Jack Benny – A Day In Our Lives. 370321

Jack Benny – A Day In Our Lives. 370321

The playboy who needs to return to California for a rest, talks to Don about some of his partying and carousing in New York. kenny Baker talks about the film that he has been making with Phil Harris. Mary enters to get an earful of Jack’s partying exploits, but puts him in his place. Abe Lyman plays, I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm.

Jack introduces his friend, Mayor Mancel “Bidey” Talcot. What’s Jack’s old nickname? Jack gets caught up on the folks back home, and a little about Bidey’s political career. As Jack cozys up with the mayor of Waukegan, Abe Lyman plays a peppy show tune. Rolling the clock back to their childhood days, Jack plays the part of his dad, and a play about the old taylor shop kicks off right after Kenny Baker sings, For You.

In the emporium on South Genessee Street, little Jackie reluctantly practices his violin, as Mary enters. Customers visit, including a 210 pound little Donald Wilson.

Schlepperman, the travelling salesman shows off the latest styles in suits. Closing up shop for the day, the Benny’s go home.

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