Jack Benny – Jack Is Upset Because Phil and Dennis Have Their Own Shows. 460929

  • Rick

    Jack Benny was the funniest man on radio. It is so good to be able to enjoy these again. Thank you so much for offering this.Did he get Mable to go out with him?

  • lol. Jack sure can be a big baby at times. Hey, maybe he did go on a date with Mabel. As much as those phone operators poke fun at Jack, they both seem to enjoy dates with him.

    I just noticed. In an episode I just posted, I made a note, wondering if that was the first episode the Maxwell returned in. This season opener got past me somehow.

    The Maxwell went off to war, as did Dennis, Phil, and manhy from other radio shows. In it’s absence, Jack used a converted taxi when he needed to be driven around by Rochester. Phil wasn’t gone for long, just about long enough for basic training, then he served in either the the Merchant Marine, or the Navy. I can’t remember which. He must have been in Reserve because he didn’t miss too many shows.

    Dennis made a big splash when he returned, and booted Larry Stevens off the show, just months earlier in the 1946 calendar year.

    The Maxwell just kind of silently slid back into Jack’s life. No history of the war service the fictional car might have experienced, whether the vehicle was commissioned as is, or reconstructed, or anything. Hmm… similar to how Rochester joined the show after his first guest appearances. He just showed up as Jack’s butler. I doubt there’s a connection, other than the method of just slidding itno the show inconspiciously.

    Glad you enjoy the shows.