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Superman – Looking For Kryptonite, 2of2

Superman brings a personal Christmas greeting for listeners. A message of peace in the face of war and intolerance across the boundaries of race, religion, or beliefs.

Clark Kent and Inspector Hendersen have followed Lois Lane into a church. Is her choir director actually the sinister Mr Jones? Clark gets the idea to call on Batman and Robin for help in identifying Mr Jones for certain. Batman had been on the trail of Mr Jones, but lost him. The two super heros know each others identities, and cooperate to move in on the church to capture their bad guy.

Suspense builds at the anticipation of catching Mr Jones. But will Lois be branded as a criminal for her involvement with the man? There’s both good news and bad news, but the mystery has a good explanation for Lois behavior in the escapade, and secrets are promised to be revealed.

What are they? I’m sure I don’t know, but that’s a story that takes us away from the Christmas season.

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