Vic and Sade – Sade Volunteers Rush For A Pageant. 370215 (retro421)

Vic and Sade – Sade Volunteers Rush For A Pageant. 370215 (retro421)

It’s late in the evening in the small house halfway up the next block. As Sade finishes cleaning up after her night of playing cards when Rush approaches her with a problem that won’t wait.

He is upset that he was volunteered to participate in a pageant with Sades’s womens group. Of course keeping up social position, Sade volunteered Rush, but in her defensive reactions she tries to brush her son aside without any argument. It’s for a good cause, it won’t hurt Rush for participating, and other excuses.

Usually she might just put her foot firmly down, but I think her late night has softened her resolve, so she let’s Rush have a say. Sade has underestimated how Rush might feel about the play. What young teenage boy would want to be in a play about flowers. Rush puts her on the spot when she doesn’t understand what he’s really mad about, so he tells her. He feels like he has been treated like a kid, and he would have volunteered if he was asked directly, all he asks is to be included in the decisionmaking process when it comes to matters that he is expected to do.

Has Sade learned her lesson? I think so, at least for now.

PS: Ah, the age old story of a son being forced into participating in frumpy old family events that are more important and interesting to parents. At least Rush is willing enough to say that he still would have done it anyway. He just wants to be identified as a real person, and not a fixture.

Bonus Tracks:
Abbott and Costello. 1944 Advice from Vetinarian Lou Holz
Benny Goodman. 1937. Marie.
Plus a short word from the Retrobots.