Jack Benny – The Crowd Roars 381106 (RV23 retro472)

Jack Benny – The Crowd Roars 381106 (RV23 retro472)

After being announced, Jack tries to tell about the big party he just threw. Phil and Mary complain about having bad dreams after eating Jack’s party hot dogs. Listen in for more party mishaps. The cast may poke fun at Jack’s new house, but he gets in a jab at Mary’s crazy hat style. Kenny Baker gets in a few jokes on the topic of Jack’s house, and party, then he sings, If I Loved You More.

The play is a bit long, so Jack gets it started. It’s a spoof of a movie that featured Robert Taylor and Maurene Sullivan. Jack plays a prize fighter who battles his way to the top. Don is the fight announcer, and Phil is Jack’s manager. Of course, Mary is his girlfriend. Phil plays, FDR Jones.

Rolling the clock back, we find 6 year old Jack practicing his violin. Can he convince his dad to let him become a prizefighter? Time marches on, but will Jack make his dad proud? Tossing aside his violin, Killer Benny starts his training with Curly Harris. Fights are lined up, but Mary only wants Jack to quit before he gets hurt.

The big fight comes with Kenny Assassin Baker. Don provides the color commentary as Jack does his best to roll with the punches. Will he retire after the fight? Will Jack return to the farm?

Note: Maxie Rosenbloom aka Slapsie Maxie, mentioned in Kenny’s dream was a heavy weight boxer at the time. In later years he made a somewhat successful career as an entertainer.

Bonus Track:
No music, just Keith with a brief discussion about Jack Benny he had with his son, Chris.

PS: A copy of this episode without added comments can be found by searching the site for: Jack Benny – The Crowd Roars. 381106.