Great Gildersleeve – Spanish Dancing Teacher Miss Del Rey. ep143, 441112

Great Gildersleeve – Spanish Dancing Teacher Miss Del Rey. ep143, 441112

Eagerly doing his homework, Leroy… um, sings a hit tune from the radio. Did I just say eagerly??? Gildy has his hands occupied when he helps Marjorie with skeins of wool yarn. He needs his own help to scratch an itchy nose, and answer a phone call. Judge Hooker arrives, and needs to talk with Gildersleeve on a personal matter. The judge is secretly in love with someone, but needs help in approaching the fair young maiden.

Down at the club house, Floyd figures the judge has a dame on the side, and that’s why he didn’t make the meeting with the other Jolly Boys. Gildy arrives to hear the suspicions from Floyd and Peavey. Spilling the beans on Delores Del Rey, Gildy confirms the suspicions about the new Spanish dance teacher in town. Are the Jolly Boys right in their reaction that Gildy might be in competition for the affections of the newcomer?

Judge Hooker looks to Gildy to improve his love letter full of legal jargon. He can think of all kinds of thoughts when he’s alone, but needs coaching from Gildersleeve to say the right things in conversation. Gildy agrees to build up the judge as a great guy. The meeting is arranged, Gildy turns up the charm in the casual conversation, but will there be crossed signals with the sultry Miss Del Rey? It probably doesn’t help when he croons to her, Besa Me Mucho.

Note: Added music fills time where the commercials have been snipped for AFRS distribution.

PS: Gildy claims to have learned Spanish in high school, and Miss Del Ray notices his dark complexion. In reality, Harold Peary was of Portuguese descent.

PPS: The dance teacher will be in town for the upcoming weeks. Spoiler alert, sorry. Fans know whether she stays for the long term or not, but I like the concept, and that the judge is sweet on her, while Gildy seems to not be interested. Well,, at least not outside his usual fickle, and impetuous nature. At this point in the series, all of Gildy’s girlfriends are keeping him at a distance, all for different reasons.