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Green Hornet – The Parking Lot Racket. 391031

An extortionist is causing problems for a downtown parking garage owner. Though many customers are being driven away to prevent damage to their cars, others like Brit Reed refuse to be intimidated by the injustice. Still, those with that attitude are few in number. Besides, they all havve auto insurance.

Taking an interest in the situation, the Green Hornet looks into the matter. He discovers the pressure is coming from a rival garage owner who is trying to drive his competition out of business. Using the bad guy reputation of the Green Hornet, he sets up a plan to pretend to join in on the extortion racket. It puts him in the gunsights of the real racketeers, as well as being the target of the police.

How will the Green Hornet be able to survive being captured by the cops, or shot down by heavily armed thugs? Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to see how justice is done and the bad guys handily given over to the cops to smash the extortion ring.

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