The cast is buzzing about the move to the new studio. Sentiments run high with Jack. When the cast poke fun at Jack’s sentimental side, he gets defensive, and shares more things he is sentimental about. The movers come in to do their job, and get in on the wisecracking. Mary reads a poem about the move, then Phil plays that brand new tune, What Have You Got That Gets Me.

Jack talks about his latest picture that’s coming out, but his bragging about his love scenes is interupted by the movers. Kenny Baker sings, I’ve Got a Date with a Dream.

Andy Devine pops in, and is announced as the mayor of Van Neys. Not sure if he really was, or not. At any rate, Andy tells about his Summer vacation to Hawaii. Jack keeps trying to tell about the show next week, but is interupted by a call from Rochester, and more from the movers.