Rogues Gallery – Latin Type. ep48, 460523

Rogues Gallery – Latin Type. ep48, 460523

From the Mystery Playhouse, a presentation of Rogue’s Gallery. Travelling by train, Rogue meets up with a tall, dark mysterious woman. He claims to have rescued her from a pack of military wolves, but has she just traded the soldier boys wolf pack for a sly dog, as Rogue invites her to his compartment?

Tough guys start appearing at Rogue’s compartment, looking for a briefcase. How convenient to have a pair of matching cases. I feel a mix up coming on. As the gangster takes the case and runs, Rogue doesn’t have much time to wonder at it before he gets a thump on the head. Hey, I like this version of Eugor, that little inner voice. Not annoying at all.

Rogue wakes to find his secretary Betty has also had a thump, and the knock at the door is the train officials about the damage done to the compartment. Finding the briefcase that isn’t his, Rogue seeks out that dark haired beauty to find answers. It could be a neat trick with that knife sticking out of her like that though.

With the cops handling the case, Rogue learns the dead woman is the wife of a gangster, Charlie Miller. Taking a break at a hotel, Betty calls in the story to her newspaper editor, and Rogue manages to get that case open. It’s full of $100 bills. Calling the cops in on the deal, Rogue plans a trap, unless he falls into a trap first. In smooth style, the trap is sprung, the cops get their man, and Rogue gets a little payoff of his own.

PS: Betty is a reporter in this episode, but she’s normally the sultry secretary that Rogue has a hit or miss relationship with. Depending on the dames that cross his path, or however is convenient for the writers to squeeze in a gag. This has to be one of my more favorite episodes in the series. The mystery isn’t all that interesting, but I like the chemistry in this one between Rogue and Betty, and the producer did a great job with the Eugor character.