Barry Craig – The Judge and the Champion. 511017

Barry Craig – The Judge and the Champion. 511017

Relaxing in a bar, Barry and a reporter friend, watch as suspicious characters enter. Will the reporter live long enough to get his big story? Will Barry live long enough to read it? What does a political fix have to do with a fixed boxing match?

At the scene of the murder, Barry shares all he knows with the cops. Chasing the trail of clues, Barry turns up a judge, his daughter, a dame, and more likely subjects who would like his reporter friend dead.

The danger only deepens when Barry finds himself on the water front. A tangled timeline could use a good alibi to straighten things out.

A thump on the head gives the thugs a head start as Barry comes full circle, back to the judge. Gunshots could be more difficult to dodge. Does Barry have a handle on who shot his friend?

Now that the real killer is in hand, Barry explains the motive, and how he figured it all out.