Pressed Pants. Fibber and Molly’s season opener. Fibber seems discontented. Will the visitor at the door bring excitement to this boring old town? The Old Timer does his best.

To really cut loose in his quest for excitement, Fibber decides to go downtown to have his pants pressed. Right after Teeny visits to tell about going back to school, and talks about shooting craps. Billy Mills plays, Fellow with an Umbrella.

Downtown, Fibber and Molly run into Wallace Wimple. He’s out doing some birdwatching. In the haberdasher shop, McGee gives up his pants when a parade goes by. Too bad Fibber has to miss the excitement. After Harlow’s commercial, Doc Gamble pops into the shop to swap insults with Fibber. The Kingsmen sing, The Arranger.

Still with no pants, Fibber misses more excitement when an auto accident takes place. Mayor Latrivia happens into the shop to get abuse from both Fibber and Molly. Something over a matter of a cooked goose.

The shop owner finally comes back after Fibber has managed to miss all the day’s excitement. Well, almost all the excitement.