Abbott and Costello – Costello Buys A Horse. 441109.

  • bootman

    My feeling is the show was almost certainly aired only on 441109 as the show was weekly, and the following show was on 441116 as you may want to check for yourself.

    • Good point. I didn’t think about that, or I wouldn’t have been so confused at the moment of posting this. Sometimes I just get busy and forget to follow up on inportant things like show dates, or titles. Case in point the batch of The Red Planet episodes that ran from around episodes 4 – 8. It’s all there, but due to the way a previous collector listed the files, they somehow got out of order, and at least one is a composite of about three shows in one.

      Also, I messed up a few others by posting them before I actually to them, and others in the series. I’m refering to some snafus when I posed a couple Life of Riley shows last October. Go ahead, browse for them the October 2010 archives and see if you can find them. Plus, there was some Boston Blacky shows around the same time that were just plain old mislabeled when I got my collection, and I didn’t catch the mix ups until way too late.

      Silly old me! Doh!

      Thanks for the comment. Keep them coming.