Burns and Allen – Gracie Treats George Like A King. 470515

  • Anyone know what the joke about the NBC vice-president was about?

  • Keith

    Keep in mind that this episode aired in May of 1947. Just one month prior to this Fred Allen had a show run long, and was faded off the air at the end of his appointed time slot. He came back with sarcastic remarks directed at the network executives who made the decision. Namely a fictitional vice president of NBC, in charge of program endings. The network didn’t care for the unkind remarks, but the news made front page headlines, with the network losing the battle of public opinion.

    This has been summarized from an article found on the blog of Tralfaz:

    Fred Allen 1, NBC 0

    Check out the full article, complete with snippets from newspapers and magazines from the time. Of course, its the kind of thing that other comedians love to pounce on in their own shows.