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Lum and Abner – Total Assets of 13 Dollars. 470724

Posted by Keith on July 24, 2014

Though they decided to form a chemical company to keep from having to include Squire, the gents discover they don’t have much money to fund it. Can Abner get Lizabeth to dip into her sugar bowl to invest into the company? Lum coaches him on how to butter her up, but Abner gets a little confused.

Squire enters to say he’s finally relinquishing his claim as a Hamstead heir, but he wants to loan them the $50 they need to find out about the formula. Is he still trying to weasel his way into their company?

Lum turns him down for now. Abner finds himself back on the phone with Lizabeth to apologize for his conversation earlier. Is there hope to get back on her good graces? Maybe, but it could bankrupt the company.

Lum and Abner – Edwards and Peabody Chemical. 470723

Posted by Keith on July 23, 2014

Showing more character than the townsfolk who wanted to arrest him, Lum still wants to share any benefit the chemical formula might bring. Ben tells about the scam that professor Krenshaw was running in town, and what became of the man. Constable Withers showed him, as he ran him out of town.

Abner returns from making the deliveries, and Lum gets him caught op on the money they’ll need to invest in deciphering the formula. Word also is shared to put Lum in the rightful ownership of the formula, and property of the Hamstead heirs.

Realizing nobody is truly related is a big relief, since family obligations to socialize were cramping Lum’ style. Squire Skimp has been thinking about that formula. He now thinks it could be valuable enough to form a company with Lum and Abner. Will the gents go in for a partnership with Squire?

Lum and Abner – Arrests Professor Crenshaw. 470722

Posted by Keith on July 22, 2014

Word has been put out for all the Hamstead heirs to meet, and discuss what to do with the formula that was written on the paper in the locked box. Nobody is nearly as interested as when the prospect of treasures were in mind. People also doubt that the formula is legitimate, and that Lum just made it all up.

Lum tries to explain to the confused Abner how to read a chemical formula. Though Lum can’t interpret the code, he’s sure it’s something valuable. Will it help to have an expert read it?

With all the gossip flying recently, Abner expresses his private doubts to Lum, that he is actually hiding the real treasure. Is he as loyal as he let on when he defended Lum in front of the folks in town? Grandpap and Ben Withers enter with a report from a meeting of the Hamstead heirs. Will Lum be arrested for fraud? Ben saves the day when he tells about the notorious criminal he just captured, and the reward that was on his head. It puts an end to all the claims from the town of heirs.

My Friend Irma – Piano Lessons For Junior. 470721

Posted by Keith on July 21, 2014

Irma decides to better herself and take piano lessons. Unfortunately, Jane had to let the piano go back to the music shop due to lack of any one playing it, and to save on making the payment. I’m not sure where the “Junior” mentioned in the title comes from, but Irma seems to be stuck when she can’t back out of the lessons.

Professor Kropotkin stops by, but doesn’t have many good words to say about the school where Irma is to take lessons. Al comes over to tell about his latest invention. If he can help get Irmas money back, he might be able to use it to invest in his latest wacky idea to raise money. Can they manage it?

Irma decides to be in the tallent contest anyway. It might take some help from Al’s friend Joe, or possibly from Mrs Riley to help her out.

Later, Irma faces the blackest day of her life when she loses her job over a mistyped letter. Will there ever be any bright spots for her? I’m sure there will be, Irma seems to live a charmed life when it comes to people being forgiving of her.

Lum and Abner – The Envelope and Secret Formula. 470721

Posted by Keith on

Abner is left alone in the store to explain where Lum has disappeared to. Grandpap thinks something suspicious might be going on. Gossipers in town think the let down at opening the trunk, and finding only an envelope with a paper inside is just a cover up to throw people off.

Squire enters to share his own doubts about Lum’s honesty. What were all those random figures and numbers on that page? The belief is that Lum replaced the gibberish document, and hid the real treasure to keep for himself. Will they ever catch up to the fugitive Lum? Should a search party, or posse be formed?

Abner defends his friend, though all the assumptions are against him. Squire gets the work done to put out a warrant for Lum’s arrest, but Lum enters at the last moment. What will he have to say for himself? What’s his side of the story?

Jack Benny – Buck Benny Rides Again 5. 370110

Posted by Keith on July 19, 2014

Playing off the running gag that Phil steals Jacks girlfriends, Don pokes fun at Jack. The feud between Jack Benny and Fred Allen began last episode, in responce to a wisecrack made the week before on Fred’s show. Jack kicks it up a notch by complaining about Fred’s attack on his violin playing,, while his cast all think Fred’s show was hillarious. After another running gag, a knock at the door with new year greetings, Phil Harris plays, When My Dreamboat Comes Home.

Jack brags about being an outdoor man, and flubs a line. The jokes are interupted when a stranger raises his voice in protest. Buckingham Benny, a window dresser from Pomona, doesn’t like the attention he’s getting due to the run of Buck Benny sketches. Will the cast’s casual greetings to him drive him mad? Kenny Baker sings, Where Are You Now.(Casmir in Song).

In introducing the Buck Benny sketch, Jack gets in another jab at Fred Allen. We join the cowboys napping in the jailhouse, dreaming of catching Cactus Face. Jokes include the post office, drinking, excersizing, then it’s off to Tombstone Creek to catch a rustler.

Phil plays some travelling music, and we find Buck arriving at the haunted hotel. Will they find Cactus Face? Andy Devine shares in the spooky moments, but Cactus Face Elmer slips away.

Note: When My Dreamboat Comes Home was a chart topper in 1936, and roughly 20 years later would top the charts again when Fats Domino covered it.

Lum and Abner – Promising Fabulous Riches. 470717

Posted by Keith on July 17, 2014

The moment arrives to open the box belonging to the Hamstead heirs. With the family trees drawn up by Professor Krenshaw, documenting that the whole town is related, and part of the Hamstead family, a raging crowd is gathered at the Jot ‘Em Down store. Rumors of the great treasure in the box has gon to everybody’s head. Will there be enough to go around though?

Squire begins to doubt the legitimacy of professor Krenshaw. Is he cranking out the fake family trees just to get his fee for doing them? Lum has second thoughts about opening the box, if all the geneologies are incorrect.

The angry crowd beats on the door, wanting to witness the opening. Just when Lum decides he ought to open the box, he gets a little scare of his own. Will he have a good word for the roaring crowd? Have all the rightful heirs been found? What could be in the envelope that contains the wealth, and life ork of Winston Hamstead?

Lum and Abner – Mysterious Box to Be Opened. 470716

Posted by Keith on July 16, 2014

A professor of geneology has come to town to get everybody mixed up on their family trees. We join Lum and Abner as they talk about the jumbled, intertwined families in town. Who is related to who? Lum thinks Professor Krenshaw is doing a world of good in town, but he’s more concerned in getting rid of the locked box he found. It can only be opened by an heir of the Hamstead clan.

Abner lets his imagination run a little wild, as he wants to put up little statues of all the newly discovered Hamsteads. Lum is relieved to hear that widow Abernathy is actually his aunt. Now he won’t have to worry about her chasing after him to get married any more.

Lum realizes that it’s impossible for the widow to be his aunt. Is he onto the fake geneologist? The professor is a nice fellow, so what is he up to? Why does he want to tell Lum how to run the Jot ‘Em Down store?Will grandpap, or Squire Skimp know anything? They have concerns of their own.

Lum and Abner – Professor Crenshaw. 470715

Posted by Keith on July 15, 2014

Lum isn’t convinced at all about the revelations of his friends being part of the Hamstead family, especially when more relatives come crawling out of the woodwork. Professor Crenshaw seems to be making out all the phoney documents.

Cousin grandpap enters, and his discussion with cousin Abner drives Lum nuts. Where is Lum storming off to?

Examining the family trees side by side, Abner and grandpap try to find out how exactly they’re related. What will it prove? Besides being Lum’s granddson, Cedric is uncle to grandpap and Abner. Lum is back after talking to Professor Crenshaw. How much more convoluted will the family ties become?

Lum and Abner – Related to Hempsteads. 470714

Posted by Keith on July 14, 2014

Still trying to iron out the lineage of certain Pine Ridge residents, Lum talks with constable Ben Withers. In talking about some inconsistencies in the family trees, Ben Withers tells his own scandalous memories of family trees.

Ben goes on at length to show how a family tree caused the marriage and divorce of one of his acquaintences. Interesting, but still not much help in figuring out who the real Hamstead heirs are.

To add to the number of heirs, Abner now claims to be part of the family along with grandpap and Squire. Cousin Abner and cousin grandpap soon realize that Cedric is Lum’s grandson. How is all this happening?