Lone Ranger – Ezra Holten’s Claim ep914, 381205 (retro483)

Lone Ranger – Ezra Holten’s Claim ep914, 381205 (retro483)

Arizona Pete has escaped prson, and is on the loose. Meanwhile, old Ezra Holton and his wife Millie, have spent their lives prospecting, but with no luck. Should he give it up, and put his hand to farming instead? A civilized life is lookingf good to Millie.

In town, Pete teams up with Logan, a crooked assayer to pull a fast one on Ezra. Will they be able to jump the claim to Holton’s gold? They claim they own the land that Ezra is prospecting.

Taken prisoner by Logan, Pete relaxes in the shanty, until a masked man shows up.

Millie has reconnected with Ezra, but can they convince the sheriff the truth about the claim jumpers? The robbers seem to have built up their camp ite to meet the minimum requirements of a claim. Will Ezra end up hanging as a claim jumper instead? At the critidal moment, that masked man rides in like the blazes to break it up. But wait… he kicks the lid off the true identity of Arizona Pete, and points out proof that Ezra is telling the truth. Who was that masked man?

Bonus Track:
The complete, William Tell Overture, by Rossini. Run time of about 12 minutes.