Fibber McGee and Molly – Molly Is Sick Fibber And Doc Eat Out. 460219

Fibber McGee and Molly – Molly Is Sick Fibber And Doc Eat Out. 460219

Baby it’s cold outside, and though Fibber runs around in the weather, it’s Molly who comes down with the flu. Doc Gamble delivers the medical attention and prescribes that Fibber leave Molly alone so she can get rest. Mrs Carstairs comes over to tend to Molly, and swap humors punches with Fibber. To aid in Molly’s recovery, and in responce to some of Fibbers ailments, Doc decides to take Fibber out to eat. First, Old Timer visits to joke about restaurants.

Billy Mills plays, I Can’t Begin to Tell. On the way down town Mayor Latrivia ducks into a doorway with Fibber and Doc to step out of the rain. Has the mayor ever heard about the Gravy Boat? Is it a good place to eat? The mayor gets tripped up by Fibber over a tuba.

At the restaurant Bea Benaderet doubles as the waitress while Bill Thomson is the head waiter. Is there any thing fit to eat on the menu? The Kingsmen sing, Personality.

With the meal in full swing, how are our heros handling the food service? Fibber complains at the bill, and his poor service. He not only gets a free meal out of it, but a little more than he bargained for.

PS: The dinner ends up costing the horrendous amount of $4.40. Keep in mind though that prices were about a tenth of what they are today.