Buck Rogers – Chase After Killer Kane, part 1. 1939.

  • darebear

    Thanks for posting this series. I’m enjoying it a lot!

  • Thank you. I’ll keep posting the shows until I run out, but I only have one more in this storyline, then about 7 more in a later story line. Not sure many more exist out there, but if I find more, I’ll post them.

  • darebear

    I’m amazed you have as many as you do. I collected a bunch of the Buck Rogers newspaper comic strips from the mid 1930’s to early 60’s, from electronic scans at public libraries. Unfortunately the quality is only passable. I have quite a few, but it’s depressing how many of them are missing, and possibly lost to time.

    • Yeah, it’s a shame that much of the entertainment media from that era is lost. Old films that weren’t reserved well, and lost to time. Old radio shows that were destroyed after playing, or just considered worthless after TV came along. You would think that libraries would have been more diligent though with preserving newspapers.

      Did you know about the latest project with Lum and Abner? Donnie Pitchford has been using old Lum and Abner scripts that have no audio recordings anymore, and using his artistic skills has made the old gents into a cartoon strip. It comes complete with Donnie, and I believe he has some help from Singing Sam Brown in creating voices for an audio comic. Complete with theme music and sound affects.

      I mention all that to place yet another shameless plug for the inovative project, but also, if you have the old cmic strips of Buck Rogers… How about it? Read them into a tape recorder or into your cell phone’s voice recorder, or something. I’ll post them for you if you want. I know everybody isn’t as tallented as Donnie is, but it would be cool to have the comics come to life that way.