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Escape – The King Of Owanatu. ep224, 540828

Posted by Keith on August 28, 2014

On a ketch, sailing the western seas, near an island of black pearls, a man waits who would like to take your life.

Once safely past a break in a barrier reef, it closes behind, like door slamming shut and trapping you on the island. The crew of the boat want to hide the fact of the black pearls they’ve just taken onboard. Not to mention a few other secrets of their past. How much danger could they be in with this solitary man in an outrigger canoe? Their host is extremely gracious and extravagant in sheltering the sailors. Both sides are postureing, keeping secrets, and playing their cards close to the vest.

With this isolated island refuge, with its little mysteries, this isn’t going to be one of those stories where the traveller enters, then can never leave is it? What can be so important to keep hidden away? What kind of torture awaits those who try? Which side will have their way and win out over the other? When it comes down to it, neither the sailors or the old man are very nice characters. It’s a toss up between the lesser of two evils. But let’s just say it may be better to be evil and free, than evil and imprisoned.

Blue Beetle – Whale Of Pirates Folly Parts 1_2. ep43&44, 400828

Posted by Keith on

Part 1: Dan spends a few moments talking with his friend, Doc Brown, on his way to the police station. Dan is soon on the trail of a smuggling ring. The smugglers have a deal with a legitimate wholesaler to launder their goods. The Blue Beetle crashes their party, and refuses to be bribed. Instead, he gets knocked on the head, and his body dumped into the fishing nets.

Part 2: Previously, Dan Garret has read about a whale that appears off the coast, and believes it’s connected in some way with a smuggling ring. With the use of his ray gun, he escapes from the fishing nets he found himself trapped in at the end of last episode. Blue Beetle gets the cops interested in watching the whale from airplane. Dan Garret and his partner discover an island hideout, full of caves to hide smuggled goods. The end comes in a blaze of machine gun fire.

Superman – Dr Roebling And The Voice Machine 15of16. 410827

Posted by Keith on August 27, 2014

Warned by a mystery woman that the cops were closing in, Duke Bernard sets the house on fire where Perry and Clark were tied up. Taking advantage of the confusion in the fire, Clark switches to Superman to get out. His lame excuses manage to put the firemen, and Perry at ease.

Cautioned about the dangers of facing the gang, Clark’s bragging almost tips his hand as to his secret identity. Clark ties up a few loose ends based on the clues in the story. Will his plan to counter act the gang work?
The crime is in motion to murder a prisoner named Benson. Not to be outsmarted, Duke and Curly make their own modified plans to carry out their dark mission. Is Benson still a doomed man?

Superman – Dr Roebling And The Voice Machine 14of16. 410825

Posted by Keith on August 25, 2014

Held captive with Perry White, Clark has to use other measures to get help. His captors don’t realize the power of the experimental voice machine, and think Clark is nuts as he broadcasts messages to Dr Roebling.

Perry is defiant as he tries to upset the plans to murder Benson. Will the gangsters show signs they’re getting nervous. When a phone call comes in, Clark listens in using his super hearing to hear a woman’s voice. Is she the Big Guy?

The efforts seem dismal when our friends are left behind, hand cuffed to their chairs. It gets even worse when smoke begins sifting into the room. The house is on fire! Clark takes advantage of the distress to put his super power to work and escape. Across town, the crime is going down. Can it be stopped?

Calling All Cars – Burma White Case. ep2, 331206

Posted by Keith on August 24, 2014

An early attempt at telling true crime stories, right from the records of the police records. The program tended to the more dramatic crimes, and not the daily grind that Jack webb would later portray in Dragnet.

Today we look at the problem of bootlegging in the Los Angeles area. During prohibition it was illegal to buy, sell, or make alcoholic beverages, even for personal use. This is a story of some of the ruthless, and murderous methods that some gangsters took to traffic the bootleg alcohol.

Cops are on to the gang, and some of how they operate. When they need funds for their operation, the bootleggers make a mistake when they try to rob a speakeasy where an off duty deputy has dropped in to check on the owner. The gunfight ends up with a dead crook, and a wounded cop. Detectives arrive on the scene to learn all they can. A manhunt for Roagan kicks off. Clues are found, suspects questioned, and the trail through the underworld leads to Balboa, in the Panama Canal Zone. but it’s only one of several dead ends ranging from Hawaii to Mississipppi.

Finally the trail ends up in connecticut, where an alert gas station owner recognized rogan’s picture from a detective magazine. Following up on the latest lead, cops prepare to surround the cottage hideout. We learn from the announcer, the result of the case once Rogan returned to police headquarters, and his demise in prison for his crimes.

Superman – Dr Roebling And The Voice Machine 13of16. 410822

Posted by Keith on August 22, 2014

Superman – Dr Roebling And The Voice Machine 12of16. 410820

Posted by Keith on August 20, 2014

Falsely charged, and tossed in jail, Clark Kent easily breaksout as Superman. Perry White inadvertantly pins Clark’s secret identity, but in the plans to stop a murder it goes unnoticed. Will Clark be able to figure out who the Big Guy is in the gang? Has he figureed out the intricate plan to murder an inmate named Benson? Is there a crooked official with some inside scoop? Clark has picked up on some code words the gang is using.

The cops are back, and they now arrest Perry as well as Kent. Back in jail, the newsmen have a plan. The problem is they aren’t in jail. The good news is that Clark finally knows who Curly and Duke are.

Can Clark sweet talk his way into interupting the plan of murder? Will his banter cause the gangsters to squirm? Though Duke is a corrupt official, who is the Big Guy? Taking advantage of the voice machine, Clark sends out a message to Dr Roebling.

Superman – Dr Roebling And The Voice Machine 11of16. 410818

Posted by Keith on August 18, 2014

Finding himself framed for the murder of Sydney Roebling, Clark only goes along with it to prevent another murder. A man named Benson is the target, and is currently held somewhere in jail. As Superman, a break out from his cell is easy. Up, up, and away! The man of steel is off to do some investigating on the matter.

On the outside, we listen in as the gang members read about Clark’s escape. In Perry White’s office, Clark learns that Lois is busy with her own troubles. Will Clark come clean with Perry about his plans?

What new twists will the gang come up with? Will we learn anything new about the Big Guy in the gang? Back in the office of the Daily Planet, we catch Clark as he tells Perry who he thinks was on the other side of the listening device. Will they find Lois? What new info will Dr Roebling have to report after monitoring his voice machine? Has Perry inadvertantly put his finger on Clark’s alter ego?

Bobby Benson – Double Dare. 491125

Posted by Keith on August 16, 2014

While out on the prairie, Bobby is with his indian friend, Harka. They soon encounter a rogue bull who chases them. their only escape is to ra ce their horses into a narrow opening where the bull can’t follow.

The narrow pass leads into a box canyon. One that has no other opening. How will our heros escape? Can they out wait the stubborn bull?

Deciding to stay put for the night, a new danger presents itself. Harka is bitten by a rattlesnake, and though he applies the medicine of his tribe, it’s up to Bobby to go for help. He needs to act quickly, or Harka could die. but what about that bull? It’s going to take a clever mind to win over the brute strength.

Superman – Dr Roebling and The Voice Machine 10of16. 410815

Posted by Keith on August 15, 2014

After using the voice machine in a new way, Clark has information he can use to help prevent a murder. A problem pops up when Clark is suddenly arrested. Perry rages at the cops to stick up for his star reporter, but will it help find out why?

After identifying Sydney Roebling as the shot up woman in the emergency room, Clark is being accused as the killer, rather than her own husband, Jack. Clark is apprehensive about giving details, a matter that further drives Perry nuts. What is Clark planning? Why is he so willing to go to jail?

Sitting it out in jail, Clark is visited by Lois. Will he share his plan with her? It’s all about finding a man named Benson, who is in jail and the target of the murder he overheard with Dr Roebling. Someone has been eavesdropping on the confidential conversation in Clark’s jail cell. Who could it be?

PS: DOH! Who could be invading the privacy of locked up criminals in jail? Maybe it was different then, but any conversation in jails has the potential to be monitored. Also, it’s very doubtful that guards would let a femail into the cell. Imagine the cat calls, and potential for sexual harrassment from other inmates. It would definitely be happening whether in a cell block today, or any time, even in the squeaky clean days of radio drama. Tossing off the suitable suspension of belief to allow a flying man in a red and blue suit… OK, let’s sayh it could happen too.