21st Precinct – The Brother. 540414 (retro424)

21st Precinct – The Brother. 540414 (retro424)

It was a dark and foggy night, and traffic accidents ruled the night in the 21st Precinct. As the shift of uniformed patrolmen march out to take to the streets, Captain Frank Canoli acts as the central brain power as the telephone calls bring in information from the problems of the city. The problem that gets personal attention from Canelli is a shooting.

On the crime scene, details of the shooting after a robbery emerge. In the mirky dark of the night, is the kid who was shot actually the robber? Was it a matter of mistaken identity? It was a cop who shot, but only after being shot at himself.

Captain Canelli has the unpleasant duty of going to tell young Harry’s mom about the shooting, and her son’s involvement in the robbery. In denial at first, mom is shocked to find her son Harry is missing, and his older brother George in his place in Harry’s room. What is George doing at home if he doesn’t live there? How badly is Harry hurt? Will he survive the shooting?

There’s a few questions to be ironed out. The boy had no gun on him. The cop swears he was shot at, and the situation only becomes more serious when the report comes in that Harry has died of his injury. Is Mrs Mikelton correct in her emotional belief that she has been betrayed by the protection of the authorities? George comes clean about his involvement in the attempted car robbery. Now mom’s grief is multiplied at the death of her baby, and the loss of her other son to the law.

Bonus Track:
Jerry Lewis 1954 – Sunday Driving.