Buck Benny. Will it be the final one? Phil Harris plays, Lady Be Good.

Ride along with Buck as he meets up with his deputies, and Daisy. Will this be the day that Buck and Daisy marry?Here comes pappy now for a round of drinking jokes. Andy Devine comes a courting Daisy, but her decision has to wait. Cactus Face has been sighted again. What awaits at the end of the long, tough trail? Phil plays some travelling music over the radios they have installed on their horses. Good thing Buck speaks Spanish, or they may never find Cactus Face.

PS: The man at the door with the continuous New Year greetings is actually one of Jack’s writers. Also, Jack hasn’t done a lot in recent years related to topical humor from the news. Apparently at this time, the golfing incident was something that actually happened, and got some news coverage. Just the crazy thing that Jack might jump on.

Lum and Abner – Total Assets of 13 Dollars. 470724

Posted by Keith on July 24, 2014

Though they decided to form a chemical company to keep from having to include Squire, the gents discover they don’t have much money to fund it. Can Abner get Lizabeth to dip into her sugar bowl to invest into the company? Lum coaches him on how to butter her up, but Abner gets a little confused.

Squire enters to say he’s finally relinquishing his claim as a Hamstead heir, but he wants to loan them the $50 they need to find out about the formula. Is he still trying to weasel his way into their company?

Lum turns him down for now. Abner finds himself back on the phone with Lizabeth to apologize for his conversation earlier. Is there hope to get back on her good graces? Maybe, but it could bankrupt the company.

Lum and Abner – Edwards and Peabody Chemical. 470723

Posted by Keith on July 23, 2014

Showing more character than the townsfolk who wanted to arrest him, Lum still wants to share any benefit the chemical formula might bring. Ben tells about the scam that professor Krenshaw was running in town, and what became of the man. Constable Withers showed him, as he ran him out of town.

Abner returns from making the deliveries, and Lum gets him caught op on the money they’ll need to invest in deciphering the formula. Word also is shared to put Lum in the rightful ownership of the formula, and property of the Hamstead heirs.

Realizing nobody is truly related is a big relief, since family obligations to socialize were cramping Lum’ style. Squire Skimp has been thinking about that formula. He now thinks it could be valuable enough to form a company with Lum and Abner. Will the gents go in for a partnership with Squire?