Jack Benny – Pinocchio. 400331 (RV48 retro615)

Jack Benny – Pinocchio. 400331 (RV48 retro615)

A new star has bloomed over the horizons, as Don introduces the star of the new feature, June Moon. Jack tells about his ordeal in being on Orson Welles recent production. Though Don’s praise is flattering, Mary could hit Jack over the head with a flute. As Dennis Day enters, Jack tells about dumping his waitress girlfriend, Gladys. Sunspots have made the news, with radio interference. Is this another prank by Orson? Jack phones him to find out. As the call degrades, Phil Harris is called upon to play, Relax.

Jack announces the play, his version of Disney’s beloved tale, Pinocchio. Parts are assigned, and the play begins, right after a song by Dennis, When You Wish Upon a Star.

Toymaker Jack puts the finishing touches on his creations when Mary Cricket visits, followed by the blue fairy, to grant a wish. The cast breaks out in song with, Give a Little Whistle.

Going to school, Pinocchio Jack is warned of the evil influences of Fred Allen, but who are those boys who are approaching? Phil and Dennis are vaudevillians who try to lure Jack away from a school career. The cast sing, An Actors Life for Me.

Giving up the roaming life, Pinocchio returns to the toy shop to find the blue fairy, but no father. Going to the depths of the sea, Pinocchio searches for his father. Will father and son be reunited? Will the blue fairy still have some magic to lend a hand?

Note: Mary Kelley is the blue fairy, and an old girlfriend of Jack’s. The main reason they didn’t get married was due to religious differences of their families.

Bonus Tracks

  • Keith shares some differences in the original fairy tale of Pinocchio, and the violence that was softened for the Walt Disney production. Of course, Jack always has his own spin on the featured play. The tune, When You Wish Upon a Star won the Oscar for best song, and became a hit in the year 1940.
  • Another hit of 1940: Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar – Andrews Sisters