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Superman – Fur Smuggling 5of6. 410721

Posted by Keith on July 21, 2014

On their dog sled trip, Clark and Jimmy have stumbled onto a fur smuggling operation. They have the package of furs that was air dropped, and now the smugglers want it back. Can our heros put an end to the gang? What lengths will the smugglers go in getting those furs back?

Chuck turns himself in, claiming to be tired of the life of crime. It’s all a trap to lure Clark away. Clark is fearless of any dangers, but what dangers might await Jimmy?

It’s not enough for Bull to get the furs, he leaves Jimmy and their French Canadian guide trapped in a cave with a bear. Clark has been lured to the cabin to find it empty. Will he learn what happened to Jimmy in time?

Superman – Fur Smuggling 4of6. 410718

Posted by Keith on July 18, 2014

Unaware of the bear traps set for them, Jimmy is bothered by his own thoughts of the night before. He’s still not entirely clear on Claark’s explanations of how they avoided danger.

As they walk through the woods, Clark and Jimmy discuss the strange men, and the airplane that dropped a package. Will Clark spot clues to figure out the mystery of the smuggling? His observations don’t include stepping into one of the bear traps. Sending Jimmy for help, Clark easily escapes the trap, and is ready with another lame excuse for Jimmy. Will they spot the remaining traps? Finding the package seals the mystery for them, and now all that’s needed is to capture the fur smugglers.

Elsewhere, Bull and Chuck watch our heros. What new plan will Bull come up with to get that package?

Superman – Fur Smuggling 3of6. 410716

Posted by Keith on July 16, 2014

Shady characters have intruded into their camp, and in the confusion of the night, Superman has the chance to disarm them. Will Jimmy believe the explanation Clark gives about the bent rifle barrels?

The men were frightened off, and we join them in their shack in the woods.
We learn their real plan, and details about the fur smuggling operation. Bull is certain that Clark is a government guy.

Plans to stop the newcomers involve setting out bear traps that are strong enough to take a man’s leg off. Is one of the bandits beginning to have second thoughts on being part of the gang? Superman won’t have a problem with the traps, but what about his travelling companions?

superman – Fur Smuggling 2of6. 410714

Posted by Keith on July 14, 2014

Continuing on their dog sled trip, Jimmy, Clark, and their guide relax around their campfire as shady characters spy on them. Are the two men really park rangers? Why would they want them to move their camp 5 miles out of the way?

Keeping watch as the others snuggle into their fur lined sleeping bags, Clark watches an airplane circle, and drop a mysterious package. Before Clark can look into the matter as Superman, Jimmy is on the scene. Has Jimmy seen, or heard something to make him suspicious? Clark has to come clean, about the plane, not about his secret identity.

As Clark gives Jimmy another mini lesson about the wonders of the natural resources in America, a disturbance is heard. Who is that man out there stirring up the dogs? What new adventer have they found themselves on?

Adventure Inc – Curse of the Kalihari. 480712

Posted by Keith on July 12, 2014

Features war hero, Pappy Boyington. Jason is the resident voice actor, while he and Pappy Boyington narrates. This episode’s adventure takes place in the jungles and Kalihari desert of China. An adventuresome story that winds its way through countless dangers in the exotic Far East.

A unique, and rare episode. No others are known to exist in this series.

Superman – Fur Smuggling 1of6. 410711

Posted by Keith on July 11, 2014

In wrapping up the previous story, we find the desperate Harmon, and the tense scene as he meets his demise. One that even Clark Kent seems helpless to stop. Clark manages to send off the innocent, Nancy Harmon with prospects for a career on the Daily Planet.

With that issue resolved, matters turn to completing the trek across the regions that Clark and Jimmy came to the North lands to explore. Led by their story telling, French Canadian guide, the trio set out by dog sled.

It’s soon time to set up camp, but what new dangers await our heros? That question, and more will be answered in the next thrilling installments.

Voyage of the Scarlet Queen – Report Of The White Jade Buddha. 470710.

Posted by Keith on July 10, 2014

Scarlet Queen – Report Of The White Jade Buddha. 470710.

The weather is clear and fair as the Scarlet Queen sails into Honolulu. The plan was to make a simple stop to pick up payrole, and to get the next leg of the journey from the mysterious and elusive Kang. Instead, Philip Carney recieves a proposition to help a man who claims to be financially strapped to conduct business for him.

The deal is sweet enough, but the statue of the white jade Buddha is said to be a fake by the shop keeper where Carney goes to make the sale. Who is this Bradbury character? What’s the importance of the fake statue?Carney and Galagger find themselves involved in murder, and their flight takes them to a dame and a mnansion with men wearing guns.

When a new visitor arrives, he is gunned down. Yet another murder to be involved in. Is there a doublecross going on? Who was the man? Carney gets the cops on the job, but by the time they arrive, there’s no sign of a murder. Instead Carney meets up with a strange Asian man.

Where are all these twists leading? The Asian man gives the information from Kang to Philip Carney, but now he needs to find out where the captured Galagger was taken. The trail leads to a nightclub on the wrong part of town. When guns come out, and the place clears. Is Galagger part of a doublecross, and a trap set for Carney? The lights go out, there’s gun play, but Carney gets away with the gal.

Philip Carney then learns the lesson that all tough guy radio heros face, you just can’t trust a dame. Once again his first mate, Galagger has proven himself faithful to his boss and ship master. The Scarlet Queen sets sail before the cops can involve them in the murder investigations, and make way for their next destination.

superman – The White Plague 8of8. 410709

Posted by Keith on July 9, 2014

All the terrified lumberjacks have been summoned, so the murderer can be revealed. Clark claims he can solve this mystery without questioning all the men. Nervous energy runs high, but Clark takes time to review, and explain the story thus far. He claims that if he and Jimmy had turned back and never visited the camp, the disasters would have never happened. Why is his visit so important? Why were the various loggers killed?

Clark takes his time getting to the killer as he explains some of the supernatural occurances. Listen in as the clues are identified, and the evidence is formed to point to the killer. What will the fate of the desperate man be?

PS: The ending is a little abrupt, but the closure on it comes in the opening of the next story arc.

superman – The White Plague 7of8. 410707

Posted by Keith on July 7, 2014

After a report of afire, Superman springs into action. The logger is rescued, and tended to by missionary, Father Malone, and Clark Kent. Will the man survive? What clues may be found at the fire scene? Is the culprit a legend, or cold blooded murder?

Ruffled feathers nearly bring Dawson and Clark to blows. Instead, the two make up, and try to solve the mystery. Fear has run rampant, and may have done its work to cause loggers to desert the camp.

Logical heads recognize the hand of a murderer at work, but is there enough evidence to point out the killer? Clark knows, and is confident he can end the mystery… in the next thrilling installment.

Green Hornet – Murder Across The Boards. 410705

Posted by Keith on July 5, 2014

At the race track the jockeies and horses prepare for the day. Firefly is the favorite to win, but reporter, Lawery discovers a plot to throw the race. The hot tip has Brit Reed riding to the track with Clancey the police officer. Gunshots ring out, and the man who is found is the one who tipped off the authorities. Will the dangers prevent the jockey from racing Firefly? Will the sudden attention of reporters and the cops cause the racketeers to lay low?

The stakes are high enough that desperate measures are taken to make sure that Firefly doesn’t run in the race. At equal high risk to himself, the Green Hornet makes an appearance at the track, but will his efforts succeed in rescuing Firefly?

Cato assists as the Green Hornet puts his plan into action, and they’re off in the Black Beauty. Ride along and strike fear into the hearts of underworld gangsters. Gather the clues to see how the racketeers got away with the prized race horse. There’s sure to be plenty of action remaining at the track as the case is broken wide open.